Watch Hugh Jackman as Gary Hart in ‘The Front Runner’ | Anatomy of a Scene

Watch Hugh Jackman as Gary Hart in ‘The Front Runner’ | Anatomy of a Scene
Hi, my name is Jason Reitman on the writer and director of the front-runner that we were to do a long spanning opening shot. That would almost as a lesson for the audience and how to watch this film you’re presented with a variety of characters. A lot of information that we wanted to put the audience into 1987 start and already the camera is moving through this outdoor location you’re as an audience trying to figure out which characters are supposed to follow. Our our mixer, Steve Morrow, did an amazing job punching your ears for the camera would even point Her Eyes is a movie where your ears tell you where to go, for your eyes, do and you’re getting. You know an innocuous story from these guys. A true story about Mike Stratton losing the tip of his finger, trying to golf carts, as you cure journalist around you who are give me the background on heart information about and to probably won’t remember. It will not have been alive at the time, but simultaneously as if you were picking up this kind of guide of all right. This is how this movie is going to look. This is how it’s going to feel and I’m going to have to try them decisions in real-time. We made it surgical incision early on that we only wanted to use technology that was available in the 80s. As you can see, these monitors are playing back in real time. They’Re not burning everything had to be quiet, does that we did shoot this movie in the 80s or maybe even its 70s opening shot bumps on the opening – and I was really excited about this, because we now have very fluid Zoom remote. I wanted to feel like it sounded shot in which they did another kind of control in the first gym kind of bummed. I even just kind of Zumba to the character up here throws his hat gives up on the campaign-style ophthalmic Associates from another era that we reach is Gary Hart. This is a movie that looks on the outside and not the inside out to have a variety of characters: campaign, people, journalist, random. You know pedestrians and were all given a point of view on this character. Who desperately want understand in this medical part is an enigma. His family with his friend to tell you that, and she does this incredible thing in his performance where he knows how desperately want understand them and he brings it right to the edge, but never lets us completely in when you watch a movie about politics. Filmmaker is going to tell you he was a good guy guy hears with the movies about here’s. What he supposed to think and the front-runner is a movie that did not tell you what a good guys or bad guys. There are no Heroes, no villains in the story;
Long before any current political dramas, there was Gary Hart. In 1987, the Colorado senator was on the rise and making a bid for president. But his became the first presidential campaign to be ended by a sex scandal. Jason Reitman’s film takes a closer look, and in this opening scene, the director narrates a walk through Hart’s earlier presidential campaign, in 1984, with Hugh Jackman playing Hart.

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