Virgin Galactic tourism spaceship reaches edge of space for first time

Virgin Galactic tourism spaceship reaches edge of space for first time
Virgin Galactic tourism spaceship reach the boundary of space today, for the very first time, the men test flight puts the company on the verge of commercial flights into outer space. Johanna wagstaffe is more of this history test flight for us how to take us through this groundbreaking flight today. So careless was the 4th power to test a Virgin, Galactic spacecraft and didn’t actually start on the ground. The spacecraft is carried up from the ground via and their spacecraft, and then from there it’s launched its Rockets are fired and it heads up even farther I’ve got some video to show you sort of what that would look like. So this plane that’s attached to the spacecraft. You can see the spacecraft underneath the plane takes up to a height of about 15000 M once it gets to that designated height, it detaches ignites rocket engine and continues climbing and a climb today to hide of 82 km. That’S an important height above California’s Mojave Desert, because that’s where the company considers the boundary of space 80km, that’s also the boundary that the US Air Force has decided to space and other US Agencies. But some scientists say that that boundary is more like 100m. All that being said, Galactic went up to 82 kilometers today, and that was certainly an achievement once it got up to that height. It coasted over the climb, fired up its unique he’ll Feathering device and slowly descended back down to Runway a couple of kilometers away, but it was a big day take a listen to founder at Richard Branson, looking forward to the 14 years since we started Virgin Galactic And it’s a historic day, I think it’s the first commercial Spaceship Company to actually put people into space and how close are we to commercial space flight, a big step forward to a date on when people can actually pay tickets? Take a seat in what looks like an executive jet in a way the company says, it’ll, be reviewing the data from today’s test that might take right through to early next year and then they’ll reevaluate. What the next step is. This is been a long time. The making elf Richard Branson First announced his plans for commercial space. Flight back in 2004 went through some setbacks, particularly 2014, and I want to show you some video. This is where one of the test flights that unfortunately ended play the. How cold pilot was killed when a mechanism on the tail? I was actually initiated early and that’s an ultimately ended up in that one death, so this sort of really adding weight to today success after the disaster I just 4 years ago, and if 600 people have bought tickets to board Galactic Galactic spacecraft, the tickets, a quarter Of a million dollars each 250000 are the tickets 600 people have confirmed they’re all waiting for that moment where they can feel the kick of the Rockets ignition see the curvature of Earth in the Blackness of space feel weightlessness for a moment, but there is no timeline In place and the Space Race so to speak is still on it’s not just virgin Galactica gunning for this commercial piece of the pie. Of course, we also have a blue origin plans to take space satorisan to orbital flight and spacex’s. Elon Musk says he’s when to take people on a trip around the Moon someday soon, so we’ll continue watching, but this was a big bull head for a Virgin Galactic. Thank you. So much and goodnight
Virgin Galactic’s tourism rocket ship climbed more than 80 km above Earth, reaching for the first time what many consider the boundary of space. The company considers this a “huge step forward” in making commercial space tourism a reality.
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