Was The Gary Hart Scandal Just A Set-Up By The Bush Campaign? | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Was The Gary Hart Scandal Just A Set-Up By The Bush Campaign? | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC
The President Trump is elected after Barack Obama, Barack Obama is elected after George, W Bush George W bush elected fairly sort of did every single term of George H. George HW Bush go backwards. There is a sort of certain logic that we can leave. We can, at least can imagine for how won presidency follows another for how the presidency of one American president creates the possibility for the election of the next one. George HW Bush was elected president in 1988. He had been Ronald Reagan’s vice president for 2 terms. As a sure bet when he ran for the himself in 88, elected president, after thanks for 8 years as vice-president people get used to sort of seeing you in that subservient or even sidelined role, as vice president, to hard place from which to run from the top Job after 8 years has Bill Clinton’s vice president in 2000, Al Gore did not make it in 1960 after 8 years of Eisenhower’s. Vice President Richard Nixon did not make it running as an incumbent. Vice-President isn’t an easy way to make the White House, and so when George HW Bush got the Republican session for president in 1988, having just serve 8 years, as vice president, but in 1988, when they knew they were going to be up against Papi Bush when they Thought they would have a better chance early on in the 88 campaign Democrats, pretty much decided that they were going to run a whole different kind of democrat to give themselves way better shot than Mondale has ever had early early on in the 1988 race Democrats started To coalesce around a charismatic strong candidate who was an excellent speaker but good defense credentials senator from a western state, he was the consensus early front-runner in 1988 for the Democrats against Papi Bush. His name was Gary Hart couple years out from that race, 1986. Washington Post an ABC started pulling on the 1988 race early poll shows its heart and Bush 488 quote a public opinion, heart and Bushwick Sean significantly ahead of potential Rivals for the 1988 party nomination in a race between the two heart leads Bush 47 to 46 %. Does the early Democratic front-runner for 1988 heart quote the current FrontRunner for the Miami Herald that you’re doing a big profile on Gary Hart? Do you know how the story ends right? The Democrats didn’t run Gary Hart against George Bush. In 1988. They ran Michael Dukakis instead and and Dukakis lost, and George HW Bush became president and the 1 / maddening to play that mental game right to think what might have happened on the other way right, that’s hard to imagine that we would have had Bill Clinton and 92, it’s impossible to imagine that we would have had George W bush somewhere down the line without George W bush. Do we elect Barack Obama? We got where we are today, but in that 1988 race, the reason the early front-runner, the Democratic party didn’t end up becoming the Democratic party’s nominee is because of this, which you know right. This photo that has become part of American history. No Democratic presidential front-runner Gary Hart. What is that woman doing on your lap like a behavior and, of course they happen to be right next to a boat, that’s called Monkey Business. Are you kidding me to be true? Neither was an affair, but that was the sheet of the presidential primary season ahead of the 1988 election and and Gary Hart was out tonight in October 2018, 30 + years later. Tonight. Here is a historical bombshell about that story. Reporter James Fallows at the Atlantic magazine tonight has just reported that hey, you know what it was too good to be true. It was a political hit job, it was all a setup and it didn’t happen at all the way it looks like it happened in that picture and in the press and in The Feeding Frenzy that erupted around Gary Hart that ended that campaign, I’m just going to Just reported in the Atlantic tonight quote the political consultant, Lee Atwater learned that he was dying, Atwater, who just turned 39 and was the head of the Republican National Committee, had suffered a seizure while at a political, fundraising breakfast and had been diagnosed with an inoperable brain Tumor in a year he was dead at Water, put some of that year to use making a men and the last year of his life at Water, told the South Carolina candidate. He attacked particularly viciously that he viewed the episode as one of the low points of his career. He also apologized to Democratic presidential candidate, Michael Dukakis, naked cruelty of the racist Willie Horton ad, that at Waterford run against to caucus in the 1988 presidential race and in a private active repentance that has remained private for nearly three decades told Raymond Strother that he was Sorry for how he had torpedo Dairy Hearts chances of becoming president. What he did was the media consultants in Gary Hart for president campaign in the 1988 brother was the counterpart to Whatley out water. We did for George Bush discuss one more detail of the 1988 campaign at water. Have the strength to talk for only five minutes. It wasn’t a conversation. Strother said when I spoke with him recently, there weren’t any pleasantries. It was like he was working down a checklist and he had something he had to tell me, for he got what he wanted to say according to Strother, was that the episode that had triggered Gary Hart’s withdrawal from the race, which became known as The Monkey Business Affair, it had been a trap. Brother says quote: I thought they something fishy about the whole thing. From the very beginning, Lee told me that he had set up the whole monkey business deal. I did it, he told me, I fix heart structures. Conversation without water happened in 1991. He mainly cut the news as the years went by. He discreetly mention the conversation to some journalists and other colleagues, but not too Gary Hart. I probably should have told him at the time he said recently. It was a judgement call, and I didn’t see the point in involving him. Late last year, Strother learned that the prostate cancer he had been treated for a dozen years ago have returned and spread and that he might not have long to Live. Struther begin traveling to see people he had known and work with the say goodbye. One of the stops was Colorado. We had a meal with Gary Hart more than 25 years later by another guy who thought he was dying and what they spell out. According to James Palace tonight in the Atlantic, is this at Waters claim that the whole Monkey Business weekend had occurred at his Direction? Contriving an invitation for Gary Hart to come on cry when heart intended to be working on a speech ensuring that young women would be invited aboard arranging for the boat Hart thought he would be boarding with some unmemorable name to be unavailable. So the group would have to switch to another boat, with a very memorable name of Monkey Business, persuading Gary Hearts host on the boat to forget to check in with Customs clearance at Bimini before closing time, so that the boat unexpectedly had to stay overnight there in Bimini and then, of course, the next day, organizing an opportunistic photograph which ends up on the front page of the National Enquirer, which ends Gary Hart presidential race, reporting from James Fowler in the Atlantic, involves dying and or old guys are reportedly confessing. Well, after the fact that the whole operation that took down Gary Hart as a presidential Contender was a political setup at the George Bush campaign, because they didn’t want to run against Carey Hart and apparently it works, and nobody found out about it. For 30 years. James Fallows joins us next SMBC, thanks for watching MSNBC on YouTube. 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Rachel Maddow describes new reporting by James Fallows in The Atlantic detailing how Republican operative Lee Atwater, working for the George Bush campaign, set up Gary Hart to be photographed with Donna Rice, driving him from the presidential race in a false scandal.
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Was The Gary Hart Scandal Just A Set-Up By The Bush Campaign? | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

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