Watch a Priest Get Buried Alive in ‘The Nun’ | Anatomy of a Scene

my name is Karen Hardy on the director of the Nam so I’m going to tell you a little bit about the same which takes place about a third of the way to the movie father bustang in a Convent and he’s working by the sound of a child’s footsteps what she follows into the cemetery outside to discover something which is wounded his past in the form of Daniel the evil forces are messing with the minds of all characters playing tricks so they want to dispatch bug this was a single shot on a crane which we perform the first half of the full into the top to the gravestone and then with a visual effects join to form the second part of that site appears that he’s buried alive ring a bell to a lot Sister Irene played by Taissa Farmiga Miss Concepts based on a real concept during the plague if someone was buried alive they would be able to have a bell to Ring to a lot of people but I was still alive on the ground pretty creepy so she she’s come out to try and find where he is and now the second thought the supernatural forces messing with all characters comes when he hasn’t determine which grade is in but she has holy superpower label to use provisions chunin to the Bell to find which cuffing Buck is buried in I wanted to use a scene maximize amplify attention around the concept of being buried alive in a coffin supposed to decide they’re just too far beer and not being able to be found but I thought it could be even more terrifying if there was something in the coffin with you so Buck is trying to find out what is down there what Irene is trying to get them in time I wanted to time to scare to find out what’s in the coffin with him just right
Ever feared being buried alive? Corin Hardy, the director of the horror film “The Nun,” takes all the anxiety wrapped up in that occurrence and lets it loose in one creepy cemetery scene.

Read the NYT review of “The Nun”:

A priest (Demián Bichir) investigating the sound of footsteps in a cemetery suddenly, through supernatural forces, finds himself trapped in a coffin. The director discusses how the creepy sequence came to be.

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