Warren wants to abolish the electoral college

Warren wants to abolish the electoral college
Warren wants to abolish the electoral college
Bill mcgurn from the Wall Street Journal he’s also a Fox News contributor to hell with the founding fathers. They had no idea what they were doing, trying to balance the little states with the big States. What do you think should we get rid of the Electoral College? What kind of classic Democrat prescription to stay the way they don’t like the Supreme Court because of Trump’s nominees and Republican nominee? So let’s expand the number of Supreme Court seats or something by the Electoral College isn’t going anywhere and it’s a good back. It’S May to Balance power in the US and make sure that the small states are not just overwhelmed by few very large states, big space control, everything you can see all kinds of things changing it. If we did everything the founding fathers had made along this way down the slippery slope, what else could you see happening? Look they’re trying to say that it’s a legacy of slavery and even that’s not true they’re, conflating that Three-Fifths Compromise where slaves were counted as three-fifths of a person for Congressional impatient and Taxation. But they’re not going to go anywhere because the small states are not going to give them the votes they need to do anything to the Electoral College. It’S a good check on Democracy in the founders were very big, that we were public as well and it ensures abroad distribution. Otherwise, you have Elizabeth Warren Donald Trump campaigning in Texas, New York, California, Illinois, maybe Pennsylvania right in the other places, would be really be flyover. Summer for other proposals that were really smart, she wants to create a Department of Economic Development. I can’t think of anything that would stifle growth more, have those feels actually got better with these departments or wouldn’t we be able to profit, we didn’t have them. I mean again is the idea really that the federal government in Washington DC knows how to allocate Capital better than the market does think. That’S literally the opposite of free market principles, and she always says that she is in fact a capital is just a conscious, capitalist or whatever. But if you wanted to develop a Department of Economic Development than you are definitely not she, that company should be made to serve the public interest of the public interest now, because how do you make a profit serving the public if you don’t serve the problem, if You don’t produce the goods and services at the public, wants price of Publix willing to pay your going to be out of business. So again, this is just. This is just this belief that a ruling Taste of people in the federal government, no better than the hundreds of millions of decisions, made everyday. It’S going to hit the nail on the head with that one, because if you say that company should serve the public, how do you measure that the entire company is used for their purposes to support their causes? Wear when you, when you, when you give people what they want, then the people are happy with the product. The profits go into lot of people. Retirees all sorts of people are better benefit from it. So I think that this is very dangerous. Are serving the public interest and if it’s her that’s great for her, but then she forgets that in the next Administration it could be. Republicans that are deciding of companies are serving the public interest, and you know they could put you don’t clean energy companies. You know that are just surviving on the government. They can put them out of business.. She fails to see how all of these things she’s putting in place could just backfire on Democrats next time around. The thing is with once you get on the government subsidies. They don’t go out of business for their failure. They just stay in business for Everett the Division of Motor Vehicles, let’s name once the IRS wow. That’S really good. The Marine Corps.
Wall Street Journal columnist Bill McGurn speaks about why abolishing the electoral college and Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s economic plan are failed policies.

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