Watch an Underwater Battle in ‘Aquaman’

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Watch an Underwater Battle in ‘Aquaman’
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Watch an Underwater Battle in ‘Aquaman’
I’M James won the director of Aquaman. What we have here after play by Jason Momoa goes back to confront his half-brother played by Patrick Wilson, and that’s the only way to stop Patrick’s care King Orem, from trying to bring his water to the surface, and so what we have. He is a juul. What scene before that was really my goal and these guys have been atlanteans have the ability to swim. The reason why I set this inside a volcanoes because I wanted to self get the interesting color palette off the womb from the underneath the characters and then, after that, the cool light from above. So what that does is it allows me to always let the audience know where they are the way you are and having a strong color palettes. Just let the audience have a sense of of this of geographic space. The way we went about designing a fight and the look of a fight underwater was, I work closely. My stunt team amazing group of stunt choreographer is instant attack, moves, cool, Dodge moves and jumps, and flips and stuff like that, and then once we have a look that I’m happy with now we put the actors in the star performers. I don’t want to wise, or on these rings, help to give the impression and illusion of floating underwater
What’s cooler than an action sequence underwater? How about one inside the cone of a volcano underwater? That’s the setting for this dizzying, spirited scene from “Aquaman,” in which Arthur (Jason Momoa) engages in a battle with his half-brother, King Orm (Patrick Wilson).

In the narration, the director James Wan discusses how he used the environment of the volcano to help the audience understand the space, and how he plotted out the stunt choreography for the sequence.

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