Watch Julia Roberts Move From Joy to Panic in ‘Ben Is Back’ | Anatomy of a Scene

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Watch Julia Roberts Move From Joy to Panic in ‘Ben Is Back’ | Anatomy of a Scene
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Watch Julia Roberts Move From Joy to Panic in ‘Ben Is Back’ | Anatomy of a Scene
Hi I’m Peter Hedges, writer and director of Ben is back. Then Burns played by Lucas Hedges comes home unexpectedly on Christmas Eve day and he’s with his mother Holly played by Julia Roberts, she’s taking him Christmas shopping, so it’ll have appropriate clothes to wear to church. That night, they’ve just come from a 12-step meeting Ben, is in recovery from heroin addiction. I love with both actors are bringing to this scene. They start in very different places from where they end up. Lucas has been. Has this rich in her life at the beginning of senior? There’S this dangerous something coursing through him. He has a secret Hollie’s, oblivious Ben Holly becomes concerned and Julius switch from happy mother shopping with her son to concerned and panicked. Mother is so powerful, Chuck-E-Cheeses door. Please. This scene is a microcosm for the film that in Holly at the beginning, you see the hope she has that this is going to be a fun thing. She’S going to get clothes for him. Ben has a secret Ben has something he’s not saying and and then she checked him because she has concerned she’s, always worried, but she’s not paying full attention, but she thinks she is and she thinks she’s covered all the tracks. She didn’t check everything and then watching how she can, on a dime flip from Happy mom to panicked, mom and fierce mom, the girl at the meeting and been going from Cocky and Confident to reduce and regressing in age and fearful and an apologetic the rain where They both go in the scene. The number of places they go is is emblematic of all the place Wego in the film
In “Ben Is Back,” Lucas Hedges plays the title character, a heroin addict who returns home from rehab to be with his family at Christmas. Julia Roberts portrays his mother, Holly, who has welcomed her son with a mixture of joy and trepidation.

In this scene, Holly is taking her son shopping, but what begins as a loving trip to the mall turns into a moment of panic. The film’s writer and director, Peter Hedges (also Lucas’s father), discusses the nuances of the scene.

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