Vice-Admiral Norman reaches settlement with government, announces retirement | Power & Politics

Vice-Admiral Norman reaches settlement with government, announces retirement | Power & Politics
Vice-Admiral Norman reaches settlement with government, announces retirement | Power & Politics
Details in the mark Normand case, the vice admiral is retiring, a mutually acceptable agreement separately, charged with breach of trust over the alleged leaking of cabinet documents back in the charge. It’S a complicated walk us through the latest details we have today. We have mutually acceptable agreement. What that means is mutually acceptable is at an alarm and get some kind of settlement and he retires from the military, and possibly this controversy goes away. We don’t have any details about precisely what was settled upon. What kind of money is involved? We don’t know what kind of information and agreement that have alarm is made. We don’t even know what the retire date is right now, because we’ve been speaking with folks over the defense department has a retirement date has not been set, but they do emphasize that Apple Norman will get his full pension and that’s all the details are confidential. Now that’s really important because at the end of the criminal case against him and made it very clear that he had a story to tell to the public and he wanted tell it. He has given one interview which was about the personal side. But there are a number of unanswered questions about this case about how the second most powerful member of the Canadian military became involved. In a case where there were allegations of political interference where there were allegations that leaks took place, leaks of cabinets speaker, there are a number of unanswered questions that are hanging over this case YouTube by both the government and the Crowne. At the time. They continue to linger and they could potentially linger into the federal election campaign, because there was nothing actually proven in court. There was nothing, no evidence presented one way or another, so that could be politically significant going forward. There are also questions about the handling of the RCMP investigation, because the crown withdrew the case because it didn’t have evidence that the defense and interpret to it I mean the defense can for with fresh evidence. So why didn’t the crown have that evidence to begin with? Both the House of Commons and the Senate have declined to hold hearings into this and investigated so from at least from an investigative it appears to be over, but I think there was going to be. A number of questions are going to be asked politically. I’M just happy that the the process has that has drawn to a conclusion and in the statement that was that was released at the the government, wished. The vice-admiral vice-admiral well in history. Mark Normand is retiring from the Canadian Armed Forces as Marie Brewster report. At the top of the program today, the senior naval officer will not return Defence staff power panel tonight in Toronto, Amanda Alvaro of Pomp and Circumstance and in Ottowa Summa strategies, Tim powers and Kathleen Munch from or is the strategy group. This is fantastic for my first Power panel. You will excuse me if I said good morning by mistake. I got to get used to the time zone entirely. Unexpected think that a settlement was obviously expected and the question was, would it remain confidential potential in nature? So it’s no surprise that this one is as well. I don’t think it brings the story to a neat conclusion. I don’t think that there’s certainly Mark Normand and his family have been through a tremendous amount, so for them it provides some sense of closure. The opposition certainly doesn’t seem like they’re ready to throw in the towel on this one. So I’m sure that over the coming months as we hadn’t, the election will hear it pop up again. But the fact that it’s confidential, I think, provide some closure for the government as well. It means that you know all of the information that’s embedded is how far the but will have to go in terms of what they’ll have to say about. It suggested that this is something that perhaps the opposition will continue to return to. During the campaign I mean, what does it become couple with other cases of political interference? I’Ve been discussed.. How do you see this playing out if at all, certainly that kind of drama? The political trial and now they’ve gotten that settlement. I don’t think they’ve avoided all the trouble of faith in the election Trail and the end the kind of the shadow that not only this is the moment I cast on on the campaign Trail. But those are hot links back to snc-lavalin and just generally how the Liberals, in these two instances were seen to be leveraging a corporate ties, essentially that we will come up again from your perspective as well. I mean the political implications of service, but are there ongoing political implications here? Will Heather you set a new record, it’s been three hours since the decision, and this is Otto other most gossipy town in the country, and nobody knows it yet so well done. For you sure their political implications is Amanda and Kathleen both said that the story will be the bigger exercise that Admiral Norman went through the suggestion that there was improper influence and what the government did or didn’t do and who was in why certain ministers left? That’S not going to go away, but I do think it’s some point we’ll find out. It might be. Our calling Marie Brewster was very good going through the records of public accounting, because there will have to be somewhere a recognition of depression-era spending and whether they speak to this specifically or they speak to it and, in general terms, I think, eventually we’ll find out. I think also was totally implausible to Seattle, Norman, despite his estate of desire to go back into the military to go back. In I mean this was the body that was working against him for the last 2 years, so how they would have ever mended those fences and worked coherently and cogently together. I don’t think was ever able to be seen by the rest of capello’s host of Power & politics of our show by subscribing to the CBC News Channel or click the link for another video. Thanks for watching
Vice-Admiral Mark Norman has reached a settlement with the federal government and will retire from the military. A single charge of breach of trust against Norman, who was accused of leaking cabinet secrets in relation to a shipbuilding deal, was stayed by the prosecution last month.
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