Watch Gina Rodriguez Outsmart a Drug Cartel in ‘Miss Bala’ | Anatomy of a Scene

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Watch Gina Rodriguez Outsmart a Drug Cartel in ‘Miss Bala’ | Anatomy of a Scene
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Watch Gina Rodriguez Outsmart a Drug Cartel in ‘Miss Bala’ | Anatomy of a Scene
My name is Catherine hardwicke. I’M the director of Miss Bala in this scene, Gloria played by Gina Rodriguez, is captured by a cartel and right now she finds out that they’re going to check the phone, because I suspect that there’s ammo in the operation and in fact they take her and she Does have a chip from the DEA in her phone, so her goal is now how to get my chip out of the phone before they find it and kill me she’s in this beauty, novela, which is out in the Via de Guadalupe, the wine country in Baja And its architecture design, we loved such a terrifying situation to be trapped in Jena Lee like to film her with a clothes in a handheld shots where you could be close to her face in this anamorphic lens, where you could really feel what she was feeling. But you could also see the environment around her to my having that widescope, so you could kind of see both and she’s like trying to decide. What do I do? How can I outsmart these guys, this crew and we had a great composer Alex jefe’s? That was helping as increase attention amp up attention by having like that, rhythmic heartbeat throughout the score, and also you feel the spirit of her invention in her ID and her courage to keep going. Don’T be defeated, focus on the problem and we really want you to feel through the music to the cinematography to the handheld cinematography. At this moment, in the movie, like what kind of State she’s feeling and how he’s trying to stay calm enough to mechanically open at these phones be smart about what she does and put them back properly, so that it looks exactly like no-one is tampered with. The phone so how many times was staying there in Ong nazarian they’re coming at the fire. You Hear Voices right outside if they’re yelling with attention cuz, they were really very close to her now. At the same time, I was trying to talk to a bunch of tough guys telling him how to put out the fire. They didn’t even know what. Why don’t you sweat the Flames with like a dish towel? So there was a kind of a lot of the same time, but the tension was there for Gloria. She had to figure out a way to cover for get away so that nobody suspected her
What a beautiful, sunny day, what a beautiful location and what terrible circumstances. Gloria (Gina Rodriguez) is being held hostage by members of a drug cartel, and she finds herself preparing food in a dream kitchen overlooking the mountains, while fighting for her life in a scene from the crime drama “Miss Bala.”

In this video, the director Catherine Hardwicke breaks down the high-stakes sequence: Gloria has been asked to surrender her phone to be searched because cartel members are trying to root out a mole. The phone ends up in a bag with several others, and does indeed have a chip in it from the Drug Enforcement Administration. Gloria has to figure out a way to get to the bag and get the chip out of her phone before she’s discovered.

Hardwicke talks about the blending of hand-held, close-up camerawork with a score of built-in heartbeat sounds to help amp up the tension.

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