Warriors First: How Veterans Help Each Other Cope With Returning To Civilian Life | NBC News

Warriors First: How Veterans Help Each Other Cope With Returning To Civilian Life | NBC News
Warriors First: How Veterans Help Each Other Cope With Returning To Civilian Life | NBC News
It’S pretty clear, you’re not supposed to kill people, I had to kill people, and I like doing it kind of scared sometimes – and they say – hey watch out – take me to Take Me Home Tonight every time I can’t get it to switch over to my picture, but I’M going to die tonight, so young life sucks. It’S not really. I don’t get up every morning and grab my machine gun and go to work. There’S no thrill like going to work in Iraq. It’S like the most dangerous game of hide-and-seek, catch or tag. I am mechelle of a person I used to be shut up. Where do you plug in a garbage knowledge? It always felt like I’ve known what my purpose is a mile away from that when I don’t feel like depression too high or when I want to self medicate roads of mine, but I get sidetracked very easily, I’m not a fast, I’m, not a slow learner. I’M a fast to get her yeah love. It., Keep coming back I’ll still be sad, or I seen myself react negatively to social situations. I’Ve been abusive towards every spouse that I’ve had asking myself hurt people. I can’t trust myself by my willingness to serve and subordinate myself to my superiors, the mission and the needs of my team, I’m the visible conscience of a Nation with regard cost of war and freedoms. True price has done the courage to change what tomorrow may bring and the unity and love to keep it together today, on the count of three before Warriors 1. 2 3 Warriors first start child support group in jail, cuz kind of like each other accountable. More of our friends have died from suicide, then they have from from natural War. We were in what’s open up about my suicide attempt, I’d like one failure on top of another next grab the gun at those pull the trigger safety off and just and then I pulled back talk back and around flew out, so it was chambered didn’t go off. I don’t know what happened. I’Ve already been through two psych wards in the last 4 days. I’M suicidal I’ve been off my meds just kind of sad. Is it you know I’m struggling, I’m struggling, so I just want to put this video out. This is like my last wheel dating yourself, and you don’t know where your boots are. We’Re never been happy about it like dying to know ya ya. You had that support. You had that we’re here to help you man, what they’re going through you know from their experiences going off of Warren and coming back and forth. You know on the police side going to these calls. Civilian life is almost I get at least one at least one. A day of suicidal check the welfare of someone that needs help that reaching out for help. We do these push-ups to honor our phone. We do these push-ups because they cannot. We Gather everyday at 50 soldiers, Sailors, marines that will take their own lives today by the end of this year, over 8000 suicides will taking place. Okay, I was a criminal before I joined the army. So how come after 3 Wars? I gain 28 felonies and 5 misdemeanors in fighting for careers in prison. Where did that just come from? I hope a lot of people can see this video cuz, I’m not going to be around anymore death is the only way that I’m fine right. Now, I’m going to find the highest cliff 2 and I’m going to jump off everytime. I say I’m not going to jail today, guess what happens? I’Ve tried to dye a lot of times and for some reason I still am here. For some reason. I still wake up everyday. I need to do everything I can today as much good as I can today. Catches fish, cuz, there’s no powerbait in nature. I feel like I have a purpose. I just haven’t figured out what it is. Yet I like working with veterans, I, like I like making people laugh seeing people happy. I like how I’m growing as a man – and I hope things work out for me and know. I hope I reach my goals NBC thanks for checking out our YouTube channel subscribe by clicking on that button down here and click on any of the videos over here to watch. The latest interview show highlights and digital exclusive thanks for watching
For many veterans, the return to civilian life can be a difficult struggle and many veterans suffer from depression and suicidal thoughts. Warriors First, an organization run by and for vets in Colorado Springs, Colorado, aims to help veterans adjust to civilian life.
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Warriors First: How Veterans Help Each Other Cope With Returning To Civilian Life | NBC News

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