WaPo: President Donald Trump Privately Revived The Idea Of Firing Jeff Sessions | Hardball | MSNBC

any breaking story within the last hour The Washington Post revealing the quote president Trump has privately revive the idea of firing attorney general Jeff sessions in conversations with the date in personal lawyers this month according to three people familiar with the discussions ever quote his attorneys concluded that they have persuaded him for now not to make such a move while the special counsel investigation is ongoing for the president has made clear through his recent tweet attacking his attorney general he believed session should have from the Russia investigation and now two sources of here to confirm to the boat should the president wants to fire sessions because of the Russia investigation quote at least twice this month Trump vented to White House advisers in his lawyer about the endless investigation of his can paints and said he needs to fire sessions for saddling his presidency with the controversy join me now Susan Del percio Republican strategist a former Federal prosecutor and Robert Costa we know here to the president he is saying that the basis for this desire to have sessions out would be but he basically blame sessions for there being a Russia investigation in the first place based on the post reporting it’s been a Hot August inside of this white house since the president is spoken to his attorney’s he’s considered pardoning Paul manafort who’s on federal trial I was about to start in Washington DC was just on one in Virginia he’s also Banning around the idea of getting rid of his attorney general he’s been frustrated with for a long period for now his lawyers are the ones keeping them away from the edge but they can only do that for so long explain it to him that you may want to get rid of this probe but it could be considered obstruction of justice if you take action elaborate on that when you wait to do the reporting says that for now they feel they’ve talked him awake now Comfort Inn are they that they stamped it down for the for the near future Everybody’s Talkin to the present Lindsey Graham the senator for South Carolina is one of them on the golf course Ruby Jewel what the president on the phone they’re all telling the president based in my reporting that if you wait until Mueller issues his report at that he finishes report on the president’s kind of even if the president doesn’t do an interview that’s the time you can get rid of the Attorney General you can make a change not before then Glenwood about that the Robert mentions the possibility they’re saying that the president being cancelled it to move on sessions now for these reasons there might be an exposure there on this question of obstruction of justice and also apparently the president being told wait till after the motor report in the issue goes away what do you make of that that reasoning from from Trump’s lawyers well you know Steve when I looked at this evenings reporting from The Washington Post there were two things that struck me one was the president’s take on this which is that sessions is saddling his presidency with controversy which is a strange way to look at it I think it’s the president and his associates and his family members conduct that has saddle this presidency with controversy and then the second thing that struck me was even his lawyers are reported to be telling him that look if you fire Jeff sessions mr. Mueller may very well do that as obstruction you know it’s interesting but usually when we’re handling obstruction cases we can prove up the conduct but you know there’s actually a jury instruction that a judge gives an every case that says you have no way of looking into the human mind to determine what somebody’s intent and motive is so you usually have to infer it from there here it’s it’s sort of backwards because the president has been announcing his conduct there isn’t any over and over again which arguably is to obstruct Justice by firing or pardoning various people and you know I think if he actually takes this action and fires Attorney General Sessions that is an obstruction charge that will right itself will Senator Lindsey Graham as we mentioned a minute ago he said today the relationship between Trump and sessions is beyond repair we need an attorney general that can work with the president that can leave the Department of Justice this relationship is beyond repair I think get rid of the investigation into presidents which between the president and his attorney general Graham said he wasn’t referring to anything in particular this morning this breach between the president and attorney general the immigration issue was full of a debacle it’s just it I see a relationship that seems to be deteriorating by the minute and we need an attorney general that has the confidence of the president let Mueller do his job that’s sort of the deal thanks for watching MSNBC on YouTube if you want to keep up-to-date with the videos were putting out you can click subscribe just below me or click over on this list to see lots of other great videos
Jeff Sessions has long appeared to be at risk of losing his job. As the President has made clear through his tweets, he believes that Sessions should have protected him from the Russia investigation.
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WaPo: President Donald Trump Privately Revived The Idea Of Firing Jeff Sessions | Hardball | MSNBC

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