Watch: Analysis of the third Democratic presidential debate

Watch: Analysis of the third Democratic presidential debate
Watch: Analysis of the third Democratic presidential debate
Healthcare gun, violence, immigration, prayed Democratic Canada president laid out their stances tonight found some commonalities, but also some policy differences and clashed on occasions. I’M with AKC welcome to live coverage from The Washington Post were talking about the democratic debate that just wrapped around ABC Univision and joining me in the studio, Ashley Parker White House reporter clean puissant, National political reporter who’s covering the 2020 race and Eugene Scott reporter. For it to fix thanks so much to all of you guys for being here, I know what did they take away? Is so it’s like your top-line? What’S your headline take away, or maybe something that’s, what is bubbling below the surface actually will start with you very quick takeaways one is, I just want to see less people on the stage. I think I would make for a better to be, and I was very struck by a mower early on I’m a secretary Castro when, after Vice President Biden for the saying I can’t believe you just forgot what you said two minutes ago. That was clearly lines designed to get at his age and the idea that he’s heard of not as sharp as to be in it felt like from what you could hear in the room. The first time you said it it may be landed. He repeated it. Two more times a third time about gratuitous and like a candle, I need practice and kind of curious to see how Democratic voters will react. One of the big questions going into this was I’m how Joe Biden would handle Canada pressure from his two top opponents. Are the people doing well in the polls and he seemed too early on go sorta right at them addressing them, if not by name by pointing we got them one Healthcare that exchange also sort of highlighted the differences of the democratic party about how ambitious are pragmatic, Be no fighting or the other think they should be. What’S the Canada’s really leaning into the diversity of their pool, we heard, and we ain’t talked about being the kid of an immigrant. We hurt people to just share more of his story about coming out as gay Harris being an alarm of HBCU, a casual talking about being raised by as a immigrant grandmother. I think that was there was a real desire to connect with the base of the democratic party, but also let America know that they are or what they want to take the country in a direction that looks more like the country is on the ground in Houston. At the site of the debate tonight will it be in the last debate. We saw candidates really go after each other over policy differences and the legacy of the Obama. But this time we saw an effort on candidates to be for candidates to be more conciliatory with the exception of Julion Castro know Castro was the Housing and Urban Development secretary under the Obama Administration, and he really took hate to be jobs at Vice President Biden and Really make those pointed criticisms of him. One of those heated exchanges that we saw was on Healthcare with Castro, accusing Biden of forgetting what he said 2 minutes ago on the issue of sign into his health-care proposal and really that was a sort of a pointed attack at the 76 year olds. Memory lapse, and also later he accuse Biden of taking all the credit credit for President Obama’s Legacy, but not owning up to any of the criticism, and in a moment that Drew a response from the audience. We heard a quote: I’m fulfilling the legacy of President Barack Obama and you’re not by Castro, and that certainly drew a reaction from the crowd. So I think that will be interesting as to see whether or not these moments helped Castro in the polling. After this debate, or whether or not it turns voters off, especially since the other candidates really had a mindset going in best distress, party unity and to back President Obama’s Legacy and really sell themselves as ones that would further that living thanks. So much a draco in Houston all get along. We all have a lot of common goals here with are. There is something we’re trying to achieve where United on this issue and that issue, but there is an incentive to take down the top candidates right, because that can help Elevate you in the standing. I think everyone’s also find photo of what parent they want to do. In the future, who might want to be the vice president to a presidential nominees who might want to be in the cabinet? But were you guys surprised that we didn’t see more of a Warren Biden? I don’t even use the word class because it’s resetting it to be some sort of artificial Gladiator contests between the two of them, because the moment many of us were watching for it with to see how they performed against each other, and it was kind of like No there, there yeah, I think, one of them expected to see more interaction between the two of them. It’S because all the pundits said that it would happen and that’s what we were building up expecting, but I also pause without being an attack dog and so that his actually kind of work for her. I’M not surprised as she continued to do. What has worked for her and we’ve seen in the past that the bump that could come from being an attack at bestest, temporary or may not work for you at all, and so that’s not a protractor. I guess I would have expected it.. I wanted to highlight one of the moment attention which was between Vice President Biden and Senator Bernie Sanders. They had a strong exchange over Healthcare and it did get personal, that’s watch. This tell had two points today. Not only do we have 87 million people uninsured and underinsured the fact Financial road with a diagnosis of cancer and our program is the only one that… I know a lot about cancer. Let me tell you something: it’s personal to me. Let me tell you something: a person who is diagnosed with cancer talk about before we come on, Bo Biden died of cancer and he made the tutoring cancer moonshot. A real priority talked about that tonight. Foreman Cleveland start with you sure, will two things one. If, if Biden’s big issue in the big question about biting his age and his gas, then Bernie Sanders big issue is yes. What is socialism with a lot of you know, people on the campaign Trail telling me you know plain and simple: they don’t they wouldn’t vote for a socially, so they don’t think their neighbors are friends would do it, but the other thing is: is that providing cancer? Does seem extremely personal, I mean. Not only does he talk about it at the debate, but every single campaign, appearance, cement Dimensions about yeah, sometimes yeah yeah, sometimes he’ll, ask the entire audience: hey. Does anybody here suffering from cancer or know somebody that has and all that stuff, so it seemed to you know they were both striking extremely personal cords about their core values. Commentary that you guys are hearing about Bernie Sanders, the hoarse voice, assertive. That means people. I think are used to seeing Sanders what kind of wild hare not worrying so much about like having the polishing of makeup on and stuff like that, but he did pretty horse tonight in concerns about that. When we talked about age and candidates than or is it is Bernie Sanders allowed to be Bernie Sanders, I will figure out how many people decide, whether or not they like politician because of presentation or how they sound more appearance and I’m sure that’s frustrating for all Politicians who are working really hard on policy ideas to fix the solution that are best for America, but it was distracting to some people, but I think those who really want to hear him out certain teeth on the way to get to to listen to MMM. Validate the points he was making a half hours out. Well, you know me play some any kind of meandered into the vote. I didn’t I took that I didn’t take, but I meant to and after about halfway to his answer I was, I was getting a little bit lost gas that I think some of his supporters M & T Mart are fearing and that his opponents are kind of Hoping for but just be going back to AIDS generally, which sort of fits in Biden’s Mandarin answer. People could assume it’s because he is turn again.. That’S the argument. President Trump is trying to make against him. One thing that was freaking to me was about the first 30 minutes of the debate. It was a screen on the three candidates who are leading in the polls and they are all I believe over 70 Warren is at least 70 70 270 ended. The two men are over 70, and so you had this this screen. It looks like a mini debate of three septuagenarian candidates, all of whom are white, and it was just right. We talked about that. The policy divides the progressive versus the more moderate, but it is also a reminder that there’s this other / of of age and sort of establishment and generational versus a much more diverse, is country but set of Kennedy’s who are representing different point of views that are Trying to stress that and then be hurting so how they represent the nation. Is there a lot more moderates in the Democratic party are left of center? Then you would know if you’re, just looking at social media and that’s not suggested Twitter isn’t real. It’S very real. It’S just some voices and and they’re. Quite a few people Goomer Sam, the Carolinas in the midwest, were really engaged, but they aren’t lgbt-affirming and they’re getting behind anyways traditional. Then we would think the country would would put forward up. Someone from the lab has a hole. Fighting kind of Came Out Swinging saying that you know my healthcare plan is significantly different than the ones of the people flanking me know. You just start over to use the F-word he called you know. Bernie Sanders a socialist, so I think you significant difference early on email and basically the first line talks about the big government socialism of the democratic debate, and then it ends by thanking the Democrats for an infomercial for President Trump, and some of that is natural. These debates are meant to draw out of differences to stress, different sides of the party and different policies and cover the range. But when you’re President Trump and you’re trying to paint Democrats as social as there is a lot of moments that they feel they can either take out of context or you’re taking contacts and can be very valuable to you, you’ve been covering these candidates on the micro Is level of micro? How much did you hear tonight that was new and that wasn’t from a some seizure or something that you for the candidates roll out and practice before I heard a lot of stuff that was practice, especially from Elizabeth Warren. She has lines that have been working for, but in a final answer on her biggest setback, a lot of her answers on on Healthcare, those resharper version. What you said on the trail painting new just tell me the combativeness from Julian Castro against Joe Joe Biden, and some of the better work at saying is pretty brand new on the trail. He has a way of doing something that didn’t really work. In the first debate, work little bit better now meetly the processing conversation he had with a voter or a trip he took and making that the new focus of his answer was a little a little bit no but choice to not bring out many of the new Harsh differences between you have two hands on stage in Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders just come out for Banning fracking and getting us all fossil fuels entirely in about 30 years, which would be a question to ask in Houston. I thought it might get a sit and it didn’t say you didn’t have a a great interest here in this in the from the network from other candidates, in accentuating people’s left-wing position, to the point being made about the Trump campaigns email. It feels like the kind of had that ready to go baby in response Rite Aid and accidently know about 30 minutes before it’s over. They have it ready to go. You didn’t really hear these Democrats embracing left-wing ideas of Republicans, think or unpopular got some airtime tonight. They made an impact or they were seated into the background. George C Scott refused the Oscar for Patton, because not everyone computer that Oscar played Patton. They didn’t get the chance to respond in some stuff. They probably would have had a comprehensive answers on only a couple. People got an education if I getting getting that one, but I think Joe Biden could tell was it prepped and ready to be more energetic and more Punchy each debate? Iteratively he’s got his gotten more aggressive. I think that is because there are two examples of worried about him from democratic voters is that he’s 76 will be 77 by the end of this year, and it’s sometimes tough to imagine him going one-on-one against Trump sings, Wrecking some of that tonight. I think and Sandra had a lot of opportunities to be more aggressive, borchardt draw more of a contrast and decided not to. I was really stressed. Sanders mentioned that he was the only Democrat on stage one account stage who voted against every military budget. He didn’t specify that that’s the kind of a knock against Elizabeth Warren who’s competing for some of the same voters and voter for two of those budgets. We didn’t mention her, so I don’t cheat sheet or if they’re like me, have travel 200 different place around the country and they had fun in New Hampshire, where Democrats have held their list of five or six people they really like if they had Cory Booker at Number six: that list, maybe he’s number five. Now I don’t think they moved to a commanding position because their position, the race, depends on by this position weakening, and I don’t think he really did that tonight, Julian Castro, going after the former vice-president because he was ready to go after our work is approached. Find was very different with the work he kind of betrayed him as a lightweight with vitamin. He portrayed him as confused at end. What I was saying was really confusing. This is an opportunity other candidates could have had and didn’t. Take is to note, when please answer didn’t quite comport with Will who sang if I didn’t answer on leaving Iraq, for example, and his plan for Afghanistan was extremely hard to follow. So I think there is a voter out there who is nervous about Biden’s acuity. Maybe that’s the way he’s changed as he ran for vice president as a problem for Castro is that there’s lots of candidates like this effectively go after a candidate? Has something memorable accentuate something to the voter might not like about the cancer attacking, doesn’t necessarily redound to their benefit, and it captures actually being that one or 2 % and poles has not gained markedly after what people that found to be very strong to be a Performance is someone else of you were at home. Look at the exchange she had with fighting and said it right. I didn’t quite understand what he was saying: either Americans, who had no idea that was going on tonight, who are the candidates talking to in trying to appeal to right now up to this point in the first person I talk to about it, I’ll stage is Ruben Gallego Congress, Arizona to just endorse Harris and the first two paper he felt kind of happy with how the whole party looks after they spent time together. Onstage they didn’t leave acrimoniously every candidate, I think was – was very focused on looking at the Democratic voter hoof. If you look after you by the poles, have a favorable view of every single candidate running for president and are concerned almost exclusively with whether they could beat Donald Trump is everybody is Northstar? Nobody wanted to go with the exception of Castro and I’m going to go negative and when Castro did it with an electability point, it wasn’t anything else, so they were really talking to that Democratic voter. Who is happy with the field and is having trouble deciding? Who would be the best oil for a Donald Trump is the best, the best Challenger for Donald Trump. That was what they were going for in terms of people looking to conquer one lane or another man. Kamala Harris went into this with her team saying babe. Do you understand about yourself more firmly in the in those moderate Lane in among the people who worry that the Warren and Sanders agendas would not be electable? I think she and Cory Booker and people to judge in different ways. I had a good proterra. Joe Biden has a lot of good will. The way he was talking about Healthcare was more negative. Was a bit more mocking calling calling Bernie Sanders a socialist. I think if he was not the candidate 2920, they percent who’s, trying to stab himself. That would have worked terribly well, but he was talking to democratic voters who have a deep-seated fear of not just left wing politics. But you know some learned helplessness at the 2016 that a female candidate might might run to the election, put some disadvantages and I think he was talking to people who already kind of support him but want to see that he had the toughness to eat to go Into a hard format with president follow his campaign reporting in the trailer is a newsletter and you can get. I read it and I interesting point this question of where Donald Trump fits into this this moment right now, and I want to play some examples of how candidates did talk about Trump tonight, because there were couple that kept trying to get her bring it back. Although we didn’t hear it mentioned as much as one might think at this stage in the process of a few words for Donald Trump, who we all know his watching, the only reason he’s not been indicted is because there was a memo in the Department of Justice That says, a sitting president cannot be charged with a crime, and now President Trump, we have a problem have a guy there that is literally running our country like a gameshow. He would rather lie than weed. We must and will defeat Trump, the most dangerous president. In the hit, are there not mincing words, Ashley Parker? Those are some direct attacks that President Trump for Democrats to make no Democratic voter is going to be set when someone attacks the president, when someone calls him a racist or a white supremacist, which we saw a little bit, I believe later in the debate. But you are right: there was less interplay between Trump and the Democrats and all of these debates tonight, rumors are Leon to the president, for instance, was going to live-tweet the Democratic debates in his campaign in general and his team and general wants him to steer clear From sort of elevating any individual Democrat, but it has kind of been in later in the election that in a weird way, President Trump with her to be the omniscient narrator of the democratic field. He certainly has that ability to do that if you want to, but so far he hasn’t really done that. I know that was a little sticky, so she could bring them into the debate, but the truth is he was in Baltimore, addressing House Republicans and so you’re. Not sort of scene that dialogue, you might expect from a democratic field, very eager to engage the president and former president who loves to have someone punch Down 2, that a Democrat would offer something so much better than Trump. I think these candidates try to communicate that Trump is problematic and we’re going to offer something that is superior to him, and here are some of the reasons why we don’t like an in case. You have forgotten, let’s stop the investigation issues with racism and white supremacy. Let’S bring up these other things that you won’t have to deal with. If you vote for me – and I just don’t think those were talking to Americans the violence in El Paso, in the shooting and and what’s happened in Texas in the last few weeks, he criticized Donald Trump when he brought Trump’s name into that right off the bat And talked about the shooter being inspired by Donald Trump, and that was a joke connection that he was willing to make and talk about on stage, let’s listen to a little bit more of a Beto O’Rourke on this question of guns, because, as we’ve been talking about, He went actor the issue of guns as a big feature of his campaign moment, and he said yes, no, if ands or buts. I want to have a mandatory assault weapons by that Clan, everything inside of your body, because it was designed to do that so that you would bleed to death on a battlefield not be able to get up until one of our soldiers against children and in Odessa. I’M at the mother 15 year old girl, who is shot by an AR-15, AR-15 or AK-47 incredibly graphic stories that he’s counting and one thing that was little bit different in this debate. I feel like the moderators weren’t, quite as like time time stop stop, and so people like O’Rourke, who are better in like telling a story and giving a narrative with heart rate, able to get there. It’s completed, but what he was I’m getting out. There is a mandatory buyback plan which has been toxic. I mean they’re. There has not been an appetite for that up till now. Attitudes about guns are changing, certainly on something like background checks. I don’t know if we’re there or what he was arguing, but when he spoke it was compelling it was authentic and it was a message that a lot of the democratic base wants to hear. That said many moments, but that one actually was. It did not necessary that that our work is going to be the Democratic nominee, but that was something I was hearing from someone in Trump’s orbit that that is the sort of moment that they can use to talk to Republicans and speak to sort of Republicans. Worst fears on guns, which is that, if you give, if you give an inch, if you say yes, liberal Democrats are coming to confiscate all of your weapons, it’s not just a message about guns in the core cultural argument, and it feels like that is one of The areas where the president’s face in the Democratic face just feels very very differently and to be clear what is calling for an assault weapon talking about like the AR-15 and AK-47 we talked about in that night earlier show about how there’s some candidates that need to Use this took the car qua back into it. I think this is a work using something that hit not just close to home, but at home you know to speak with moral Authority and to give Credence to this thing in remember, you know, of work has has changed his it’s, not just Americans, opinions about gun Used to say, I’m not going to come, take your gut and now this event this moment he says, he’s changed. That’S when it came to how former Congressman at work has handled the shootings in Texas. You saw a lot of people saying hey that you know what I think was at Kamala Harris who was, like God, loved you for doing that like if they were there, some real moments of like humanity – and I support you the same thing with Legend being a Military veteran there was some other members of the of the debate stage who’s who supported him on that. Does that does that go anywhere like that to those those little tiny moments of I support you, Christmas story or your personal victories or your personal suffering matter. In terms of the political fight, I always wonder perhaps cynically if, if you only support a candidate you’re, not really threatened by probably again safe to support Beto on Bridge Ebates, which was anybody up here, would be better than Donald Trump. And to me, that’s a turn out of Hill, and so I think all of these Kansas genuinely wants a win, but if they don’t, they do want as many Democrats as possible to show up for whoever the he is. Even if it’s one of these individuals who may be embarrassing more got over them of the debate, go talk to me, they want to see Trump leave the office process of a primary in the Republican side of things, candidates, each other and then the next day. You know be trying to get back in the good graces of Romney and Donald Trump. There is a possibility. This would have bounced back. Even if you’ve been critical of a candidate does the relationships they Forge right now. Do they matter mean to do you see anyone doing real damage like a hooley on Castro moment, but he implies that he’s like too old to be doing this and he’s forgetful does that do lasting damage, potentially their relationship, or can this all be? Is it so early in the process that these things over there’s gradations right? So when it is catcher goes after Biden and continue to go after biotin? Does it hurt their relationship that, at the end, they all want to be Donald Trump and they’ll come together to try to do it? Probably not. Does it hurt Castro chances in the Veep steaks Shore, issues that came up tonight where are big talkers for people because they hit an emotional Court candidates? Trying to talk about the personal experience and I’d like to hear from you guys about issues that came up? That does connections that hit home for people or that were things we haven’t talked about like Venezuela came out which, like had not been talked about, really activates. Really, it’s like there’s a touch of foreign policy in this moment. What other topics did you hear? Candidates really connect glad you are there any that aren’t that you’re that are hitting you with the legacy of slavery in America. You know you had: some candidates were talking about M & P, Bodyguard, msmsm saying you know we have to address the systemic issues that are baked into you know our society now you know, Booker talked a lot about you know being from Newark and addressing you know, All those issues, not just you know, and in a grand way, with reparations, but also with education with climate Justice. All that stuff justices me so savagely broken, there’s no difference in America, between blacks and Latinos for using drugs or dealing drugs. We have a criminal justice system. The Bryan Stevenson says treat you better if you’re rich and guilty, then, if you’re born innocent, you did anybody pick up any new kernels or anything that event started the conversation about immigration reform tonight on stage you did anything stand out to you, his back against the Immigrants are rapists and murderers and criminals idea, and so, even if there weren’t a new kernels of the Andrew Yang story of the Julian Castro story, because the president doesn’t share share new epistle view of emigration. I think anytime, people who want to contradict his message just recite their story, and it gets to the ears of a people who are may be experiencing some degree of my culture, anxiety and just know what can actually happen from it with it’s. It’S good for, for the Democrats, whole Bernie was the Iraq War vote, 2019, R2 primary debates between Obama and Hillary Clinton, and I guess who understand why it allows someone to make a very compelling draw Line in the Sand of where they were on on a key Issue, but it just shows all so that should have endless war with Afghanistan. Turn is to, I think, Democratic DNA. This problem with that which is really interesting in innocence of like how do you solve some of these problems? How do you repair some other relationships, and I didn’t necessarily get a sense of how the candidates are going to move forward on some of these racial issues, except for the issue of reparations. We got some insights there. We all got to also got some insights into the criminal justice from questions Kamala Harris passing lots of it by Tulsi gabbard on her prosecutorial record. Did it just a little bit? We also heard any Klobuchar the fire, but there with her record back in Minnesota. Any criticism for you know being a prosecutor, and I think I asked that stage get smaller. People get to dig into the path of multiple candidates in ways. Perhaps it they didn’t have to experience and previously thanks. He was one of those sad today until I think I don’t know how prepared she was like. I don’t know how comfortable hurting was with how she did it, but it’s certainly one of those things that they’re probably going to be looking at it again and rehearsing. So that she can better response, regardless of how well she think she did for future debates. One of the important thing I think to realize is that a lot of Voters, especially one that talked to him to stop. They see these debate and they immediately go to Google. They have the ability to taneously research, somebody’s record and find out exactly where they stand, and what that means is that the average voter at least the ones that talked to that are heavily involved. At this point we know thinking about who they’re going to vote for in the primary they’re very good at sussing out. You know whether a candidate is saying what they believe Motors want to hear and then kind of comparing that with the record on that issue and I think you’re seeing a lot of candidates facing some uncomfortableness when those issues get brought up digestion process. This latest debate – and let me also point out that another debate in October, so we got a few more weeks or months until the next cycle and so far we have 11 candidates that have qualified for that we’ll see if that Windows Down based on able to Hit the Threshold at the Democratic National Committee has set to qualify to be watching for whether it’s candidates putting their own spin on things or how what pulls are showing like. Please have already gotten three emails from three different campaigns to save their candidate won the debate for being aggressive. The candidate does not in the top three, you know your ear. Your strategy is to take on one of those in the top rated take on Joe Biden and whether or not that yields any long, long-standing benefit weather that can be any kind of Kraken in in the stratification singing the field, I’m always interested in how candidates donors Are responding to debate whether or not people who were behind a particular candidate looked at this and questioned whether or not they want to continue removing for work and how that could change eligibility for debate in the future and so yeah? I mean their teams who may have thought they want to be interesting to see if the people who kept them in the debate think they won. You have to hit a threshold both in terms of pulling but also in terms of donors. Write from a variety of states, and so getting with individual donors is an important Hallmark that the DNC is watching. For, as we talked about the poles, I mean we don’t. We contentedly watch the polls, but one big takeaway that I think we were all talking about earlier – is who’s trending up and trending down, trying to figure out what’s playing well. But how important is it going to be to watch Sword of how Elizabeth Warren’s path weather her glidepath kind of continues or, if things take a different trajectory learned the lessons of covering Trump in 2016 and the Republicans generally that, but one thing I’m always struck by Was that in, I think of trump and he sort of once he announced he started high in the polls in the truth, is he never actually left and so I’m sort of curious on the Democratic side, these three candidates leading in the polls have been leading in The polls for a while – and I wonder if you know the more that continues – does that Harden in a way that makes it impossible for someone to emerge, not necessarily, but that’s, certainly what I witness cover the Republicans and now, President Trump 4 years ago, I saw I saw that earlier this week, which is 2. Your point shouldn’t, be that surprising, that’s rarely or never has someone who’s polling. It like in the single digits at this point actually ended up getting the nomination, and so I think everyone is waiting for a lot of their candidates, who aren’t doing well to have a breakout moment. But it’s it’s not likely that it’ll break out significantly enough to to win this. One of the questions about particular Elizabeth Warren is, as we see her Ascend in the polls are. Are those voters coming from Joe Biden? Are they coming from kind of the candidates that are not pulling as well saying? Okay, I’m going to I’m going to be with you know, I’m going to be with warrant like whether or not the top solidifies and everybody else is just just hoping, hoping hoping that they can make a moment or something before they run out of time. Is it better for Warren, as wonder, doesn’t cover the Democrats if the voter she’s getting are the ones who are falling off Joe Biden or the ones who are saying my tattoo isn’t going to win? So I need to go to my second choice and that’s War and what would her campaign? I’M not I’m not entirely sure. Obviously, she’s like to take as many points away from from Joe Biden it at as she can, but really you know in the end. I think, with whatever way that you can use to Cobble, you know the cowboy enough voters to to at least when an Iowan winning New Hampshire, to make a statement. I think she take another interesting poll that I believe came out of the beginning of this week. From Essence magazine which, like the black women, obviously a very important voting Bloc in the Democratic party said about like 25 chosen right, and so it’s it’s really interesting. When we look at these posts about like who’s at the top, it’s important to remember that there are polls where a lot of people just haven’t decided and when I, when I want the groundhog, what will voters have like two or three people there really backing and And when you try to press them all one, rarely do they like Lando one and so like a lot of people really are still watching it, trying to figure it out you for joining us at this late hour at recapping. The latest debate – that’s all for us for now, thanks to you for hanging out with us this evening. Thanks also for subscribing Ashley Park tonight, 20/20 race continues to gain momentum and the place to be as we watch the fight for the White House continue and Libby Casey. Thank you.
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Ten presidential candidates qualified for a spot on the debate stage on September 12, the first in which former vice president Joe Biden and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (Mass.) appeared together. The other eight appeared onstage in Houston with Biden and Warren are Sen. Cory Booker (N.J); South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg; former Obama Cabinet secretary Julián Castro; Sen. Kamala D. Harris (Calif.); Sen. Amy Klobuchar (Minn.); former congressman Beto O’Rourke (Tex.); Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.); and tech entrepreneur Andrew Yang. Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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