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Watch: Kavanaugh and Blasey Hearing | NYT News
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Then we calculated from the further as vegetarian again we don’t have these documents. No we’re not that’s why she showed three different documents, because they do pick three different thing. So we’d like to see all three documents play, so we can follow along looking at number. The third thing here we calculated the distance from the closest point to your house from a mile videos of the country club and then the farther is point you can see it it’s 6.2 and, of course, 8.2 miles. You’Ve described this is being near. The country club wherever this house was, is that right describe it as it’s somewhere between my house and the country club in that vicinity. That’S shown in your picture and the country club is about 20 at 20 minute drive from my parents, home I’ve marked as the crow flies. Would it be fair to say that somebody drove you somewhere either to the party or home from the party cracked? Has anyone come forward to say to you hey, remember I was the one that drove you home now in your July 6th text to the Washington post that she looked at earlier. You said that this happened in the mid-80s in your letter, Senator Feinstein, you said it occurred in the early 80s in your polygraph statement. You said it was High School summer in 80s and you actually had written and in this is one of the corrections I refer to early and then you cross that out later in your interview with the Washington Post, you were more specific. You believe it occurred in the summer of 1982 and you said the end of your sophomore year. You said the same thing I believe in your prepared statement. How were you able to narrow down the time frame? I can’t give the exact date, and I would like to be more helpful about the date and if I knew when Mark judge worked at the Potomac Safeway, then I would be go to be more helpful in that way. So I’m just using memories of when I got my driver’s license. I was 15 at the time and I did not drive home from that party or to that party and once I did have my drive, I like to drive myself. So I assume the legal driving age was 16. Okay, now that you’ve talked about attending therapy in your text to the Washington post, dated 7 6 plus, the very first statement we have from you you put in their quote – have therapy records talking about it. I want to make sure I understand that, did you already have your therapy Rec at that time, I had looked at them online to see if they existed. Yes, okay, so this was something that was available to you via a computer like a page portal. Actually, no, I was in the office of a provider. She helps me go through the record to locate weather I’d had record of this conversation that I had remembered. Did you show a full or partial set of those marriage therapy records to The Washington Post? I don’t remember, I remember summarizing for her what they said. So I’m not quite sure if I actually gave her the record, so it’s possible that the reporter did not see these notes. I don’t know if she’s, I can’t recall whether she’s sauce directly or if I just told her what they said have you shown them to anyone else. Besides count your Council just the council, would it be fair to say that right, Cavanaugh’s name is not listed, notes notes? His name is not listed in those notes. Would it also be fair to say that the therapist knows that we’ve been talking about say that there were four boys in the room it describes? They sexual assault Ted, says erroneously by four boys, so the therapist got the contents of it wrong and you corrected that to the Washington Post reporter correct correct. Thank you, dr. bazzi, for it, a lot of people are proud of you today from a prosecutors. I view one of the hardest things that we have to do is to somebody who’s come forward with an allegation of sexual assault, and let them know that we can’t provide the evidence to go forward to trial it’s a hard day for the prosecutor. To do that, and so both because making a sincere and thorough investigative effort is such an important constellations to the victim in that circumstance and because it’s what you’re obliged to do professionally sincere and thorough investigation, it’s critical to these claims in a prosecutors World. It may be the most basic thing that we owe a victim or witness coming forward, it’s to make sure that we give them a full, thorough and sincere investigation. You have met all of the standards of. I might call preliminary credibility with your initial statement. You have vivid, specific and detailed Recollections something prosecutors, look for your Recollections or consistent with known fact. You made prior consistent batemans, something else that prosecutors and lawyers look for. You are willing to and it did take a lie, detector test and you are willing to testify here here. You are subject to professional Crossings, a nation by a prosecutor, so you met any condition. Any prosecutor could expect to go forward, and yet there has been no sincere or thorough investigation of your claims. You specifically asked for an FBI investigation that you’re not, and are you aware that the I begins investigating they might find corroborative evidence and they might find exculpatory evidence helpful to the accuse us either way and you were still not just willing but consistent that the FBI Should investigate your recollection and your Klim? Yes, I feel like it would. I could be more helpful in that. If that was the case in providing some of the details that maybe people are wanting to know about, I submit that. Never never. In the history of background investigations has an investigation not been pursued when new, credible derogatory information was brought forward about the nominee for the candidate? I don’t think this has ever happened in the history of FBI. Background investigations – maybe some you can prove me wrong, but it’s wildly unusual and out-of-character and in my view it is a grave disservice to you – and I want to take this moment to apologize to you for that and to report to anybody who be listening, that when Somebody’S willing to come forward, even under those circumstances, even haven’t been not given the modicum of courtesy and support of a proper investigation. You shown yourself tickly, proud and doing that and the responsibilities for the decision to have this, be, I think, the only background investigation in history to be stopped as derogatory information came forward belongs with 13 men. The president, director of the FBI and the 11 members of the majority of this committee as to the committee’s investigation, the fact that it’s Cavanaugh’s alleged accomplice have not subpoenaed has not been examined and cross-examine Underoath has not been interviewed by the FBI. Tells you all you need to know about how credible this performance is. The very bare minimum that upper who comes forward is owed is sincere and thorough. Investigation and you’ve been denied that, and I will make a personal pledge to you – hear that, however long it takes and whatever for him, I can do it whenever it’s possible. I will do whatever is in my power to make sure that your claims get a full and proper investigation, and not just this. Thank you. For being here, the New Yorker published an anonymous account of allegation. September 14th, two days later, dr. Ford identified herself as a victim in a Post article detailing her allegations. I immediately directed my staff to investigate September 17th. Dr Fords console went on several television shows requesting that our client have an opportunity to tell her the same day. I scheduled a hearing for Monday September 24th, given dr. Ford a week to prepare her testimony and come to Washington DC on September 17th committee investigating staff reached out to dr. Ford and judge Cavanaugh to schedule follow-up interviews with republican-democrat investigators, judge Cavanaugh accepted the opportunity to Speak to the investigators under criminal penalty doctor for decline in his review on September 17th, judge Cavanaugh denied the allegations and requested a hearing as soon as possible. Democratic staff refuse to participate in an interview. The next day September, 18th committee investigating staff contacted Mark judge, requesting an interview committee staff also learned the identity of two other ledge partygoers and requested interviews. Mark judge submitter that statement under penalty of felony. He described and states that he never saw Brent at the in the manner described by dr. Ford and I can go on and on about that, but we got to realize it what we have done in this case, all the time you go through a background investigation By the FBI, then it comes to us and there’s always some holes in it that we have to follow up on and besides, Mr Chim request to tell her story. That’S why we’re here? Mr. chairman, mr. chairman, I just want to point out that support with Center White House at in the Anita Hill case Doctor for Georgia, Bush ordered that the investigation be opened again. Thank you. Mr. chairman, Dr Ford, Washington Post report in there September 16th article that you did show them therapist note is that incorrect. I don’t remember physically showing her a note. Perhaps my council did. I don’t I don’t remember physically showing her my copy of the note, but I just don’t remember so. I’M sorry, I have retrieved a physical copy of those medical records. Thank you. You also attended individual therapy. Did you show any of those notes to the reporter? From The Washington Post again, I don’t remember if I sold her like something that I summarised or if I just spoke about it or if she saw it in my counsel’s office. I can’t I don’t know for sure, but I certainly spoke with her about the 2013 record, with the individual, therapist and last name is not in those notes. Is that correct, correct? Okay? In reading the Washington Post article, it mentions that this incident that we’re here about contributed to anxiety and PTSD problems with which you struggled the word contributed. Does that mean that there are other things that have happened that have also contributed to anxiety and PTSD? I think that’s a great and I think the etiology of anxiety and PTSD is multifactorial, so that was certainly a critical risk risk that we would call a risk factor in science. So that would be a pretty of the symptoms that I now have, and it doesn’t mean that other things that have happened in my life would have would make it worse or better. There are other risk factors as well, so have there been other things than that contributed to the anxiety and PTSD that you suffered well, I think there’s sort of biological predispositions that everyone in here has four particular disorders. So I can’t rule out that I would have some biological send to be what about anxious type person? What about environmental, environmentally? Not that I can think of. Certainly no nothing is striking is out of okay. In your interview with the Washington post’s, you said that you told your husband early in your marriage that you had been a victim of, and I quote, physical abuse. In your statement, you said that before you were married, I told him that you experienced quote a sexual assault. Do these two things refer to the same incident? Yes, and it either point on these two times: did you use any names? No, may I ask doctor Ford: how did you get to Washington in a airplane would not submit to an interview with the committee because of your fear of flying? Is that true? But I was willing as hoping that they would come to me, but then I realize that was an unrealistic request. It would have been quicker for me, so that was certainly what I was hoping was to avoid having to get on an airplane. But I eventually was able to get up the gumption with the help of some friends and got on the plane when you were here in the Mid-Atlantic area back in August end of July August. How did you get here also by airplane? I come here once a year during the summer visit my family. I’M sorry not here I go to Delaware, okay, fairly, frequently for your hobbies in your you’ve had to fly for your work. Is that true correct? Unfortunately, you you were a Consulting biostatistician in Sydney. Australia is that right, I’ve never been to Australia, but the company that I work for is based in Australia and they have an office in San Francisco. California, I don’t think I’ll make it to it is long. I also saw on your CV that you list the following interest of surf travel and you in parentheses, put Hawaii Costa Rica, South Pacific Islands in French Polynesia. Have you to those places, cracked by airplane? Yes, and your interests also include oceanography Hawaiian and Tahitian culture? Did you travel by air as a part of those interest correct? Thank you very much easier for me to travel going that direction when it’s a vacation. Thank you, mr. Sherman. Thank you for being for dr. Ford. You know in my old job as a prosecutor. We investigated report like that, so it gave me a window on the types of cases that hurt women and heard all of us, and I would always tell the women that came before us that they were going to have to tell their story before a jury box Of strangers and you’ve had to tell your story before the entire nation. For so many years, people swept cases like yours under the rug, they’d say what happens inside a house didn’t belong in the courthouse. Well, the times have changed. So I just want to thank you for coming forward today and for sharing your report with us now. I understand that you’ve taken a polygraph test, dr. Ford, that found that you were being truthful. When you describe what happened to you, can you tell us why you decided to take that test? I was meeting with attorneys. I was various attorneys in the attorneys asked if I was willing to take it, and I said absolutely that said it was almost as anxiety-provoking as an airplane flight. Okay Mark judge at that Safeway. If there had been inappropriate reopening of this background, check and FBI interviews, would that help you find the time.? If you knew when he worked at that Safeway I feel like. I could be much more helpful if I could be. Why did with that date through employment records or the IRS or something any anything? Thank you help. I would assume that’s true, dr. Ford under federal law, and I don’t expect you know this, but statements made to medical professionals are considered to be more reliable. There’S a federal rule of evidence about this. I you told your counselor about this back in 2012. Is that right? My therapist is correct right and I understand that husband was also present when you spoke about this incident in front of a counselor, and he recalls you using judge. Kavanagh’S name. Is that right? You think. So there were two separate incidents where it’s reflected in my medical record. I talked about it more than those two times, but therapists don’t typically write down contents as much as they write down process that usually are tracking your symptoms. So not your story in the fax. I just have to have it in my record twice so the first time is in 2012, with my husband and couples therapy with the quibbling over the remodel and then 2013 with my individual hair that you named his name at that time. Correct okay, I know you’ve been concerned with your Prime see throughout the process and you first requested that your account be kept confidential. Can you briefly tell us why? Yes, so, as I stated before once if I was unsuccessful in getting my information to you before the candidate who is chosen, my original intent was to get the information when there was still a list of other candidates avail and once that was not successful, and I Saw that persons were very supportive of the nominee, I tracked it all summer and realize that that was calculating that risk-benefit ratio that it looked like I was going to just you know, suffer only for no reason. Okay, you know from my experience with memory. I remember things that happened to me in high school, open command college, but I don’t exactly remember the date. I don’t exactly remember the time I sometimes made. I remember the exact place where it occurred, but I remember the interaction and many people are free today on what you’re not able to remember about that night. I actually think you remember a lot, I’m going to phrase it a little differently. Can you tell us what you don’t forget about that night, the stairwell the living room, the bedroom, the bed on the right side of the room as you walk into the room? There was a bed to the right, the bathroom in close proximity, the laughter of the uproarious laughter and then multiple attempts to escape and the final ability to do so. Thank you very much, dr. Ford. I want to correct the record, but it’s not something that I’m saying that you stated wrongly, because you may not know the fact that when you said that you didn’t think was possible for us to go to California as a committee or investigators to go to California. To talk to you, I we did in fact offer that to you and we had the capability of doing it and we would have done it anywhere or any. Thank you and mr. German. Could I put the polygraph results on the record. Please the polygraph results in the record, the polygraph, you want outfit, I think you may have it. I have the polygraph results we just like to put in the record I’ll I’ll, be at the church. After that, could I put the polygraph test in the record. We were you had proposed having a polygraph examiner testify, as you know, if that it happened, the full panoply of materials that he had supporting his examination would have been provided you rejected that request, so what we did provide was the polygraph for Port, which is what The members of the committee currently have September 26th. Mr. chairman. This was actually sent to your Chief counsel and I just want to share it with America so that they have this report as well and expect the other materials that I just stated. Mr. chairman, you wouldn’t allow the witness who performed the polygraph test to testify Norwood, you allow Mark, judge to testify, and so I would just like to point out thank you for allowing report in the record, but that is the reason that we don’t have. The underlying information for you, you got what you wanted and I think you’d be missed. I am satisfied, it was administered on August 7th and it was the date of the report is August, 10th, 2018, mystery or orderly way. It was, I was, he was asking, and I have it right here and you have it as well. It was September 26th accepted this Mitchell for Senator Cruz. Thank you. Dr. Ford, we’ve talked about the day and the night that you’ve described in the summer of 1982, and thank you for being willing to do that. I know it’s difficult I’d like to shift gears and discuss the last several months in your statement. You said that on July 6th you had a quote since of agency to relay the information to the Senate and the president did you contact either the senate or the president on Herbalife before July? 6Th, and I did not – I did not know want to do that. Okay, prior to July 6th, had you spoken to any member of Congress and when I say congress I mean the senate or the House of Representatives or any Congressional staff members about your alley. Patience know: why did you contact the Washington post that on July 6th, so I was panicking because I knew the time line was short for the decision, and people were giving me advice on the beach people who don’t know about the processes that they were giving me Advice and many people told me you need higher, and I didn’t do that. I didn’t understand why I would need a lawyer if somebody said call the New York Times call The Washington Post, put it in an animus tip, go to your congressperson and I weigh those options I felt like the best option was to try to do the specific Route, which is to go to my congressperson, who happens to be an issue. So I called her office and I also put in the anonymous tip to The Washington Post and neither unfortunately, neither got back to me before the selection of the nominee that on July 9th is that right. They contacted me the date that the nominee was announced, so that seems like look likely would had you talk to about your allegations with anyone in her office before date of July 9th I told the receptionist on the phone on July 10th you texted the Washington Post Again, which was really the third time, is that right, the second date, third time sexy cracked and you texted, been advised to contact senators or New York Times haven’t heard back from Washington Post, advise you to contact senators or the New York Times Beach. Friends, coming up with ideas of how I could try to get to people, because people weren’t responding to me very quickly so very quickly responded to that text for what unknown reason that, once I sent that encrypted text, they responded very quickly. Did you contact the New York Times know why not interested in pursuing the media root, particularly so I felt like one was enough: The Washington Post and I was nervous about doing that. My preference was to talk with my congressperson Washington, Post texted, back that someone would get in touch. Get you in touch with reporter. Did you subsequently talk to reporter with Washington Post? Yes, under the encrypted app and off the Record? Okay? Who was that reporter and the brown okay, the person who ultimately wrote the story on September 16th correct? Did you talk to NE member of Congress? In again remembers, Congress includes the senate or the House of Representatives or any Congressional staff members about your allegations between July 10th and the July and July 30th, which was the date of your letter to Senator fine. Yes, I met with congresswoman Su staff and I think that’s July 18th on the Wednesday and then on the Friday, I’m at with the congresswoman herself. When you met with her you meet with her alone, or did someone come with you? I was alone she had a staff person. What did you talk about with congresswoman a shoe and her staff on July 18th, and then I described the night of the incident and we spent time speaking about that, and I asked her how to what my options were in terms of going for word and how To get that information relayed forward and also talk to her about fears of whether this was confidential information and she discussed the constituent confidentiality. Thank you. Thank you. Karen Grassley I’d like to ask unanimous consent to submit for the record five articles, including one titled, why sexual assault memory stick and one entitled why Kevin accuser come for it earlier police often ignored sexual assault allegations without objection to order. I want to begin by thanking you for coming to testify in front of us today that you came forward with very serious and relevant information about how many for Lifetime position on our Supreme Court you didn’t have to, and I know you’ve done it at Great personal Cost this is a public service and I want you to know that. I’M grateful to have the opportunity to hear from you directly today, I’d like to just first follow-up on that line of questioning Miss Mitchell was following cuz. I think a lot of people don’t realize that you chose to come forward with your concerns about Judge Cavanaugh before he was nominated to the Supreme Court. Do I understand correctly first reached out to congresswoman issue and of the Washington Post tip line. That was when he was on the shortlist, but before he was nominated to the Supreme Court, is that correct, correct and in frankly, I hope that some other highly qualified nominee might be picked not out of a motivation at a late stage to have an impact on The final decision correct important to get the information you, but I didn’t know how to do it. While there was still a short list of candidates. Branch I’d be interested in hearing from you about this, because you bore this alone. You bore this alone for a very long time and it be helpful for us to better understand the ways that that’s impacted. Your whole life. Well, if it’s impacted me at different stages of the development of my life, so the immediate impact was probably the worst. So the first four years I think I described earlier a fairly disaster first, two years of undergraduate studies at University of North Carolina, where I was finally able to pull myself together and then once coping with with the immediate impacts, the short-term impacts. I experience like longer-term impacts of anxiety and relationship challenges. Usc cracked, as you predicted, there was a wide range of responses to you’re coming forward. Some thousands of survivors have been motivated and inspired by your courage. Others have been call Anna, as I review the wide range of reactions. I’Ve been really trouble by the excuse offered by too many that this was a high school incident and boys will be boys to me. That’S just far too lowest standard for the conductive voice and in our country. If you would I’d appreciate your reaction to the excuse that boys-will-be-boys, I can only speak for how it has impacted me greatly for the last 36 years, even though I’ve 15 years old at the time – and I think I know the younger you are when these things Happen it could possibly have worse impact than when you’re a full when your brain is fully developed and you have better coping skills. You’Ve developed experts have written about how it’s common for sexual assault survivors to remember some facts about the experience very sharply very clearly, but not others, and that has to do with survival mode. I’M that we go into in experiencing trauma. Is that your experience, and is that something you can help the layperson understand? Yes, so I was definitely experiencing The Surge of adrenaline and cortisol and norepinephrine and credit that a little bit for my ability to get out of the situation, but also some other lucky events that occurred call me to get out of the event doctor Ford. We are grateful that you came through it and that you shared your account with us and the American people, and I think you provided important information. I’D like to thank you for your meeting, your civic duty. I wish we could have provided for you and more thorough hearing today. I think asking for the FBI to investigate this matter. Thoroughly was not asking too much, I think, asking to have the other individual involved in your assault. Mr judge River Forest today was not asking a too much I’m grateful. You came forward and I’m thankful for your courage, which setting important example. Thank you, dr. Ford. We were talking about you meeting in July with congresswoman Su. Did you talk about your allegations with any Republican member of Congress or Congressional staff? I did not where I live. The congressman is a Democrat, wasn’t communicated to you by your Council or someone else that the committee had asked to interview you and that they offered to come out to California to do object. Mr. chairman, to any call for privileged conversations between Council and dr. Ford made without her saying a word, is it possible for that question be answered without violating any console relationships? Do you mind if I say something to you directly? I just appreciate that you did offer that I wasn’t clear on what the offer was. If you were going to come out to see me, I would have happily hosted you and had to be happy to speak with you out there. I just deny it wasn’t clear to be that that was the case letter to Senator Feinstein. Had you retain counsel with regard to these allegations? No, I didn’t think I didn’t understand why I would need lawyers actually didn’t know. A lot of people have that feel. Let’S talk about the letter that you wrote on July 30th, you ask Senator Feinstein to maintain confidentiality quote until I just try to look for it, Senator Feinstein, to maintain confidentiality until we have had for the opportunity to speak and then said, you were available to speak Further of vacationing in the Mid-Atlantic until August 7th is that correct are the last line it’s up to now, just catching up with you. Sorry, I’m a little slower. My mind is getting a little tired. I am available to speak further. Should you wish to discuss him? Yes, I was in Delaware until August 7th, and after that I went to New Hampshire and then back to California. Did you talked with anybody about this letter before you sent it? I talked with Anna issues office, okay, and why did you talk to congresswoman Ashley’s office about that letter because they were willing to hand deliver it to Senator Feinstein after you sent your letter? Did you or anyone on your behalf, speak to Senator Feinstein personally or with any Senate staffer? Yes, I had a phone call Senator Feinstein, okay, and when was that that was while I was still in Delaware, so before August 7th and how many times did you speak with Senator Feinstein once what did you do about? As she ask me, some questions about the incident and I answered the questions – was at the expense of the gist of the conversation. A brief phone call. Did you ever give Senator Feinstein or anyone else the permission to release that letter, not that I know of between the letter dated July 30th and August 7th? Did you speak with any other person about your allegations? Could you say the dates again between the letter date of July 30th and August 7th so, while you’re still in Delaware, did you speak with any other person about your allegations? I’M just trying to remember what dates that you’re asking her with you. I don’t have any lawyers. I’Ve spoken with correct, correct, correct speaking personally about it, aside from lawyers that you were seeking to possibly hire to represent you did you speak to anybody else about it during that. Of time? No, that is staying with my parents at the time. Did you talk to them about it? Definitely not so would it be fair to say that you retained counsel during that time period of July 30th to August 7th, I can’t remember the exact date, but it was good. Are viewing lawyers during that period of time sitting in the car, in the driveway and in the Walgreens parking lot in Rehoboth Delaware and trying to figure out how the whole system works of interviewing lawyers and had to pick one excetera? So you just fine earlier that you had, you didn’t see the need for lawyers and now you’re trying to hire them. What made you change your mind, it seems like most of the the jewels that I had told. What’S the total number, the total was not very high, but those persons advised me to at this point get a lawyer for advice about whether to push forward or to stay. Did that include congresswomen issue and Senator Feinstein know what you said about acknowledging that we had said: we’ve come to California, Senator Blumenthal thanks. Mr. chairman, I want to join and thank you for being here today and just tell you. I have found your testimony eat incredible and I believe you, your teacher, correct, given America and amazing teaching moment and you may have other moments in the classroom, but you have inspired and you have Enlighten America. You have inspired and given courage to women to come forward, as they have done to everyone of our offices and many other public places. You have inspired, and you have enlightened men in America to listen respectfully, two women survivors and men who have survived sexual attack, and that is a profound Public Service. Regardless of what happens with this nomination, and so the teachers of America, people’s America should be really proud of what you have done. Let me tell you why. I believe you only because of the prior consistent statements, polygraph test and your request for an FBI investigation and your urging that this committee, here from other Witnesses who could corroborate or dispute your story, but also you had been very honest about what you cannot remember and Someone composing a story can make it all come together in a seamless way, but someone who is honest – I speak from my experience as a prosecutor as well as also about what she or he cannot remember. The Senators on the other side of the aisle have been silent. This procedure is on in a confirmation hearing, but I want a quote one of my colleagues Senator Lindsey, Graham in a book that he wrote in 2015 when he was describing his own service and very distinguished Naval Service. As a Traveller I’m not under oath, he said quote of his prosecution’s of rape cases. I learn how much unexpected courage from a deep hidden place it takes for a rape victim were sexually abused child to testify against their assailant. I learned how much courage from a deep and hidden place it takes a rape, victim or sexually abused child to testify against their assailant. If we agree on nothing else today, I hope on a bipartisan basis. We can agree on how much it has taken for you to come forward and I think you have earned America’s gratitude now. There’S been some talk about your requesting, an FBI investigation, and you mentioned a point just a few minutes ago – that you could better estimate the time that you ran a t’mark judge. If you knew the time that he was working at that Supermarket. That’S a fact that could be uncovered by an FBI investigation. It would help further elucidate your account. Would you, like Mark, judge, to be interviewed in connection with the background investigation and the Sirius credible allegations? That would be my preference. I’M not sure it’s really up to me, but I certainly would feel like. I could be more helpful to everyone if I knew the date that he worked at the Safeway so that I could give a better more specific day have the assault. It’S not up to you it’s up to the present United States and his failure to ask for an FBI. Investigation, in my view, is tantamount to a cover-up. Thank you, mr. chairman or flake Miss Mitchell for Senator flake. Thank you and we’ve heard this morning several times that you did take a polygraph and that was on August 7th. Is that right, I believe. So as the day I was flying from BWI to Manchester New Hampshire, why did you decide to take a polygraph? I didn’t see any reason not to do it were you advised to do that you’re seeming to call for communications between Council and quiet. I don’t think he meant to do that. If you do, she shouldn’t have to answer that cancel. Could you let her answer the extent to which doesn’t violate the relationship between you and dr. Ford, based on the advice of the council, I was happy to undergo the polygraph test, although I found it extremely stressful much longer than I anticipated. I told my life story. I felt like I enjoyed it. It was fine. I understand they can be. That way. Have you ever taken any other polygraphs in your life? Never gentleman by the name of Jeremiah Hannifin to service the pellagra fir. Did anyone advise you on that choice? Yes, I believe his name was Jerry, Jerry Hannifin. Did anyone advise you on that choice, a person that came to do the polygraph test conducted the polygraph not in his office in Virginia, but actually at the hotel next to Baltimore Washington Airport? Is that right correct? Why was that location chosen for the polygraph? I had left my grandmother’s funeral at the Fort Lincoln Cemetery that day and was on tight schedule to get a plain to Manchester New Hampshire. So he was willing to come to me appreciated, so he administer to polygraph on the day that you attended your grandmother’s funeral correct. It might have been the next day I spent the night in the hotel. Have you ever had discussions with anyone beside your attorney’s on how to take a polygraph? Never, and I don’t just mean countermeasures, but I mean just any sort of tips or anything like that. I was scared of the test itself but comfortable that I could tell the information and the test would reveal whatever it was good going to reveal. I didn’t expect it to be as long as it was going to be, so it’s a little bit stressful. Have you ever given tips or advice to somebody who is looking to take a polygraph test? Never did you pay for the polygraph yourself? I don’t think so. Do you know who did pay for the polygraph? Did you have the handwritten statement that you wrote out? Did anyone assist you in writing? That’S I know, but you can tell how anxious I was by the terrible handwriting. Did you touched on it? Did you know that the committee has requested the not only the charts from the polygraph test, but also any audio or video recording of the polygraph test know? Were you audio video recorded when you were taking that test? Okay, so I remember being hooked up to a machine like being placed onto my body and being asked a lot of questions and a lot. That’S my primary memory of that test. I don’t know. I know he took laborious details explaining what he was going to be doing, but I was just focused on kind of what I was going to say. I hear about that. I wasn’t listening to every detail about the wet weather was audio or video recorded. You were in a hotel room Sharon. He was behind me. Did you notice any cameras in the room at computer setup? So I guess I assumed that he was somehow taping and recording me video and audio recorded correct, but you don’t know for sure. I don’t know for sure. Okay, thank you, dr. Ford, dr. Ford, you tell me when you’re ready, I’m just organizing my papers, be ready in 20 seconds. Thank you ready. Thank you, mr. chairman vice-chairman. Is it your intent to see doll Republican Senators time to your prosecutor? Rather than they themselves eating their time to her, we all know that babe, even though this clearly is not a criminal proceeding, is asking doctor Ford, all kinds of questions about what happened before and after, but basically not during the attack. The prosecutor should know the sexual is survivors often do not remember peripheral information such as what happened before or after the traumatic event and yep. She will persistent asking these questions all to undermine the memory and basically The credibility of doctor for, but we all know, dr. Ford’s memory of the assault is very clear. Doctor for the Republicans prosecutor has all kinds of questions about who you called and when asking details that would be asked in a cross-examination of a witness in a criminal trial that this is not a criminal proceeding. This is a confirmation proceeding. I think I know what she’s trying to get at so I’ll. Just ask you very plainly: dr. Ford: is there a political motivation for your coming forward with your account of the assault by Brett Kavanaugh and I’d like to reiterate that again, I was trying to get the info. Listen to you. While there was still a list of other naked, what looks like equally qualified candidates and yet they’re not here to justify, I like to join my colleagues so have Thang before coming forward today and I – and we all admire you for what you’re doing. And I understand why you have come forward. You wanted us and the American people to know what you knew about the character, the character of the man we are considering for a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court. I want to take a moment also to know the significant personal sacrifices you’ve made. You come forward to share your traumatic experience with us and the American people. You’Ve had to move you’ve had the death threats all manner of of. Basically, we victimization experiences by coming. You have inserted the question of character into this nomination and hopefully back into American life, and rightly so. We should be made to face the question of what it is. We are putting in positions of power and decision-making in this country. We should looked the question Square in the face, does character matter to our values, are real values about what is right and what is wrong and about whether we treat our fellow human beings with dignity and respect? Do they matter anymore? I believe they do and I believe the reaction we have seen to this coverage right now and your courage all over this country shows us that we’re not alone you’re, not alone, that women and men all across America are disgust as sick and tired of the way Basic human decency has been driven from our public life. The president admits on tape to assaulting women. He said he separates children from their parents. He takes basic Healthcare protections from those who need them. He nominates a stands behind a man who stands credibly accused of a horrible act. I didn’t want to thank you for coming forward message him and I ask unanimous consent that six items consisting of very statements. Letters fact she post are inserted into the record because I can go over them for you. I would like to let me not interrupt you if your request is accepted without objection, an item that has already been entered into the wreck rebutted. This is from a letter from the national task force to end sexual and domestic violence. The letter States – and I quote this letter this moment – has become a crucible – is a test of our progress. Do we start by believing victims of sexual assault and treating them with dignity, or don’t we so far? Senate leaders are failing that test. Pre-Judging the outcome of the hearing sympathizing with her perpetrator, attacking her credibility. They send a message to every victim of sexual violence, that their pain doesn’t matter, that they do not deserve justice and that, for them, very treatment is Out Of Reach. This will only serve to drive victims into the shadows and further and boulding abusers. Once again, dr. Ford, thank you very much. This is the moment for our country, mahalo Senator Mitch, Mitchell for Sandra grateful, and I believe you said it hasn’t been paid for yet. Is that correct? Let me put it into this mystery. Her lawyers have paid for her polygraph as his routine as his routine doctor for do you expect the price of that polygraph to be passed on to you, I’m not sure. Yet. I haven’t taken a look at cost involved in this relocated now twice so keep track of all of that paperwork, but I’m sure I have a lot of work to do to catch up on all of that later.. You have a lot going on and you not for several months, but is it your understanding that someone else is going to assist you with some of these fees, including the cost for your polygraph? I’M aware that there’s been several GoFundMe states that I haven’t had a chance to figure out how to manage those cuz. I’Ve never had one go fund, GoFundMe sites that I’ve raised money primarily for a security detail, so I’m not even quite sure how to collect money or how to distribute it. Yet I haven’t been able to focus on that. Okay, in your testimony this morning, you stated that Senator Feinstein sent your letter on August 31st of this year. Is that right? I sent her a letter on July 30th and I don’t have the date to have to pull up my email to find out the date of her email to me. Saying that, right before the hearings that she was going to maintain the confidentiality of the of the letter right before the hearing, but I can look it up for you if you would like the exact date, I can pull it up on yeah. I just want to make sure I want to make sure I understood what she you said that documents been turned over to respond to request for documents you have it. Thank you cancel. I want to make sure did what you said. Was it your understanding? It was going to be kept confidential up until right before the hearing. That is my understanding that it was going to be kept confidential.. between your polygraph on August, the 7th and your receipt of the letter from Senator Feinstein did you or anyone on your behalf, speak to any member of Congress or Congressional staff about these allegations? I personally did not answer my question was: did you or anybody on your behalf, someone speak for me, somebody that is working with you or helping you did. Somebody at your behest on your behalf, speak to somebody in Congress or a staff. I’M not sure. Tapas exchanges went that I didn’t speak to anyone. Okay, is it possible that somebody did a possible guessing? It would be possible, okay, astronaut to guess and now you’re asking her what’s possible. So I think, if you want to ask her what she knows, you should ask her what she knows. The chair rule on that understand once there’s a legal reason for answering an advice, you your console, so I don’t totally understand the question that I didn’t speak with. Anyone during that timeframe other than my counsel, okay, repeatedly, that you did not think that that letter that she wrote on July 30th was going to be released to the public. Is that correct, correct? And it is it true that you did not authorize it to be released at any time correct besides your attorneys, did you provide you, provided that letter to Senator Feinstein? Is that correct? I provided her a letter on July 30th about the July 30th letter and you provided that letter to Senator Feinstein correct. Is that a yes? Yes and you provided the letter to representative s you to deliver to Senator Feinstein? Yes, besides those two individuals, representative Su and Senator Feinstein and your attorneys, did you provide that letter to anyone else know? Do you know how that letter became public know after that letter was pop made public or leaked? Did you reach back out to the Washington I reached out to the Washington? Well, they were reaching out to me and I was not responding, but the time that I did respond and agree to do the sit-down with once the reporters started showing up at my home and at my workplace. Thank you, mr. Sherman, Dr Ford, thank you for being here. I just want to remind everyone that this is not a courtroom. This is not a legal proceeding that you were here under abolition and go there. Prosecutors been engaged here. To represent my colleagues you’re here, as you said out of a civic duty, and I want to join my colleagues that it is really more than that. You know County documents, talk about civic duty, error, declaration independence, talks about for this country, pledging your lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor, and anybody who’s read your testimony knows what you had to sacrifice by coming forward. Your life has been up and you have received vicious hateful threats, death threats. You had to move out of your family home to some expense. I imagined to you and your family. You had to engage security expense, you had to deal with Incredible challenges and what’s amazing – and I want to join my colleagues and thanking you for your courage and bravery in coming forward all to help us deal with one of the most important obligations as Senator has To advise and consent on one of the branches of our government, the highest court in the land and individual, going before a lifetime appointment. And you even said that the president had a lot of folks on list. And your fear was that this individual, who assaulted you, would have sent to that seat. That’S correct right, taking a lot of threats to come forward, correct, tracked, assault on your dignity and your Humanity. How is it affected your children? Well, considering I thank you. Thank we have a very supportive Community for your courage, because this is more as much as this hearing is about Supreme Court. Just the reality is is by you coming for your courage, you are affecting the culture of our country. We have a wonderful nation and incredible culture, but there are dark elements that allow unconscionable level unacceptable levels of sexual assault and harassment that are affecting girls and boys and affecting men and women from Big media Outlets to corporations to factory floors to servers and restaurant. You are intimate spaces in homes and apartments all around this country I stepped out during the break and was Deluge with notes from friends all around the country, social media post – that there are literally hundreds of thousands of people watching your test right now and and note After note that I got people in tears, feeling pain and anguish, not just feeling your pain but feeling their own who have not come forward. You are opening up to open air hurt and the cold one across this country, and for that the word I would use it’s nothing short of heroic, because what you’re doing for our nation right now, besides giving testimony Jermaine to one of the most sacred obligations of Our offices, if you were speaking truth if this country needs to understand and how we deal with survivors, who come forward right now, is unacceptable and the way we deal with this unfortunately laugh for the continued darkness of this culture to exist and your Brilliance Shining Light Under this speaking, your truth is nothing short of heroic, but to the matter at hand, one of my colleagues do. I have a how to respect for, and I do consider him. A friend went to the senate floor and spoke truth to both sides of the political aisle Senator flake said yesterday. This is a lifetime appointment and this is said to be a deliberative body in the interest of due diligence and fairness. Her claims must be fully aired in considered. I agree with him, but you’ve asked for things that would give a full airing from corroborating witnesses to be all you’ve submitted to an intrusive polygraph test. Can you answer for me? How do you feel that all the things that could have been done thoroughly to help this delivery body have not been in this so-called investigation? I could be more helpful and that others could be more helpful and that we could collaborate in a way that would get up more information for the record. Seven letters by the pub Lambda legal from Mormon women for ethical government youth-led organizations around this country, the international Union of bricklayers, Allied craftworkers, a letter from 295 survivors of sexual violence in support of doctor Ford and a letter from 1600 men campaign in support of doctor. For and those who want to assert men and women that survivors of sexual violence are not opportunists, do not have political axes to grind but are coming for with courage and with heart, speak there truth and try to end the scourge of sexual assault and violence. In our country, dr. Ford, in choosing attorney’s did anyone help you with the choice on who to choose, and various people referred me to lawyers that they knew in the Washington the area. So, as you know, I grew up in this area, so I asked some family members and friends and they would they referred me to like divorce attorneys. That might know somebody that might know somewhat Petty and ended up interviewing several law firms from the DC area and did anybody besides friends-and-family refer you to any attorneys? I think that the staff of Diane, fine and office suggested possibility of cemeteries, including the two that are sitting on either side of you, not both of them now not about FBI investigations win. Did you personally first request an FBI investigation? I guess when we first started talking about the possibility of hearing, I was hoping that there would be more thorough investigation. Would that investigation have been something that you would have some to an interview? I would be happy to cooperate with the FBI. Yes, would you’ve been happy to submit to an interview on by staff members from this committee, absolutely besides emission some GoFundMe accounts. Besides those are there any other efforts outside of your own personal finances, to pay for your legal fees or any of the cost in occurred. In it’s, my understanding that some of my team is working on a pro bono basis, but I don’t know the exact details, and there are members of the community in Palo. Alto, have the means to contribute to help me with the security detail, etcetera. Have you been provided we have no expectation of being they have you seen any of the questions that I was going to ask you today now? Have you even asked a few questions about other people? Well, have you seen any of those questions in advance now? Have you been told them in advance now and then? Likewise, with my questions, have you been told my questions? Definitely not some possible information, such as win mark judge, worked at the supermarket. I want to ask you about someone else. You mentioned that there was a classmate who was really sore connection between you and Brett Kavanaugh. Who was this person who was looking at my LinkedIn page and then trying to blame person? I just don’t feel like it’s right for us to be talking about that. I’M not trying to blame anybody. I just want to know who the common friend that you and the person that mr. Whelan was trying to say looked like mr. Cavanaugh. Okay. How long did you know this person may be for a couple of months? We socialize, but he also was a member of the same country club and I knew his younger brother as well before this took place. Yes, okay, how would you characterize your relationship with him both before and after this took place? This person that we use the phrase? I went out with I wouldn’t say date I went out with for a few months. That was how we turned it at the time and after that we were distant friends and ran into each other. Columbia, Country Club. But I didn’t see him often, but I saw him at his brother and him several times. Was this person the only common link between you and he’s the only one that I would be able to name right now that I would like to not name. But you know who I mean, and but they’re certainly other members of Columbia, Country Club that were common friends are they were more acquaintances, mine and Friends of Mr Kavanagh? Can you describe all of the other social interactions that you had with Mr Cavanagh briefly? There were during freshman and sophomore year, particularly thought my sophomore year, which would have been his junior year of high school at 4 to 5 parties that my friends and I attended that were attended also by him. Did anything happen at these events to like we’re talking about? Besides the time we were talking about this event? Is that what you’re asking yes, yes, those parties or anything inappropriate? If you want me to go ahead and finish answering your question, okay, did you want me to describe those parties answer the questions, I’m just happy to describe them. If you wanted me to and I’m happy to not it’s whatever you want. Maybe this was there, anything else was sexually inappropriate, any inappropriate sexual behavior on the part of mr. Kavanagh towards you at any of these other functions now set. You know you are not on trusting. You are not on trial. You are sitting here before members of the United States Senate Judiciary Committee, because you have the courage to come forward because, as you have said, you believe it was your civic duty. I was struck in your testimony by what you indicated as your intention when you first let anyone associated with these hair, no better than what you basically said. Is you reached out to your representative in the United States Congress, hoping that person would inform the white house before Judge Kevin on open named that’s extremely persuasive about your motivation for coming forward? That’S why I want to thank you. I want to thank you for your courage and I want to tell you, I believe you, I believe you and I believe many Americans across this country, believe you and what I find striking about your testimony. Is you remember key searing details? What happened to you?
The Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh and the first woman who accused him of sexual assault, Christine Blasey Ford, will testify in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday.

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