Was My Dad A Paedophile? – BBC News

Was My Dad A Paedophile? – BBC News
And I might rain today for sex short, yes, but that’s romantic, compelling and sometimes he’ll put sex offenders behind bars, but there are other consequences that it doesn’t have to pick up the pieces. We have found a string of suicides listening maddad daddy’s girl, Reddit, just straight off the cuff on the day and always say if I was upset, then one Sunday Leslie was at home with her daughter and a message came through on her fine, my friend, to same Outlook on Facebook, Leslie’s Dance Michael. Had been filmed in one of these things by a paedophile hunter group. He thought he was meeting a fifteen-year-old girl. I just don’t like in shock and I must have been screaming what was upstairs just wait. Fifteen at the time come down cuz. You can’t hear me screaming how to live with the fox, the rest of my life, because I wasn’t it was on Facebook, but I could already saying what mutual friends, if you did so without that it was nothing. I could do Michael handed himself into the police that died and how did computers confiscated, but he was released after questioning and two days later, he killed himself recycled, beautiful Hunters that carried out listing, disappeared. Michael dust case is an isolated. We found at least seven other people who killed themselves after being confronted by petafile Hunt. Is the majority of these men took their own lives within days of being filmed in them and, crucially, didn’t want to show us his face. This man killed himself in this case. It was all to conviction on serving prison time, but it was still a huge shock, Jasmine spice Wellington and I was devastated when I found out my brother killed himself also for his family, I’m going to lie, I’m still telling myself. It’S not my fault. I just feel so, while he believes in his cools, Jamie is starting to worry about the tactics used by paedophile hunters, and so are the National Police Chief counsel, the body that oversees police forces that concerned about undermining play investigations with poor evidence, vigilante, retaliation and suicides And Leslie, one of the biggest problems is not knowing will have fathers actually done. I understand why people say about the folk style, because it soon as he committed suicide Leslie has now is questions and no way of getting ounces to them. How did my dog do anything? I thought I was my dad is so severe that it’s the night that the doctor. Group with it. The download dog had a grandchild, the same age, and then it said that wasn’t bad enough that you have to do. Maybe someone even posted a video of Leslie’s dad’s dead body on Facebook and tagged her in it buy some. What I just did. Why is why this is it the source of me Jazz? So I don’t got to say it. I was wondering if you’d be willing to meet up with her and trying to arrange a meeting between Leslie and Jamie the Hunter. What, if I explain and why change Matthews on it being posted online Jamie’s, now agreed to show his face at the end of this point, I leave Jamie and Leslie that conversation. This will be the first time I’ve been with my face, is so don’t want. People have to listen to what they want to do. Two children is it make me sick? My husband is not my father. Someone else came out 5 years in prison for regards to mental health off the woods, and it’s not just the abused. Message afterwards for years it stays forever with all my strength or should know these people and what they look like, and what they’re capable of convictions Need to then live stream it and put on Facebook enough exposure to the paper was dangerous to our children. It awkward because if you got it wrong, exposing or theft on me, my arguments always being alert and then it comes out in the paper still going to come out. My life is my Dodge. The good pick up my dog post about 5 O they potentially rope victims if any criminal justice. How old? Because because of the way it was dealt with in the way with handled put it on Facebook. So I don’t know what was on my. Computer. If I did seven – and I’m never ever going to know, because somebody me to put it all over Facebook and set it at in the police, deal with it and it paid out within the correct way completely me and people like it was painful thinking the same As you and that you got to worry about somebody, the video when that wind me up, if I was not saying I would say that you go, I will give you the whole from start to finish everything he said City Style., While I will personally do for You
At least 8 men have killed themselves in the UK after being exposed online by so-called paedophile hunters.

Typically these ‘hunters’ pretend to be children in online chat rooms and wait for men to lure them into meetings.

They then film the suspect, and put the videos on social media – sometimes live and often before an arrest is made.

But what’s it like for those left behind after these suicides? Their last memory their relative being called a sex offender online – but before a police investigation and a chance to even talk to them about the accusations.

Catrin Nye has been meeting the people who have lived through this.

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