Watch Jason Statham Battle a Shark in ‘The Meg’ | Anatomy of a Scene

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Watch Jason Statham Battle a Shark in ‘The Meg’ | Anatomy of a Scene
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I’m Jon turteltaub on the director of the Meg when the scene begins this is Jason Statham swimming out to the Megalodon because they’re afraid of but will distract until attack the boat so they realize safest ways to this one on your own that I borrowed from Finding Nemo exactly please but he finally realize how great it was and thought of him saying that you just don’t think of him as a funny Nemo fan here you know we have seen that I kind of built around GoPro footage I’ve seen of still in the middle of the ocean usually on a surfboard and they tend to take their GoPro stick it in the water look around and stick it back in the water and suddenly don’t be a shark there and there’s nothing scarier than knowing you’re so post to see something and not seeing it it’s always what you don’t see so here we just kept the suspense going and sticking your head up its ignored and you realize you’re this close and you can’t see a thing so the longer you wait the better it but eventually thank you got to see that chart Jason being such a confident swimmer was able to stay out of this water a lot longer than a lot of actress could have treading water not easy now when you see this next shot coming into darting thing that’s 100% CG everything you see in that shot here we start pulling them back in and as the Rope goes at you see the flu water that’s called a rooster tail I didn’t know what that was but with that really is something that you it helps you see the Rope when that happens in real life from and then we had to add it and CG the next time so that people could see it again the shark received very little of it it’s always being teased it’s always just enough of a fan wake in the water here’s a rooster tail when it speeds the boat up here comes and that’s one of the first times you really see the shark lead early in the movie that is Jason being pulled through that water again not easy I don’t think it’s fun after the 40th time everyone else is safe on the boat but the shots are mixture of be right there you got a guy in a tank right there you got a CG ocean now you’ve got a real ocean there now you’ve got upset now you’ve got a fake boat now you got to be so sad and fake water going by in the background a lot
“Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.” The director Jon Turteltaub borrows this line from “Finding Nemo” and gives it to Jason Statham for a tense scene in the giant-shark thriller “The Meg.” It’s one of a few surprising moments in this sequence, narrated by Mr. Turteltaub. Read the New York Times review of the film here:

For a moment when Mr. Statham bobs in and out of the water looking for the menacing Megalodon of the title, Mr. Turteltaub was inspired by GoPro footage on YouTube of divers doing the same in shark-filled waters. This wild sequence is a mixture of footage shot on location, in water tanks and on a soundstage, then blended using digital effects. “It’s a lot,” Mr. Turteltaub says.

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