Watch Lady Gaga Sing in ‘A Star Is Born’ | Anatomy of a Scene

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Watch Lady Gaga Sing in ‘A Star Is Born’ | Anatomy of a Scene
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Watch Lady Gaga Sing in ‘A Star Is Born’ | Anatomy of a Scene
My name is Bradley Cooper and I co-wrote and directed the stars born somewhere at the beginning of the movie. Now, where the two characters just met – and this is really the anchor for the rest of the film securely plant, the audience these two people in their relationship. In the rest of the movie won’t work when I first went to Hollywood met some people that really famous – and I remember like going out with them of the night and did their access to stuff is always very interesting. Always blue me ways to see somebody like that in, like a pizza place at 4 in the morning with regular people were at grocery store. What’S with these people, that was the only way I could get my head around the fact that you would actually believe that they’re falling in love is that you needed see these moments and so broken down, and then it’s revealing their souls to each other. In my MyLife heading that people in falling in love and usually happens when you feel, as if someone seen you in a way that no one else is seeing you – and this is the scene where she’s seeing him in a way and the movie showing you him Taken knowledge and it’s so hard, the main is right that now pretty good from the very beginning, the movie, the movie, know she’s a star before she does it and the movie’s almost searching for her and with this seem and she stands up and starts the cameras Over here, looking down at him, what does that say in the outskirts of Los Angeles and Jackson? Main is very well regarding musician is one of her fans almost like a boy, so I really love that shot of him just like looking up at her. It was great about we found location was its it functioned as almost a stage. You know those all those lights behind hers if she’s up on a huge stage at Coachella or something without even realizing it
In this scene from “A Star Is Born,” two people who just met sit outside a grocery store late at night and chat. One of them just happens to be a famous rock star (Jackson Maine, played by Bradley Cooper). The other, Ally (Lady Gaga), comes up with a lyric on the fly to describe the star she’s getting to know. But in singing that lyric, she proves that she might have talent herself. Read the NYT review of “A Star Is Born”:

In the video’s narration, Cooper, who also directed the film, discusses how he set up the burgeoning relationship between these two characters (making the scene feel like it was unfolding in real time) and why it takes place at a grocery store (his fascination, before he himself was famous, with the fact that celebrities also go to the store sometimes).
“The movie knows she’s a star before she does,” Cooper said. So when she sings her just-created lyrics for what will become one of the movie’s biggest songs, “Shallow,” the camera frames her as if the parking lot she’s in is a giant stage, and Jackson one of her adoring fans.

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