Vladimir Guerrero Jr. makes Triple A debut

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Vladimir Guerrero Jr. makes Triple A debut
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in sports there are a few guarantees prospects come and go but some players are deemed truly special enter Vladimir Guerrero Jr his rise to the Jays minor-league system has been rapid teams fans it’s a reason to get excited in a season where there has been little to cheer about many made the two-hour drive from Toronto to Buffalo just to catch a glimpse the raw power that he has is something then very few guys at this level to match he’s just a really special player the real jr. caught the attention of things during spring training when he hit a walk-off homerun during an exhibition game in Montreal he’s playing Third Base tonight arrival here in Buffalo comes with intense pressure and scrutiny but speaking with reporters earlier today through an interpreter he didn’t appear phased my job but all my numbers and and do the best I could he maybe only 19 but he’s already well-versed in baseball cliches they the same baseball and baseball the only thing that I need to do is go there and play the game born in Montreal is his father Vladimir Guerrero senior was emerging as a perennial All-Star for the Montreal Expos was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame over the weekend and the two share the same power and love for the game he’s always thinking every opportunity is a good opportunity and he never gets caught up and what’s going on around them you look over at 3rd and if he’s not smiling he’s smiling on the inside Guerrero to the big Club in September to give fans something to cheer about another Guerrero to lift the spirits of Canadian Baseball fans Jamie Strachan CBC News Buffalo
Toronto Blue Jays prospect Vladimir Guerrero Jr. made his Triple A debut with the Buffalo Bisons. The son of former Montreal Expo and Hall of Fame inductee Vladimir Guerrero, Vlad Jr. is now baseball’s top prospect, and has many Jays fans excited for the future.

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