VivaTech 2019: The race to create unicorns

VivaTech 2019: The race to create unicorns
VivaTech 2019: The race to create unicorns
Special edition of tech, 24 out of Eva text 2019 this year, International with an impressive line-up of speech, spending time on your customers spend time with people on your old team. Don’T spend time on his master’s in France in French and go tonight, and mainly women in tech, tech, for good house of boost Tech, talent and how to put yours back on this heading up that Europe has what it takes to be. A major Tech player on the international Tech wants to help startups become unicorns. His company is valued at over $ 1000000. Some of these unicorns worldwide aren’t that profitable from sing some to fear that this could be a unicorn Financial bubble. On the it was one of the most anticipated IPOs in recent history. Ride-Hailing company Uber made its debut on the US Stock Market on the 10th of May. Other big names get to follow according to experts. More than a hundred so go to unicorns could go public in 2019. The term refers to privately-held Startup companies with a market value of 1 billion dollars, or more will there still relatively. That number has skyrocketed in recent years because of low interest rates 5 years ago. Roughly 10 unicorns were being created every year. Now, there’s a new one, every full days, it’s estimated they all 350 unicorns West and 1/4 in China from time to only 4.11 online booking platform. The doctors was the latest to join the club. That includes music streaming service cloud storage, ovh and car sharing app has 169 helium II Genie Minister for digital faceter Ico predicts that between 20 and 30 new French unicorns will emerge in the coming years. Some would have the potential to become minor tools. That is one billion dollars or more in funding green for unicorns, but that doesn’t mean every IPO is successful. Booba drop, 7.6 % on its first day of trading, reflecting widespread concern about the company’s lack of profitability. It’S a success story straight out of Australia in 2013. Canva, a powerful design platform bystorm, it’s grown to more than its 15 million users over 190 countries, and it’s created more than 1 billion design. What to learn more about how to start up with Propel to the rank of unicorns, I’m not doing by the sea. Pof can by Melanie Perkins. Thank you so much for being with us thanks for having me. So in just six years, you were able to conquer new markets, even in China. What were the biggest challenges that you face in trying to grow to the next level, spelling of canva? We have been doubly every year. We have more than six hundred people 890 countries, but I think there was a critical too many people face Catalyst, accounting presentations and social media Gothic ideamerge like how did you come up with it, ugly, ugly, ugly Fighters, as I make the entire design platform free and Ulcers make it really easy, but even if you had absolutely no experience, you can jump in and design something costumes play, Timer saying like so many small businesses and startups visual content. Now I’m flipping out over by the pot phone for them being really exciting face. So what do you think of the title unicorn? Is it a dream, come true, or are you wearing bad terms, but we haven’t planned a little stepping in the right direction, what we are hoping to retain you’re, the youngest woman at the head of a unicorn today? Why aren’t there more and what could we do to change that? I remember one of the most significant hey my didn’t realize: I’m not normal table critic, age well relating company and realizing that that was something that was even possible completely change. My Outlook, the most companies, are just like knives, okay, what is getting texts and realize it’s actually possible. Thank you so much for that now, perhaps some of the 9000 startup that are showcased at this edition of vivotech will one day become unicorns. What’S, for sure, is that innovators full of ideas of damage, a cattle cart, is about to so you’ve been hunting for some of the best contest Vikkstar diss years vivitek experience little bit of Robotics, I’m here at the stall of the French startup cap 6 robotics. That has developed the best, robotic Messer, it’s based on the Kuka, robotic arm, which allows a greater degree, movement and Freedom. The company has developed in-house software that guides this robot. The system consists of this robot, as well as a 3D camera that is able to scan a human body and hang on this information, the robotic arm at just its trajectory and the pressure it’s supposed to apply. The interesting part is that. And, secondly, you can also control this robot with remote control. So you can act spead and you can also start or stop it now, there’s never a bad time to take a massage and that’s what I’m going to do now. Nesmith startup called biosphere not as developed a set of sensors that measure the ocean conditions. For example, he is able to measure the salinity. The pH level be dissolved oxygen levels, the temperature of the water. Not to talk more about this, I’m going to buy Samuel before who is the founder of bias in Othello Samuel to make some friction about ocean are the highlight of the system? Is that it uses machine-learning in order to make predictive analysis of the oceans conditions in the next 24 or 48 Hours applications turn off aqua farming in measuring the pollution levels of the ocean. You’Re. Looking at the future of urban Mobility, Define starter for taxi hopes to operate a fleet of these run taxes by 2022. Now this particular, which is somewhat between a drone and a helicopter, has been built by the French company AC. It’S called whisper and, as the name suggests, it flies silently. That’S because it’s electric powered there are eight rotors that time isolated, sockets so in case there’s a failure of a rotor. The other 7 can operate independently. The aircraft is also equipped with a parachute that enhances the safety of the ride. Now this is it element for short-distance committing. The autonomy of this aircraft is around 30 minutes and its maximum speed is hundred kilometers. So in half an hour’s can travel up to 50 kilometres. Now. The most interesting part about this project is that the company things to keep the cost of the right as low as possible, so 30-minute Ride May cost around 50 year olds. Back to you, Julia Tech, 24 out of evotek 2019, but you can watch it again on our website. France24.Com you next time.
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This week, Tech 24 takes you inside VivaTech 2019! We tell you more about how nations are fighting to have the greatest number of unicorns, or companies valued at more than $1 billion. France has pledged to reach the ambitious goal of 20 unicorns by 2025 and VivaTech is here to help! Plus, we speak to Melanie Perkins, the youngest women at the head of a unicorn. And in Test 24, Dhananjay Khadilkar presents us with a selection of some of the best gizmos and innovations at the trade show.

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