Verbatim: Follow the Chicken | Op-Docs

Verbatim: Follow the Chicken | Op-Docs
Verbatim: Follow the Chicken | Op-Docs
Tell me: how long have you been in the poultry business call Makeba chickens to come out of Ireland? I have two breeds of chicken ever been listed with the national poultry program. Chickens call me white, Incorporated world can recognize, but myself I know where Osama Bin Laden is today. I know the cure for SARS today. I know many many things in this world that other people don’t recognize, don’t understand and don’t know simply because I sound stupid sounds unrealistic to you think it’s childish, but national bird of the eagle safely, the eagle hotels at King’s Palace of kings and queens llama doll, Osama Bin Laden – I got that part. Okay, sir. Let me just back up because I don’t want us to get off a subject. The question bit by spiders: please shut up whatsoever. You do I’ve been feeding those chickens. Okay, what is a chicken have to do with? God, God use the foolish things of the world to confound the wise and He-Man is strength through weakness. I think you can reflect back on the Bible stories. Can I get an idea after what I’m referring to a man’s opinion, the game chicken is really the eagle. Will the chicken the chicken is man’s best friend dog and where to but the chicken is the international bird supply for all the human races? The man that know the chicken is what, on the face of the Earth?
In this dramatization of transcripts from a legal deposition, lawyers grapple with a plaintiff’s bizarre testimony about the destruction of his chicken’s pasture.

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This is a dramatization of a deposition given by a chicken farmer in the destruction of his chicken pasture. The chicken farmer goes off on a rant that everyone has to see.

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Verbatim: Follow the Chicken | Op-Docs | The New York Times

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