Watch Live: Leaders Speak to The United Nations General Assembly

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Watch Live: Leaders Speak to The United Nations General Assembly
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black Preserve we have everything country know all too well LOL view of unilateral Amor amor multilateral bigotry isolation with the alley may I request representative to remain president of Brazil I request delegations to remain seated we are just adapting podium Chet NXT Memento address Lenin moreno garces request protocol nombres de la tabla General Assembly is XMP Lenin Moreno Garcia president of the Republic of Ecuador and invite him to address the assembly muchas gracias thank you very much president friends Paris the government leaders help us how our society old life right make mistakes Zoom from the when God posterized image of the person’s life and caring and encouraging first game of life children to play study to be happy acknowledge straightforward find some now this is admission that we call a home Perhaps Perhaps Cineplanet abandon gotta be stronger opportunity envelope how to gather we celebrated individual achievement where we just got major problems large problems reciprocity listen to Beethoven find themselves in situations that we weren’t examine deal with and resolve get the money from prison is Royals make a note during this in mind development my wheelchair is this bad I don’t know or painkillers and pain my brother this kind of pain now only counter barriers to move forward to continue to live stores I can buy around the world mentioning precisely individuals with disabilities to make sure that individuals with disabilities and resolutions and initiative of the United Nation because we mystery programmed govern United States the contribution Declaration of Fire Destiny spend on weapons instead of urge the government dialogue news from confused structural group family which is very harsh and painful Jose Marti a Cuban poet set they’re teenagers to us and one Nicaragua corrupting populist you want freedom of expression committed to building these democracy and Democratic great math so many independent advocate for the values and virtues of democracy Madam president disassembly responsibility well aren’t favor of assumed you would be relevant for a nation making her children promoting the convention write a present to an organization correct them let’s go tribe member it let’s not take a quick funding from it cuz we need to strengthen it additional complimentary organizations that we can do grading systems or specific project welcome Global Union outdated server regarding a condition as he has the greatest right Southern border call we know that pending Grandpa peaceful coexistence Amazon region I know it won’t be a planet disabilities every single day for today. Thank you very much may I request representative to remain seated while we quit the head of state and the restrooms is prepared for the next speaker check family will hear and address by his Excellency Donald Trump president of the United States of America I request protocol to escort his Excellency on behalf of the general assembly I have the to Welcome to the United Nations his Excellency Donald Trump president of the United States of America and to invite him to address the assembly you have the floor sir Madam president mr. secretary-general world leaders ambassador’s and delegates 1 year ago I stood before you for the first time in this grand hall I addressed the threats facing our world and I presented a vision to achieve a brighter future for all of your Manatee today I stand before the United Nations General Assembly to share the extraordinary progress in less than two years my Administration has accomplished more than almost any Administration in the history of our country America’s I didn’t expect that reaction but that’s okay America’s economy is booming like never before since my election we have added 10 trillion dollars in well the stock market is at an all-time high in history and jobless are at a 50-year low African-American Hispanic American and Asian American unemployment have all achieved their lowest levels ever recorded we’ve added more 4 million new jobs including half a million manufacturing jobs we have passed the biggest tax cuts and reforms in American history we started the construction of a major border and we have greatly strengthened border security we have secured record funding for our military 700 billion dollars this year and 716 billion dollars next year our military will soon be more powerful than it has ever been before in other words the United States is stronger safer and a richer country than it was when I assumed office less than two years ago we are standing up for America and for the American people and we are also standing up for the world this is great for our citizens and for peace-loving people everywhere we believe that when Nations respect the rights of their neighbors and defend the interest of their people taking better work together to secure the blessings of safety prosperity and peace each of us here today is the Emissary of a distinct culture a rich history and a people bound together by ties of memory tradition and the values that make their homelands like nowhere else on earth that is why America will always choose Independence operation over global governance control and domination I honor the right of every nation in this room to pursue its own Customs beliefs and traditions the United States tell you how to live or work or worship we only ask that you honor our sovereignty in return from Warsaw to Brussels to Tokyo to Singapore it has been my highest honor to represent the United States abroad I have Forge + relationships and friendships and strong Partnerships with the leaders of many nations in this room and our approach has always yield an incredible change with support from many countries here today we have engaged with North Korea to replace the Spectre of conflict with a bowl and new push for peace in June I travel to Singapore to meet face-to-face with North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un we had highly productive conversations and meetings and we agreed that it was in both countries interest to pursue the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula since that meeting we have already seen a number of inter that you could have imagined only a short time ago the missiles and Rockets are no longer flying and every direction nuclear testing has stopped some military facilities already being dismantled our hostages have been released and as promised the remains of our fallen heroes are being returned home to lay it rest in American soil I would like to thank chairman Kim for his courage and for the steps he has taken so much work remains to be done the sanctions will stay in place on till denuclearization because I also want to thank the many member states who helped us Reach This Moment the moment that is actually far greater than people would understand far greater but for also their support and the critical support that we will all need going forward special thanks to president Moon of South Korea Minister of Japan and president XI of China in the Middle East our new approach is also yielding great strides and very historic change following my do Saudi Arabia last year the gulf countries opened a new center to Target terrorist financing enforcing new sanctions working with us to identify and track first networks and taking more responsibility for fighting terrorism and extremism in the Rhone region the UAE Saudi Arabia and Qatar dollars to Aid the people of Syria and Yemen and they are pursuing multiple Avenues 2 ending Yemen’s horrible horrific Civil War ultimately it is up to the nation of the region to decide what kind of future they want for themselves and their children for that reason the United States is working with the gulf Corporation Jordan and Egypt to establish a regional strategic Alliance so that Middle Eastern Nations can Advanced Prosperity stability and security across their home region thanks to the United States military and our partnership with many of your nation’s I am pleased to report that the bloodthirsty killer is known as Isis driven out from the territory they once held in Iraq and Syria we will continue to work with friends and allies to deny radical Islamic terrorist any funding territorial support or any means of infiltrating our borders tragedy in Syria is heartbreaking our shared goals must be the escalation of military conflict along with a political solution that honors the will of the Syrian people in this vein we are urged the United Nations LED peace process. Invigorated the United States will respond if chemical weapons are deployed by the Assad regime I commend the people of Jordan and other neighboring country for hosting refugees from this very brutal Civil War as we see in Jordan the most compassionate policy is to place refugees as close to their homes as possible to ease their eventual return to be part of the rebuilding process this approach also stretches finite resources to help far more people increasing impact of every dollar spent every solution to the humanitarian crisis in Syria must also include a strategy to address the brutal regime that is fuelled and financed it the corrupt dictatorship in Iran Iran Slater’s so chaos death and destruction they do not respect their neighbors are borders for The Sovereign rights of Nations instead Iran’s leaders plunder the nation’s resources to enrich themselves spread Mayhem across the Middle East and far beyond the Arabian people are rightly outraged that their leaders have embezzled billions of dollars for Moran’s treasure she’s valuable portions of the diluted the people’s religious endowments all to line their own pockets and send their proxies to wage war not good Iran’s neighbors have paid a heavy toll for the regions agenda of aggression and expansion that is why so many countries in the Middle East we supported my decision to withdraw the United States from the horrible 2015 Iran nuclear deal and reimpose nuclear sanctions and deal was a windfall for Iran’s leaders in the years since the deal was reached Iran’s military budget grew nearly 40% of a dictatorship use funds to build nuclear-capable missiles increase internal repression Finance terrorism in fun havoc and Slaughter in Syria and Yemen do United States has launched a campaign of economic pressure to deny the regime the funds it needs to advance its bloody agenda last month began reimposing hard-hitting nuclear sanctions that have been lifted under the arandia additional sanctions will resume November 5th and War will follow and we are working countries that import a radiant crude oil to cut their purchases substantially we cannot allow the world’s leading sponsor of terrorism to possess the planet’s most dangerous weapons we cannot allow a regime the chance death to America and that threatens Israel with Annihilation to possess the means to deliver a nuclear warhead to any city on earth just can’t do it we ask for all nations to isolate Iran’s regime as long as it’s aggression continues and we ask all nations to support Duran’s people as they struggle to reclaim their religious and righteous Destiny this year we also took another significant step forward the Middle East in recognition of every Severance take to determine his own capital I move the US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem the United States is committed to a shoe peace and stability in the region including peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians that am is Advanced not harmed by acknowledge the obvious facts America’s policy of principled realism means we will not be held hostage to all dogmas discredited ideologies and so-called experts to have been proven wrong over the years time and time again this is true not only in matters of Peace but it matters of prospera we believe that trade must be fair and reciprocal the United States will not be taken advantage of any longer four decades United States opened its economy the largest by far on Earth with few conditions we allowed foreign goods from all over the world to flow freely across our boy yet other countries did not grant us fair and reciprocal access to their markets in return even worse some countries abused their openness to dump their subsidize that Goods Target are Industries and manipulate their currencies to gain unfair advantage over our country as a result our tree balloon to nearly 800 billion dollars a year for this reason we are systematically renegotiating broken and bad radios last month we announced a ground-breaking US Mexico trade agreement and just yesterday I stood with President moon to announce the successful completion of the brand new us trade deal and this is just the beginning many nations in this whole will agree that the world trading system is in dire need of change for example countries were admitted to the World Trade Organization that violate every single principle on which the organization is based weather Unite States and many other nations play by the rules East countries use government-run industrial planning and state-owned Enterprises to rig the system in their favor they engage in relentless like dumping forced technology transfer and the theft of intellectual property the United States lost over 3 million manufacturing jobs nearly a quarter I’ve All Steel jobs and 60,000 factories after China joining the WTO and we have racked up 13 trillion dollars and trade deficits over the last two decades but those days are over we will no longer tolerate such a buse we will not allow our workers to be victimized our companies to be cheated and our wealth to be plundered and transferred America will never apologize for protecting its citizens in the United States has just announced tariffs on another 200 billion dollars in chinese-made goods for total so far of 250 billion dollars at great respect and affection for my friend president XI but it made clear our trade imbalance is just not acceptable China’s market distortions and the way they deal and not be tolerated as my Administration has demonstrated America will always act in our national interest I spoke before this body last year and warned that the you and your man writes Council had become egg embarrassment to this institution shielding egregious human rights abuses while bashing America and its many friends our ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley laid out a clear agenda for reform but the spike reported and repeated warnings no action at all was taking so the United States took the only responsible course we withdrew from the Human Rights Council and we will not return until real reform is enacted for similar reasons the United States will provide no support and recognition to the international criminal court as far as America’s concern the ice she has no jurisdiction no legitimacy and no Authority the ICC claims near Universal jurisdiction over the citizens of every country violating oil principles of Justice fairness and due process We Will Never Surrender American sovereignty to an unelected unaccountable Global bureaucracy America is governed buy Americans we reject the ideology of globalism and we embrace the doctrine of patriotism around the world responsible Nations must defend against threats sovereignty not just from local governments but also from other new forms of coercion and domination in America we believe strongly in energy security for ourselves and for our allies we had become the largest energy producer anywhere on the face of the Earth the United States fans ready to export our abundant affordable supply of oil clean call and natural gas OPEC and OPEC nations are as usual ripping off the rest of the world and I don’t like it nobody should like it we defended many of these nations for nothing and then take advantage of us by giving us high oil prices not good we want them to stop raising prices we want them to start lowering prices and they may contributes substantially to military protection from now on we are not going to put up with it these horrible prices much longer Reliance are they single foreign Supply I can leave a nation vulnerable to extortion and intimidation that is why we can graduate European states such as Poland for leading the construction of a ball pipeline show that nations are not dependent on Russia to meet their energy needs Germany will become totally dependent on Russian energy if it does not immediately change course hear in the Western Hemisphere we are committed to maintaining our independence from the encroachment of expansionist foreign powers it is been the formal policy of our country since President Monroe that we reject the interference of our nation’s in this Hemisphere and in our own affairs the United States has recently strengthened our laws to better screen Barn investments in our country for National Security threats and we welcome cooperate which countries in this region and around the world that wish to do the same you need to do it for your own protection the United States is also working with bears in Latin America to confront threats to sovereignty from uncontrolled migration tolerance for human struggling and human smuggling and traffic is not UMaine it’s a horrible thing that’s going on at levels that nobody has ever seen before it’s very very cruel illegal immigrants send funds criminal networks ruthless gangs and the flow of deadly drugs illegal immigration to exploit vulnerable populations hurts hard-working citizens and has produced a vicious cycle of crime violence and poverty only by upholding national boards destroying criminal gangs can we be make this cycle and establish a real foundation for Prosperity we recognize the right of every nation in this room to set its own immigration policy in accordance with its National interest as we asked other countries to respect our own right to do the same which we are doing that is one reason the United States will not participate in the new Global compact on migration migration should not be governed by an international body unaccountable to our own citizens ultimately the only long-term solution to the migration crisis is a help people build more hopeful Futures in their home countries make their countries great again currently we are witnessing a as an example in Venezuela more than 2 million people have fled the anguish inflicted by the Socialist regime and it’s Q sponsors not long ago Venezuela was one of the richest countries on Earth today socialism has bankrupted the oil-rich nation and driven is people in to abject poverty virtually everywhere Socialism or communism has been tried it has produced suffering corruption and Decay social thirst for power leads to expansion incursion and oppression all nations of the world should resist socialism and the misery that it bring to everyone and that Spirit we asked the Nations gathered here to join us and calling for the restoration of democracy in Venezuela today we’re announcing a Regional sanctions against the repressive regime targeting Maduras Inner Circle and close advisers we are grateful for all of the work the United Nations does around the world to help people build better for themselves and their families United States is the world’s largest Giver in the world by far a foreign aid but few give anything to us that is why we are taking a hard look at us far and assistance that will be headed up by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo we will examine what is working what is not working and weather the countries who receive our dollars and our protection also have our interests at heart moving forward we are only going to give foreign aid to those who respect us and frankly are our friends and we expect other countries to pay their fair share for the cost of their Defence the United States is committed to making the United Nations more effective and accountable I said many times that the United Nations has unlimited potential as part of our reform effort I have told our negotiators that the United States will not pay more than 25% of the UN peacekeeping budget this will encourage other countries to step up get involved and also share in this very large Burdon and we are working shift more of our funding from assessed contributions to voluntary so that we can Target American resources to the programs with the best record of success only when each of Desert Park and contributes our share can we realize that un’s highest aspirations we must pursue peace without fear hope without despair and security without apology looking around this whole we’re so much history has transpired we think of the many before us who have come here to address the challenges of their Nations end of their times and our thoughts turn to the same question that ran through all their speeches and resolutions to every word and every hope it’s just a question of what kind of world will we leave for our children and what kind of Nations they will inherit the dreams that feel all today are as diverse as the people who have stood at this Podium and as varied as the countries represented right here in this body are it really is something it really is great great history there is India a free Society over a billion p successfully lifting countless Millions out of poverty and into the middle class there is Saudi Arabia Were King Solomon and the Crown Prince are pursuing bold new reforms there is Israel proudly celebrating its 70th Anniversary as a thriving democracy in the Holy Land in Poland to great people are standing up for their independence there security their sovereignty many countries are pursuing their own unique Visions building their own hopeful Futures and chasing their own wonderful dreams of Destiny’s of legacy and of a home the whole world is Richard humanity is better because of this beautiful constellation of Nations each very special very unique and each shining brightly and it’s part of the world and each one we see awesome promise of a people bound together by a shared past and working toward a common future as four Americans we know what kind of future we want for ourselves we know what kind of a Nation America must always in America we believe in the Majesty of freedom and the Dignity of the individual we believe in self government and the rule of law and we prized call chair that sustains our Liberty a culture built on strong families deep faith and fierce Independence we celebrate our heroes we treasure our traditions and above all we love our country inside everyone in this great chamber today and everyone listening all around the club there is the heart Patriot that feels the same powerful love for your nation the same intense loyalty to your Homeland the passion that burns in the hearts of Patriots and the shoals of Nations has inspired reform and Revolution sacrifice and selflessness scientific breakthroughs and magnificent works of art our task is not to erase it but do embrace it to build with it to draw on its ancient wisdom and to find within it the will to make carnations grow a region safer and the world better to unleash this incredible potential in our people we must defend the foundations that make it all possibly Sovereign and independent nations are the only vehicle where Freedom has ever survived democracy has ever injured or peace has a and so we must protect our sovereignty and are cherished Independence above all when we do we will find new avenues for car operation unfolding before us we will find new passion for peacemaking Rising within us we will find new purpose new resolved and new spirit all around us and making this a more beautiful world in which to live so together let us choose a future of patriotism prosperity and fried Freedom over domination in defeat and let us come here to this place to stand for our people and their Nations Forever Strong Trevor Sovereign forever just and forever thankful for the grace and the goodness and the glory of God thank you God bless you and God bless the nations of the world thank you very much thank you presidents of the United States of America for the statement just made may I request representatives to remain seated while we agreed the president after which the meeting will stand suspended for 5 minutes before resuming to hear the next speaker I request the delegations to take their seats we will start in one minute please do take your seats the general debate will resume shortly La asamblea is Cuchara ABCmouse when your receptors are dogon Presidente de la Republica de turquia Switzerland Singapore General Assembly president DNA cycling same question sing military at Michigan G get out of work at the president of the United Nations General Assembly I also would like to congratulate you for taking over the presidency of the general assembly I hope and pray that the to bring folders replaced by send a message to start a career Ananda as we speak Muslim pastor parts of the world every day culture and work non-structural location comprehensive reform the structure of the United Nation we are becoming the funeral conscience we have representatives from 194 countries and 194 countries can be represented at the security Council Dona Lola dark matter how they recovered yet we have only. confining the reform of the United Nations to Never Comes tribute to the settlement of the real problems nor will it make anybody happy or content there’s an organization would be very important for the future of the world fundamental areas of Social Development in security I need Minutemen report when you look at the world around geography we see that are many important tasks to be undertaken by the United Nations in our understanding is above all and it won’t work order salvation and happiness to the entire world State the Pauli the state economy regardless of where you go in the world today this is why Centrex by political social and economic instability and constantly every single piece of insecure future for all we have struggle with the search for animal based on which meant when the assets of the wealthiest people in the world creepy dogs killing people which means that there is a significant something about 1 billion people go to bed Clinton more than 60 and 72 have been diagnosed with obesity people across the world are hitting the road searching for better conditions yet to survive there’s a problem in the early childhood tell it like it is 9 times greater than out of it baby don’t hear the famous Islamic philosophy from the city of Kenya in the following key worksheet b or desires the victim fight Helping Hands for the hungry which book bring everything delivered don’t you know she’s an older proposals that we come up with will only make sense if we can put them into action again according to the floor the one who does not fulfill their duties radiation Justice instead of crew spell Department of world we are currently hosting 4 million refugees 2.5 million of which are coming from stereo and they have access to all from the services that one could ever leave we have spent billion dollars as the Republican turkey and often in Syria that we have previously secured insomnia just like the D escalations doing that attempted coup in Turkey Hill Boulevard 600,000 Country Healthcare Services free of charge just like any of the carcasses we have that are in the Turkish confection sandwich we have a million dollars from international organization and we have received billion euros from the EU not going directly to the Turkish budget but instead of directly allocated to the ngos working for the refugees previously pledged to be obligated to purchase but it’s not subject to everyday without any conditions without any interruptions especially by the EU over elsewhere in the world for most of Europe opportunities attack provided what’s up the world below the refugees beyond our borders in the world and first Turkey Run State as we are the 17th largest economy on a global scale and our commitment is strong expression how much significant attached and helping those in need as our world needs Global Leadership peaceful credible within the United Nation helping supported by friends of mediation group consisting of 56 States operation of which we are currently the president of the United Nation members that I believe will be exemplary for the rest of the world tell us how to help millions of innocent people and we have mobilized all of our meetings and all of our capabilities we have extra efforts we already scheduled appointment also adopted place where the majority of the countries in the world exports of the radical groups residing within their borders Lila our support system evap canister two processes and peace NFL Live pyd nybg terrorist organization prisons we have turned in area of more than 4,000 square km into a safe and a peaceful place on billions of syrians signed an agreement which pressure which is called we have prevented the beginning again where 3.5 million civilians live preventing a repetition of Massacre carried out previously in Aleppo, and Eastern Google we believe that turkey and political solution specially profit sharing territory from terrorist approach for the sake of their tactical interest but most definitely supporting terrorist organization overcoming Iraq Afghanistan including the book in North Africa Africa Cricut create the minimum level of peace and prosperity for all no one can live safely within their own borders esteem alternator translation Sisters organization also known as attempted on the 9th of July the 15th in 2000 and more than 2198 such as education welfare and download operation as ngos or pits more than 400 acres in. I’m developing for the turkey sandwich first with a republican who created the police and the Judiciary in turkey and then with their cages in the armed forces organization has attempted to control the perfect Society Georgie of technology in our country look up the expedition of the terrorists hiding within their borders million dollars are charter schools located in different state changing activities with chicken tenders Wireless mail as well and with any country that used to form a closure Corporation and we are yet another. the World Trade Center. Where we need to work to achieve the United Nations 2013 experience countries chaos in the world order that has lost Consciousness and hope and that is the danger that were facing now 13 has always been in favor of both E-Trade Humphrey circulation of persons longest good every regression in this aspect will have a negative repercussions that would be hard to erase for generations to come shut up with a rhetoric disregard industry of bilateral relations disappointed even more and more problems to construct on equal terms we expect a responsible action from all of our friends around the world is the material in the form of Customs Union express cousin Casa around the world are concerned country we can leave that together with the countries in education perspective that the world is being pulled into we are looking forward to it we aren’t looking forward to additional remix as used ensures the sustainability of our future we can allocate that you enter which is currently being built in Istanbul secretary United Nations International December 10th of this year myself and my computer I see all of the country presidential instrumental an address find the dumbest president of the Republic of Rwanda temperature in Nome Alaska walking it off of the general assembly Exodus is madam president Secretary General shut down the government distinguished heads of delegations We Gather here and walk together to make the United Nations more relevant to all people the positive developments in Africa over the past year marriage this bodies attention is the sound you know the region is descendants of transnational solidarity and unity so deeply felt as in Africa the idea that our respective National do you stand in contradiction africanism is and how do you know accountax and yes this unique Civic endowment Africa food out for division and the dysfunction in the practice this left Africa unable to articulate and advanced or common interest and we see that responsibility for our future to others not by force but by default rapidly call Cosgrove opposition must also change the trend on our continent is 200 closer and more productive compression both through the African Union call Regional economic communities the evidence decline of all the subtleties and authorities is not bringing the children to Africa as would have been the case as of previous era on the contrary the effect has been to focus Africa’s attention on the urgent need to get our house in order and father how to change how we do business and major financial and distribution order form more than 3 years ago we already practical results New Financial discipline has produced an African Union the budget that is 12% done last year supplied by member states has also increased substantially contributions to the fan which helps pay for African Union peace support operations the highest level since its establishment in 1993 the historic Continental free trade area was signed which was the car over Decades of effort for Africa’s place in the global economy and trade architecture will be ready fire and a higher level of in traffic and trade will help our continent attend the sustainable development goals by 2034 private Partnerships with Africa’s growing private sector this year also provided examples of region and the key for the transitions being handled in a peaceful and fog looking Manna more effective consultation and readers and readership is reducing the need for external radiation and this is how it should be the Momentis developments in the Horn of Africa Ethiopia Eritrea Djibouti and Somalia are the most remarkable he does deserve a full support as they set aside Decades of mistrust and walk toward a comprehensive settlement it is important for the United Nations Security Council with the African Union for company in this process of normalization as well the next veggies on the country’s path of progress water and stir the encouragement from the International Community Libya and South Sudan we’re serious problems remain unresolved despite so much potential Africa and the world come together and do what needs to be done to harmonize overlapping initiatives and ensure that Agreements are respected of economic social well-being yes I do Happy Day Mark to the center of Nelson Mandela’s bus with Mandela peace Summit we already chapter in cooperation between the African Union and the United Nations on the stable funding of African Union the mandated the peace support operations message to be introduced by Africa’s three security members security Council Members has the full backing of the African Union aligned with the Secretary General of the new action of peacekeeping initiative this reflects once again focused and functional Africa everyone in this context of even stronger partnership between all institutions it is important for the African Union diplomatic represent here at the United Nations to be afforded the status and wage enjoyed by other Regional bodies the theme for this year’s General debates is making the United Nation is irrelevant to our people this requires commitment for achieving where it has too often been lucky the current to track system of global governance is unsustainable if you get to be the ones to define the Norms by which other Shelby judge apply to everyone equally I’m not Universe addressing this imbalance in the is the vary in the very Foundation system is what will give shape to a Revival of nitro Corporation and renew the legitimacy of the international institutions that are so crucial honest future in the years ahead we look forward to deepening this important partnership between Africa and the United Nations advance agenda of peace and security gender equality and women’s empowerment Environmental Protection and prosperity I wish to then here by thanking you all for your kind attention high school for Hamilton race navigations to remain seated while we accompany the president sofa test images release of the United of these comments to welcome NC template for your Excellency Senora presidenta ambassador I welcome the fact that time American Woman we going around human rights Universal operation the union the different political parties we have been able to strengthen our win fight working condition which pair them to have a successful life Crossroads Mexico sorry from the Federal have you unpacked the name of obligation moral medication and aquador responsibly global condenada important how do you say instrument in Mary being summarized find struggle Goldy gopher National come together the focuses of prevention Public Health politicususa campus Pacifica condimento Democratic human rights play no respect stage and report against development such as calling political Roman legionary national weather please promote social economic of the scoop on of those think differently turning friends at this Universal forum best way of italics confidence reform for election ensure that it doesn’t become an effect guide so that nobody he left behind the world the human-readable 14 I think of what organization International Peace and plenty lost which Security Council the nuclear radiation of the Korean peninsula Superior drug democratic transition between government is complete I have no conversation in order to achieve shared the last few minutes to Global challenges building a world of Peace friendship and international cooperation has never been easy top to the exclusion those who decide to be simple Observer instead of being real agents of change and Universal orientation is the evidence that Earth was fighting for Muskie School safe world of inclusive more equal International International Community to remain faithful to the idea went to the United Nations organization and to continue building on the principles established by states have made and eventually and at the same time to the benefit of the International Community as a whole Oshkosh Muhammad Twisted presented is to remain seated while we create the head of state out of it thank you yeah it’s so far micro racing mod adjustments Benjamin presidential debates listen pussy don’t do that someday listen to Jay to see see this original Tommy W here today inherits the hope of preserving A New World Order based on Law & Order progress towards economic and social and moral order results of change and yes it’s time to take a fresh look at today’s world today we are seeing it far between size 12 East Valley Internal crisis of the westphalian World Order of the past sailed in regulating itself environmental and climax issues remain pending to date hampered by divisions on the security organization. Deming the very rights that guarantees you guys have to be adopted we are seeing cultural relativism Rock the very Universal Foundation United Nations powerlessness in your nipples want this yesterday responsibility to they are us they are the leaders of today I think that there are three main parts to follow would be decided that this was a passing moment before we go back to life is normal. Don’t believe this is the case I think that we’re seeing these prices Foundation today’s world of our failures in the past second pass could choose would be is one of unit directly to isolationism man against man everyone side it is something which must what is already allowed us to me the power of the strongest degrading but what stopped that the agreement today as I go our task is not address is all cancers allistic Regional and multilateral is being frank as well as exact same one competition on equal footing Lexi’s what under estimating Israelis as capital FC undermine the very possibility of a piece of Real Estate delete go beyond our position on the ground the law of the strongest person will only exacerbate regardless of what type of legitimacy it Max itself behind craft a new model on New World Balance after the second world war several decades and the emergence of hyper Powers superpower for several years do Global instability characterized by the emergence of multiple International and cream one and I think the first Lansing Regional corporation international three principles would allow us to address current crisis the regime responsibility for the Syrian people has sigonella page1 now edit above conditional release form and the holding of Elections all crimes in accepting main where he is that would lead us to a lasting commitment you shall be providing Libyan people Regency Tower recently that was a leading international together yesterday was taken Heather to bolster these tools C2C substitute shut looking for Nigeria Cameroon spearheaded by the African Union initiative definition the United Nations by the end of the year along these lines agriculture education very weak Paris weapon these are just some first adult activities near Stead pictures of 78 genuine Regional cooperation and international corporation. that’s two solutions 2 days only she must take action against climate traffic challenges I believe me I can’t either! elsewhere that we be stronger that’s not true either only effective conditions for chosen International Mobility to work together countries of origin and destination traffic is manifestation promote additional protection of those with the hilum climate weather for daily event our test animal requires multi-faceted International cooperation and international challenge 21st century public but also one which allows us to actually address the root causes on empty can be a reality but I have those are two different things I think it would be unconditional I believe in our ability to create for strike effective balance between people stop friendship as a way of attacking others the way that border is structured around who’s performed at the time to take before looking at in French why are we seeing emerging crises these very same far-reaching inequalities which remained on a dress from years ago when the international financial crisis hit emergency measures without though addressing the real problem failed address I need to spread across the globe we also say all those who felt Left Behind frustrated today all of that what is needed now is the solution I don’t want to go to school October tea in sub-Saharan Africa I’m living in climate change impacted by trout flood accepted those for unprotected bylaws who sets the poverty threshold those suffering from malnutrition access2care the driver of History I’m talking about 1 billion people between the ages of I’m 24 years old 80% solution is needed for all of those on us this solution depends on what we are able to do here together this assembly those who don’t mention before they are wrong because they think they create prices they create a world that is worse that would be inherited by our children and future Generations the 2013 Honda we’ve begun working on the solution think about if we want to create stability and balance this state of inequalities must be addressed action must be taken that I decided to bring francesconi a billion euros by 2019 credits increasing by forty percent it is also for this reason Tech combating inequality will be the priority of the French presidency of the G7 Summit kinda wish I would like to have some here is to be is the incoming chair of the G7 here I’d like to see him before so as to bring on several other powers working on new forms of coordination that I wanted to confirm with you that that we needed qualities will be at the hardest Mission this is going to be the commitment discussed during the meeting because in the past which countries were able to impose an agenda on the rest but that time has change wheel understood just how interlinked everybody is the time has come to come back inequalities which are indeed the root cause of the scourge I touched upon earlier we must attack any qualities of faith if you like it’s not comfortable anymore that an individual will have better opportunity to where they are born or their gender the lack access to help healthcare for those very same reasons last year for the president of Senegal about this during the global conference for financing for development in February there was an opportunity 2.5 controllers to develop access education across the globe this is a historic some France has increased tenfold its contribution station under the the chairmanship will allow us to make further strides forward this is the time where we see if we will really find some solutions commensurate with the challenge they’re against count 620 million children across the globe laughing with access to education Foundation put them in the driver’s seat of their lives should we not do this should we fail to do this what world will I be will we be leaving behind this is the reason that Friends Along these lines highlight professional training of teachers as well as gender equality among students it is also the reason that I called upon all to join this drive for education in the years to come but the very Foundation of our economy against gender inequalities in friends gender equality one of my presidency and I’d like to see this Kia Global drive as well as girls are the main groups in packages by as well climate change in Terraria victims of gender-based violence or discrimination Enjoying Everyday last night what they do with their bottoms it is time to put an end to all of this time giving them their place which is one of leader it is time to guarantee across-the-board access to Education Health employment economic and political decision-making all forms of violence against women grants in Tennessee with interested government or rather a coalition for the adoption of immutable laws on gender equality gospel song dedicated to project which speak to reduce gender inequality relaunch mobilization inequalities in health in 2019 we will be hosting a conference on the global fund for combating h i v a t e o we’re initiating a drive against counterfeit medications and intend to take action against sweeping pandemics I call in each and every one of you with us finally should understand the urgency of combat of combating environmental inequalities greenhouse gas emissions to be produced by the ten richest countries least access to Adaptive Technologies stainable for 100 million not achieve our goals in combat in climate change or global warming some countries suffer more than others shoulder-to-shoulder with that we must all understand the disasters experienced why people have any children the attack we have decided to stay unified and Spa this is power is the way that we overcome the challenges we’ve been told that there are solutions is lacking so let’s find it think out-of-the-box that’s what we did last year and so many of you during the lifetime commitment on the other line that is what we will be doing tomorrow in New York to late meet our goals well then let’s hurry up let’s go together Paris agreement at cope December the protocol against the telephone contact are there have to be Queen Creek steps taken stop sign in Spanish remix with those don’t comply with the Paris agreement our trade agreements take on board our environmental obligations as well as others so is to Temple this climate challenge continues global cash eufora remain a group which is firmly committed to democracy a unified one which should also lead to U-Haul emissions to allow for a reforging of collective system let us engage in uniforms of cooperation to make streitfeld but together that we can effectively push back against all of these inequalities which have eroded our society mistrust isolationism are fueled by such action all of these qualities that are collected in a single play Combat inequalities at just as I described if this individual has to act a little who can always take the lowest tender stick to the status quo that’s what we’ve done for 10 years trade for fine lesson worker benefits always lowering the bar where does that go in equality societies the rules don’t work so let’s make our own let’s close the doors isolationism protectionism tensions it surely doesn’t tackle the inequalities I think it is time for but also to pull best practices International institutions but also this mechanism triumph over in equality instead of working we should work together to provide the WWE address conflict antitrust respect intellectual property transfer of technology to put everyone on equal footing road map of the WTO during the year anniversary of the ILO we also need photos of action that goes have been left behind those who aren’t here today non-state actors who are changing the world but seriously absent in the drive against inequalities stakeholders in the digital field in it those also Rock combating various forms of Information Technology it’s time to find new modes for this cooperation as well as engagement with those from the private sector in this International order it’s not just on the continent it is on this continent that we will either win or lose against inequalities before us Africa Championship of the seven of these issues I believe them in the face invite code of conduct human face protectionism isolationism but it’s entirely realistic and at the same time results immediately building rules elective system is falling apart and sadly it is we support those working for peace you can say that hundreds of thousands of children to go to school that’s it or category to ensure that the composition reflect Alan says that the council remain a place of cooperation and rather rather than obstructionism its membership to support the limitation in support of those risking their lives civilians On The Ground by negotiating each and every case humanitarian access we were reminded that human rights are not a cultural fact negotiable value they lie our fundamental values International treaties committed to Freedom by this Area 72 only and ensure enjoyment of their fundamental rights France Harbor Maine to make sure that the world not forget that nationalism courage is laughing I just defensive fundamental principles and this sweet as we’ve seen ready twice to global war we saw that with our very own will GH4 melting of the minds find that courage again to find what unites us here redo commitment to the preservation of nature Generations from the scourge of War interested parties for friend I know you may be tired of multilateralism I also know that the world is indifferent it all starts like a big show starts to look like even the worst things can become trendy becomes difficult cause from the the cause from the effect will this is not a matter of being trendy ladies and gentlemen is here genocide you be which are even fueled buy certain divisions that I spoke of earlier I didn’t T-Mobile order which I spoke of earlier all of this go ahead we turn out but that is not what I intend to do know that is because I didn’t come from our country my country has made a lot of mistakes but it is a country which is at every turn International history has a couple of universality I’m so please don’t become indifferent indifferent do not accept if multilateral multilateralism don’t know our history unraveling I’m not turning my head to it our children are watching let us address the pricing let us work together to combat all of these equalities but let us do this on a human level and mindful of the principles Guided by that was my commitment to you and I count on you Sweet Jamaica Comet Emmanuel macron well Street Crete the head of state but I will love sofa Testament eBay Island Bahamas your Excellency president of the seventy third session of the United Nations General Assembly your Excellency sector General of the United Nations distinguish heads of state and government testing delegates ladies and gentlemen let me start my paying tribute to the Statesman and John’s of history with work these holes without whom our organization would not be what it is today a symbol of unity and cooperation across all the missions in the world as we celebrate the anniversary of this great organization let us pause and reflect on the true purpose that lies at the heart of the United Nations we must renew our commitment to not only the charter for the founding principles which must always guide us in our deliberations and actions these values of cooperation a critical to the continued please everything off all our nation’s and all our people we cannot let these values come under threat as a collective we must continue to embrace multilateralism which has the values of organization for nearly three-quarters of a century continue the motor of multilateral system that is the UN and we fully support the pollution and progress that will come out of the UN reform this reform stresses the need for more coordinated approach among the UN country teams to successfully deliver the 2030 agenda and will sustainable development goals we give at most important to multilateral cooperation and in the spirit the government of Seychelles and the UN country team on the 30th of August this year sign the first strategic partnership framework 2019 to 2023 which defines Collective support from 18 un agencies that President the challenges we face in the International System remains constant reminder of an evolving world to which we must adopt adapt to secure last peace and prosperity without targeted approaches a touch the lives of our most vulnerable people and fully embracing the promise of the sdgs the risk of living some behind strong institutions are essential to a vibrant democracy where there is transparency and accountability to the my mandate as president of the Republic of Seychelles has been highlighted by in part my desire to ensure that I went Solutions not only people but Grantham the necessary course should they feel the need only and I repeat only through the strengthening of Institutions and buy binding ourselves to international law and Norms can all people truly have accountable government today I call advanced economies to support the strengthening of institutions in developing nations not through handout but through the sharing of expertise and best practices the benefits of false only through the strengthening of Institutions can we show respect for human rights the rule of law and independent Judiciary between intern and sure Steve is a vibrant Democratic order but now I’m president speaking from the standpoint of an Islander I cannot disassociate the concept Everlasting peace and prosperity from The Perils of climate change climate change has become an extension threat not only to the lives of people in Island States mother was as important as Islanders we leave the Stark reality everyday we see suspect you know what you wrote in Coastline coastlines and call weather patterns we see its effect when I’ll call Reese and rising sea levels I recognized the need for development as a driving force to lift I want people out of poverty but we need to remain aware of its consequences on our planet in our future through our neglect with risk our children inheriting a planet beyond the capacity to repair the portal commitments made from Paris to the Fiji 23in born last year an inescapable prices when I’m president I believe in the power of our Collective efforts to ship a future of which we can all be proud in this context I would like to draw your attention to the theme of our 73rd session and I quote making the United Nations relevant to older people Global Leadership and shared responsibility peaceful Equitable and sustainable societies and of course the word sustainable societies has particular resonance for small island developing state United Nations to be truly inclusive and keep up with the challenges of an ever-changing World seashells aligns itself family with the African Union position calling for a long-overdue go and comprehensive reform of the security Council this includes the Equitable representation of Africa which comprises after all more than 1/4 of the members of the United Nations ability has always been and will continue to be at the heart of the development efforts of my country as a nation we have shown the world our commitment to this process seashells alongside it sells small island developing States has been actively engaged in this discourse to ensure that concerns and needs are adequately addressed our nation was forced by the ocean we are acutely aware of the challenges that poses with the threats of climate change however the ocean also presents of untapped opportunities at the beginning of this year my country Seychelles economy strategic policy framework and roadmap to multiply the economic potential of our territorial Waters was also protecting it for generations to come the Blue Colony is the next Frontier of development it is about ocean-based sustainable development focusing on economic diversification prosperity food security and healthy and productive oceans it is encouraging to note that other like-minded states are developing this concept regardless of the geography is slowly shifting from a dependence on bilateral 8 donors to developing Innovative sources of financing for emerging economy we are trying to leverage the wealth of the ocean Frozen and engage in exciting new Partnerships nevertheless we recognize this will not be enough to meet our all sustainable development and climate action obligation on the 2013 agenda the Paris agreement and the Samoa Parkway four seats this is why this is one of those small island developing States that continues to advocate for a specific resilience index which will take into account the unique vulnerabilities and specificities of small island developing States and better reflect the reality is that we Face their gender of small island developing States is inextricably linked to that of humanities and I’m president ignition switch born of the horrors of a destructive war in the idea that as a collective our differences could be resolved through dialogue and International diplomacy together we continue to demonstrate the success and unrelenting power of diplomacy and in the case of the smallest states like ours we have also proven that might he’s not right in this unit for um we have equal representation seashells remains committed to the ideals of the United Nations and will remain an active within this organization today we are presented with a unique opportunity to transform our world for Collective efforts and create lasting Partnerships we have a unique Trinity to scout a future for our children they can be proud to inherit that it’s be on the right side of history and live up to the ideals upon which this organization I thank you for listening to me Walt Whitman Elementary in Albuquerque so far this time at Jamaica Facebook go to escort his Excellency NBA can you alarm California prices North few days after 7:30 operation end bankruptcy on Democratic governor we are now one of the first established strength Luna system La cancion Droid Ultra La conferencia between impact strengthening Corporation every year to enrich and Q a natural acid for our men and women changes in temperature and extreme climate event such as grout and heavy rain when are summer Village induction and include in order to respond to climate we need to we need responsible investing is most similar to the effects of climate change lights to reduce ability to climate change and a load gender and climate change because I’m on vacation to protect for future generations to a healthy environment or at the national and international level to effectively kill President with political decision and courage in and the private sector we also violence against women girls and women suffer from India have contact where nationalist promote a discrimination and Senatobia Peru’s commitment to multilateralism enough in peacekeeping operations international law and national law I need my phone to Global Climate Change terrorism the proliferation of systemic corruption any commitment to free trade has made it possible for us to push back poverty saved by the World Trade Organization and tease the boot I call another country the same color and to avoid protectionism which if adopted will be on backwards Chicago adoption democracy the respective Venezuela the breakdown Broadway as well as the other two allowed to take a photo with a Venezuelan people seeking a distant future in the potential of milk David Peaston and thank you very much women seated while we created his Excellency soap Bismillah al-rahman al-rahim president mr. secretary-general your excellencies thank you it is I don’t know to take part of this wonderful assembly once again the United Nations was born in the ashes of the second world war out of a deep desire to protect Generations from suffering destruction and want today these hopes still face challenges peace and stability have met threats in every region too many people remain excluded from the promise of prosperity and Global Terror continues to Target All Nations here in this chamber that called it third world war my friends these challenges do not make Collective action and mutual respect that’s important if anything they make our partnership even more important because what is the alternative a world without the piece at a cord we need to work together to tray together expand opportunity together Cold War crisis are not resolved magnified by the spreads more refugees flee because we cannot work together to help people stay safe and drive we have a long way to go to deliver a global opportunity and hope but we cannot simply give up because the task is hard all I countries benefit when we Unite common cause I am compelled to talk about this today because of the critical role of collective action in ending the series Crisis in my region and especially the key price the long denial of a Palestinian state every UN resolution since the beginning of this crisis every resolution weather from the general assembly or the security Council record prices to equal rights of the Palestinian people to a future of Peace dignity and hope this is the heart of the two-state settlement the only part to a comprehensive lost in peace only a two-state solution based on international law and relevant un resolutions can meet the needs of both sides and end to the conflict AV table intubated Sovereign Palestinian State on the 1967 borders with East Jerusalem as its capital and a secure Israel 40 part of its own Legion recognized by Arab and Muslim states around the world Muslim countries are committed to a comprehensive peace and the outer peace initiative has been on offer for more than six indeed every major country in the world do you and the European Union all have work to help the parties reach a durable piece that can lost the US Administration has long being committed to peace and has a leading role in our progress going forward yes we have long way to go but we cannot give up because the task is hard because what is the alternative can we afford to let one of the world’s most at Egypt regions be tied to an endless cycle of violence and it’s mixed how long must you a holy city to more than half of the world’s people face dangerous to its multi-faith Heritage and identity how can we accept the status quo of continuing crisis and bigotry Palestinians families displaced for Generations that childrens very identity tonight is ready families living in continuing National self-isolation without the security of peaceful relationships worldwide and what could possibly be the future of what some proposed a single binational state whose very Foundation is a rejection of the equality I’ll buy some people that’s the ugly undemocratic reality of the one state idea it is by no means an alternative to a two-state peace settlement it isn’t abandoned peace a new way to go AWOL from the work of reconciliation and the opposite of what both sides need that have sought for so long my friend is no such thing as a unilateral agreement it takes at least two parties to make an agreement helping the parties achieve that agreement and work together to build a new future deserves to Strong City support of our world all countries need to pull together to get this peace process back on track and that means actually rejecting directions to jeopardize negotiations whether by illegal encroachments land confiscation or threats to the welfare of Innocents especially children we need to support full funding and other vital efforts to protect families keep Community stable and prepare young people for productive lives and it would be a terrible mistake to abandon use to the forces a radicalization and despair such support is urgently needed to ensure that fills its role in accord with its you and mandate and above all we need to save got their hair and peace of Jerusalem a holy city to billions of people around the world and hashemite custodianship of Islamic and Christian holy sites in Jerusalem is it UT the Jordan proud to carry and we will counter any attempts to change the holy cities historic Arab Christian and Muslim identity but your rooster future is not yours concerned alone it is yours there are Global implications when religious worship is threatened and international law is undermined my friends Collective action is also bike over there comes to resolving other conflicts in crises that’s right now world will continue to support all multilateral efforts to help Siri achieve a political solution based on the Geneva process and un Security Council resolution 2254 to safeguard the country’s Unity sovereignty and territorial integrity and create the conditions for stability and effective response to Tara also requires continued Collective action let’s be clear about it all our victories the fight against these Outlaws the coverage of Islam is not over winning the a long-term holistic approach one that past security measures with strong initiatives that support inclusion and hope offline and online we must counter all and I say all ideologies of hatred including islamophobia and Jordans have made efforts to unite the world and mutual respect and understanding and finally we must also strikes are collective response to the global Refugee crisis now as many of you know Jordan is carried a massive disproportionate burden as a refugee host our people have open their homes Public Services hospitals we shared our country scarce resources of food and energy our precious water the crises has held back economic growth and job creation jobs urgently needed why are young people more than 60% of our population you didn’t answer born this Refugee burden in full Accord with our country’s long humanitarian Traditions but we know and the world knows that this crisis is a global responsibility the sacrifices we and other host countries make everyday Pikachu in you if donations hold up their side of the partnership and that means continued multitrack efforts in development support and humanitarian assistance efforts we should only prepare refugees to return home and we build that countries but also give hope to the people of host countries those who have sacrificed so much my friend so well kinda dress the refugee crisis any Global crisis unless we work together to support those who are doing the right thing for the future we all share piece of prosperity demand constant Collective action the alternative it’s a fail a history and fell off future so let us choose instead to succeed to give the world’s people especially young people confidence and Global Justice Purdue opportunity and international laws and agreements and institutions that everyone can rely on thank you very much on behalf of the general assembly I wish to thank his majesty the King Abdullah Bin al-hussein for the statements he just made may I request representatives to win why do we great regrets his majesty Tuscumbia Al Jamiah Calumet succubus Miss benjumea llama you should be funny and watch this movie hateful Salata Maria Garcia world of music Hennessy what is Punjabi train popular tell me temperature in Rio cement is cohesion in their unit Hialeah which is the last framework further stalemate icons accordance with principles such as what I see you well I dunno annunciation achieve security how many donuts if you have anyone else above lefort stories CSCO what’s the meaning of how to make the four of terrorism how do you say Idaho Ludington MI if you have that she up what do you have the launching of programs to prevent violent extremism are the shops in my area Pyromania definition Firestone Define vulnerability which means on my alarm aluminum material the assembly will hear an address by his Excellency Hassan Rouhani president of the Islamic Republic of Iran I request protocol to it to his court on behalf of the general assembly I have to I have the owner to welcome to the United Nations his Excellency the president of Islamic Republic of Iran honey and to invite him to address the assembly smell like the Mercy Hospital praise be to God God and his family and companions we have oranges is that possible operation countries or at least in the short version badger sure all your immediate deaths mizanin no I’m near fathers to Ransom as Johnny Carson enough International Islamic Republic of Iran people of Congo as on what date 21 and Robbie the framework of reaching them that the US government does not have any overthrowing the same government call Southern Lights to talk to Roomba on us journalism and compliance principle international law comprehensive plan of action acquiesced and adopted Anna. 20 or call them on mobile Drew from their Court United States they comply with 2231 General invitation to violence international criminal court International Community European Union Russia and China supporting documentation of the POA and considerate what is the five of the outlet new form of economic tourism development board that the United States has initiated on the timer Morgan Ross in the state of Illinois as well as all the song how about in of events about Iran has been wrong from the beginning of the end Bishop Castle Iran with a C Albany and Cora’s engagement and cooperation with your positive affirmations call Friendly, terrorism mission right Halcomb daughter it’s not okay State and Nation. Brought in negotiating table by the accumulation Muhammad the end of the day there is no better way but dialogue Justice and Connor infant international law United Nations piece of paper mahi-mahi to remain in the international involves nicotine thinking of others the lighter what year in the assembly that is not a toy in American domestic policy I’m not a part of the United States Hargrove to dialog can I please have the same point dialog ending threats and ethics and international law please clear commitment violation for violation did y’all use instead of talk talk what Iran says is clear no war no sanction no threats no bullying and the Fulfillment of obligation we support peace and democracy in the environment and New Field terrorism in the past and today I have always been and will always remain in the Forefront of genuine confrontation with terrorism out today Lemoore the martyrdom of innocent people murdered on Saturday in Cold Blood responsibility from a number of Western Capital fourth of May described in interview broadcasting outfit modern Iran we have condemned all act of terrorism without application on this issue from the Omni public responsibility for Saturday operate freely in Western countries International terrorism official official state finance but all you do either I set an alarm take your time fighting terrorism seriously introspective what’s the very beginning of the crisis in Syria warned against any foreign intervention in the internal affairs up unlawful means including Supporting Cast realistic terrorist groups in order to start pressure on the government of Syria can only be legal fees of 300 trust serial dialogue and the presence of our military advisor has been at the request of the Syrian government and win international law at assisting the Syrian government operation of the government dr. Parties have succeeded the third Summit meeting of witches plate repair on Earth he probably got there last time and effort have prevented escalation and bloodshed in the ID Loop years the destruction of hundreds of millions of innocent people occurrence of widespread famine and chronic disease in human acts represent here examples of crimes against humanity and war crimes Indian monument in we already in possible way however Palestine justify occupation I love you threatening others with military nihilation Israel and the recent election violations of international law in North Station honorary Madam president the convention of the game derryfield Park restaurant location mom want for the past presidents and participation all regional country how many calories burned during the war in Iraq indiscriminate waterway in the fear on any country Iran does not need an Empire fire station and it’s cultured political domination between austin-weston will continue to Guardian for the world free from violence Islamic Republic of Iran is the same state picture of the fastest race car in the garage before anyone else in the world and bravery promise to his brushing against up Iran is the same state that was on the Forefront of the struggle against Taliban terrorism and give up markers in that struggle and the Taliban New York and Washington DC need ride against their operations in Paris London and Brussels and then they call you today Jahan the world was not tension on behalf of the general assembly I wish to thank his Excellency how many presidents of the Islamic Republic of Iran for the statements just made my request the representatives to remain seated while we greet his Excellency on behalf of the general assembly assembly would here and address by his Excellency Sully Minister President of the Republic of Finland call to escorts his Excellency for the general assembly have the owner to Welcome to the United Nations his Excellency Sally needs to president of the Republic of Finland invite them to invite him to address the assembly mr. president gentlemen are we set to start by saying three people to secretary-general Antonio guterres for his reason in leading the United Nations feel under wholehearted supports he’s he in his important task mr. president serve my country has always being a strong advocate of multilateral cooperation the rules-based international order is the fundamental importance at home being able to rely on commonly agreed rules is a Cornerstone Old National Security and Welfare or the global level common Solutions and rules are needed to address the most pressing challenges of our time unfortunately there’s no reason to be worried for us all who believe in the benefits of multilateralism the International System we have feel together is under pressure capability and credibility or questions we can no longer take the rule-based order for granted it is our common responsibility to actively descent and develop it feline see said the United Nations has the core of the multilateral system there for the defense of multilateralism must begin right here you in audience members need to show their will to act together not past each other we fully support the secretary-general ambitious and comprehensive reform I know it is time to implement those reforms we must ensure that the UN of the future is more transparent accountable and in order for the United Nations to be credible it has to practice what it preaches for any organization every single case of sexual rotation in its own ranks is okay too much this is particularly true for the organization stressing the importance of equality and human rights two-piece Amanda or the circle of leadership and I welcome the efforts taken to prevent and combat all forms of abuse throughout the UN system mr. president served the three pillars of the Un Peace and security human rights and development have stood the test of time but we have also call Dad that many of the present Global challenges do not respect the boundaries between them the pillows are increasingly interlinked us are the challenges themselves the most important achievements of the UNC system in recent years are testimony to this I’m thinking of the agenda 2030 the Paris agreement compact on migration and refugees issues like a sustainability climate change and migration are not only about the development and human rights they are also essential questions of peace and security climate change is the prime example of the need for prompt Global action the upcoming report of the 50cc will further underscore the urgency of our response show how much remains to be done so far the voluntary contributions from the State parties to the Paris agreement or not enough to keep the global temperature rise well below 2 degrees Celsius we must do a lot more and more quickly you don’t know what we are witnessing how the Arctic region is swarming with an alarming Pace this is not just the original problem I suppose is a threat to the call jacobo climate system one important factor in accelerating the melting of sea ice in the Arctic or flat carbon emissions reducing flat carbon that lands on The Voice GitHub immediate positive effects to prevent melting to curb those emissions would be key objective of an Arctic Summit that Finland as the current chair of the Arctic console is ready to host without mitigation climate change will also lead to a further increasing migration flows already know some 65 million people across the world are displaced the highest figure since second word for some hundred million people humanitarian assistance and the number is a crowing there are no quick and easy solutions but doing nothing is not an option there for welcome compact on migration and I look forward to participate in the conference to adopt it in Marrakech in December mr. President cool skateboards conflict or bearing intensity and preaches of international law continue to haunt us they constantly remind us of the immense human suffering involved the International Community need to remain persistent in our efforts to solve uncovering conflicts regardless on how deep-rooted a long-lasting they may be positive note we have been encouraged by recent attempt to arrive at a genuine dialogue between the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and the International Community to take steps to words be useful Korean Peninsula should be maintained and supported the successful outcome in that region who set the powerful example for non-profit duration on disarmament Ellsbury two-piece has Sabine activate the relevance of the UN peacekeeping remains Beyond. about the blue helmets will also need to adapt to changing realities we support the secretary-general action for Pace peacekeeping initiative in making usd’s keeping effective while he’s existing contract need to be solved our problem priority must be preventing future wants to strengthen them unco conflict prevention capacity in the conflict prevention mediation is invaluable to it is for the future of mediation that experience can see the past is past to the Future mediators for my country to host the meeting of the secret hi level Advisory Group on mediation in June we remain strong supporters of the mediation activities of the year turn onto other actors where appropriate also continues to offer its food services to facilitate concrete discusses between parties from track to to high-level meetings mr. president peace and security human rights and development are not sustainable without the participate turn off women and the use female voices and young voices must be heard and acted upon the needs of women children and you are still able to Martini last in peace talks peanut promote the role of Venus effective participation in peace processes through the Nordic network of women mediators and other similar networks provide a useful platform for advocacy and self-education he for she impact Champion I highly value this nipples as we celebrate the 70th anniversary of the universal Declaration of Human Rights it is important it’s important in the international order special attention human rights not only protect the individual they also help us prevent conflict build sustained peace and speed up development if you are serious about human rights accountability mechanisms for crimes against International low or needed there were traitors must be brought to Justice to all never states under-secretary-general to consistently keep human rights non-discrimination and gender equality on top of the agenda bu mr. president of the passing of a mr. coffee or not Secretary General of the UN he’s Legacy is an inspiration for all of us like a Secretary General earlier today I would like to come dude my remembering with these words from him more than ever before in human history we share a common Destiny we can Master it only if we face it together and that my friends is why we have United States Nations on the house on behalf of the general assembly I wish to thank his Excellency Selene Minister for the statement just made made representatives to remain seated while we greet his Excellency the assembly will hear now an address by his Excellency muhammadu buhari president of the federal republic of Nigeria request protocol to escort his Excellency the general assembly I have the homeowner to Welcome to the United Nations is Excellency muhammadu buhari president of the federal republic of Nigeria and to invite invite him to address the assembly presidents tell me what heads of state and government who’s the Secretary General distinguished delegate ladies and gentlemen on behalf of the government and people of Nigeria I’ll congratulate you president on your well-deserved election as president of the C-17 side general assembly of Nigeria support then that which we extended to illustrate predecesor his Excellency we appreciate the effective leadership he give the 72nd assembly with such dedication commitment and faithfulness to all member states I also salute single secretary dinner Excellency Antonio guterres who is the face of the Secretariat was focused commitment to the collective United Nations pursuit of Global Peace and security equity and Jesse’s in women’s empowerment and human rights it is appropriate at this point remember was deep sadness 7 Secretary General who passed away on the eve of his 82nd birthday coffee and a significant contributions to the World Cup while organization has been acknowledged in the world attributes from around the world following his death we in Africa while mourning the loss of this great Sandoval’s and citizens of the world take pride in the way he served Humanity in a truly example he demonstrated in his come but you chiming Mana the virtues of confession dedication to the cause of Justice fairness and human rights he was a Visionary leader who is fried hope even in the face of the most daunting challenges he devoted his entire life Scalia to the United Nations and the pursuit of is ideas and goals the world is indeed a better place since you said Madam president you are in the first year the world so some positive results and the encouraging signs from the literal and multilateral episode of the International Community to address Charlotte crisis and threats to RC’s we particularly command the efforts of the leaders of the United States North Korea and South Korea realize that shared goal of a nuclear-free Korean is this connection we acknowledge the commitment to peace shown by President Donald Trump and chairman owned by initiating I certainly will Dave continues dispositive engagement regrettably menu of the crisis and threats to peace and security around the world which we debated last year as we did Superman and result in some cases matches go to us the country in-flight was the rainiest in Yanmar the protracted israeli-palestinian conflict in Yemen and Syria in the fight against International and local tourism such as Boko Haram and algebra come to mind apocalypse World by look infected and dynamic but now increasingly by the international Jihadi movement runaway fighters from Iraq and Syria and arms from the disc Gresham of Lydia thankfully I’ve dated some what we Commander United Nations for staying focused on the situation people to bring their suffering and and hold the account the perpetrators of the atrocious crimes committed against innocent and vulnerable members of this community including women children and the old the International Community to strengthen its ability to compete listening and religious cleansing anywhere we supported the United Nation efforts in Ensure the refugees allowed to return to their homes in Yuma with security protection and guarantee of citizenship we know the indication by the government of Myanmar willingness to address these issues and we encourage them to do so expeditiously and all other countries and organization that you’ve contributed to shoulder the burden of robot in shelter and Ida by to Lexington Virginia refugees and humanitarian situation in Syria and Yemen continue unabated for the International Community cannot afford to give up on the Syrian and yemeni people we must pursue all efforts to find feasible affordable Solutions disease walls which cannot be worn by fossil loan regarding Syria and ran into Tai Chi advances is objective the International Community must keep up the pressure to encourage the parties to cashew the Paso Dido negotiations and inclusive in resolving the secretary and device and bring it to an end the immense human suffering in Syria as well as Greece Germany Italy and France who hosting the millions of the refugees fleeing this brutal contradicts the situation in the Middle East gravy as it has always been is not wasn’t by the romances of our last meeting Nigeria can you call on the Israelis and the Palestinians to make the necessary compromises in the interest of justice peace and security Alliance United Nations resolution International loss unilateral IV free and insensitive actions only prolong the conflict and insecurity Syrian situation in Gaza is in a Poland result of unrestrained use of power we are both parties engage in Dialogue on the basis of relevant United Nation resolutions the Madrid principles road map and the other piece initiated Among Us Nigeria from farms and support for a just to stay true to Lucien negotiated without intimidation and in Palestine existing side-by-side in peace and security the crisis in the Middle East have deep roots and have remained Arizona for $2 yet we should not fall into self-defeating and concluded they are not amenable to solution we should draw inspiration from the remarkable leadership that go to Ethiopia and Eritrea YouTube them remarkable show of situation which she has now galvanized neighboring countries including Djibouti and Somalia to push pull fees in the sub region IV that was hard work and I did this position to compromise and necessary sacrifices peace is achievable in the Middle East as well most crisis usually have a variety of effects which is Phaedra to address them alley and effectively the today to out-of-control complete address in them includes National and international Collective actions which positively impact some people’s + communities hands making the United Nations relevant to old people Global Leadership and shared responsibility and sustainable society which is the theme general assembly is very FD play people from the Middle East Afghanistan and Africa to Europe in the most host countries and communities and field The Immigrant addresses sentiments in Europe which is why we welcome the successful conclusion of the negotiations on the first-ever global compact for safe orderly regular migration and we look forward to is adoption medication later this year the aim is to protect the rights of migrants worldwide while addressing the concerns of countries of origin Transit for Destination alike migration is a quonset is is a constant in human a phase we in Africa are grateful to countries who treat migrant with compression and he NutriBullet Germany Italy and France regular migration is not a consequence of computer alone but two of the effects of climate change and lack of opportunities at home climate changer men’s one of the greatest challenges of our time very close to us at home it is our Lord in Nigeria together with our neighbors around the Chad Basin to live was the climate change drastically Restaurant Lake Chad Chad and the pattern of otherwise heart eyes arable land inhabitants of the region is she drinking meant less of livelihood and they are now ruined it for and vulnerable to the activities of extremist and the terrorist groups the instability the scores in the 7 region intensified internal displacement reading among other consequences to intensive economic competition especially between the hot farmers and Heisman this is why we continue to call I dedicated International engagement to accelerate the recovery efforts in the Lake Chad Basin to address the root causes of the conflict in the region which is required is continuous and was United Nation cooperation was national government and several Regional and Regional organization such as the Lake Chad Basin commission African States and the African Union capacity incomplete freeway bation conflict management and peacebuilding flight I extend our heartfelt appreciation to the United Nation government of Germany no way the United States weed in the United Kingdom France and a host of other developmental partners for their support and assistance address and the ongoing stabilization Drive in the region Madam president corruption within countries and it’ll sit flow of funds across National boundaries effusion negative impact on please in an economy Prospect of millions in developing countries corruption significantly drugs national government of resources to provide many populations going into the youth that’s a given rise tomorrow the regular migration the fight against corruption their food in Bourbonnais all it is in our Collective interest introgen illicit Financial flows investigate and prosecute corrupt individuals and entities and Report research funds to countries of origin fighting corruption resolving International companies crisis and worst defeat in terrorism and Pharisee carving ounce trafficking and the proliferation of small arms and lie to a person whose funeral this company to delay in Africa stamina regular Migration by addressing its root causes and the many of other Global challenges we face was today can only be effectively address through multilateral and concerted action is the only Global institutional framework we have to address these challenges the United Nations system we continue to call for the strengthening of the organization and making it more effective was feeding of the face of progress was it performed including that of its principal over the security Council did he constitution of the council to make it more Equitable and more representative of a global Community is both a political and moral imperative we believe that Forum Security Council was expanded membership in both of the prominent and known how many degrees is in a cord to 3 billion International consensus and itches and Collective interest because I time we stop scratching around issue and swgoh evil Benchmark and timeframes I ask you are you old I am reflected Nigeria’s Defender bottom commitment to organization and its founding principles and goals from the date we have contributed we have been active participants many Security Council and African Union authorized peacekeeping operations around the world beginning Mossimo Nigeria has always mobilize the required human and material resources to achieve set United Nation goals including the recently adopted 2030 agenda double double of mine we Resolute in complimenting efforts and example of the United Nation to promote gender equality in use empowerment without disease that can be nicer Android Infuse new security as we set and Implement our national forces that she is good we in the secret of international other nations seeking to achieve similar goals for their own preparations to help ensure that you know what is Left Behind I thank you very much for your attention let me have the general assembly I wish to thank the president of the federal republic of Nigeria for the statement just made Mary Cruiser to remain seated while we create record of State the assembly we hear an address by his accidency Tamela surreal ramaphosa president of the Republic of South Africa iquest prodigal to escort his Excellency on behalf of the general assembly I have the owner to come to the United Nations she’s excellent see that the president of the Republic of South Africa and invite him to address emblem Madame President of the UN General Assembly Deputy secretary-general excellencies heads of state and government Majesty’s has of Delegation colleagues and ladies and gentlemen I have the honor to address this August buddy the United Nations General Assembly for the first time as president of the Republic of South Africa it is nearly a quarter of a century since the founding father of our democracy president Nelson Hollis awesome Della stood at this Podium to declare that I called Millions across the globe who stand expect into the gates of Hope nope to this organization the United Nations to bring them peace to bring them life to bring them a life worth living as we Mark the Centenary of the birth of great Global leader Nelson Mandela we are bound to ask whether the United Nations has match the needs and expectations of the millions who stand at the gate we are bound to ask what contribution the United Nations has made to a more peaceful more prosperous and more equal world more importantly we are called upon to ask as we did yesterday during the Nelson Mandela piece Summit which was held here what do you know did Nations in December Global Leadership must do to secure lasting peace reconciliation and stability across the globe allow me to express deep gratitude of the government and the people of South Africa to the International Community for convening the peace Summit to honor the memory of Nelson Mandela as well as to advance his legacy we applauded the political Declaration of the summit which recognizes the period from 2019 to 2028 as the Nelson Mandela decade of Peace best reflects a new and sincere commitment by the world leaders to comprehensively advance peace security and resolve all conflict and walls to succeed in giving effects to this commitment that you and must become what billions of people across the world wanted to be a representative and a truly Democratic Global parliament of the people of the world throughout it’s seven decades the US it has been a force of Hope for the oppressed exploited and poor people around the world during the dark days of colonialism and apartheid we do strength inspirational encouragement from the UN and its Charter in our quest for freedom and self-determination with the support of the UN we are South African we’re able 24 years ago to bring an end to the nightmare of a party Nelson Mandela lead us to freedom and gave us the grade of a to transform our country we have now embarked on a journey of transformation and we are making progress to deal with the ugly Legacy of the pastor apartate madiba’s Vision continues to guide us as we seek to improve the lives of our people in many respects amongst others through improving the educational outcomes of a used and Transforming Our economy that was constituted to serve the interests of a few we have started a comprehensive dialogue on the question of land reform in a country which is Guided by our Constitution and the rule of law as we seek ways to ensure that the land is shared amongst all hue as set out in our freedom Charter even us our country is going through difficult economic challenges we have made progress we are reforming away economy and creating an environment that is conducive to investment and have embarked on an investment drive to attract 100 billion dollars in the next five years to the pool vulnerable and marginalised the UN today is a beacon of Promise in the landscape of Doubt to billions across the world the UN is the most powerful instrument we possess to achieve a more equal more you may as well as a more inclusive weld they are made women with dreams and aspirations that transcend the hardships of the present who wants to contribute to a new Global civilization defined by care and solidarity they want and ends to the greed’s ignorance and conceit that is driving the destruction of our only home the Earth it’s within our hands as the leaders assembled here today to forge and more representative equal and fair United Nations that is empowered and equipped lead the struggle to end poverty unemployment and inequality in the world we are the young world where more than half the global population is under the age age of 30 years this is even more pronounced on our continent Africa where 2/3 of its people we’re not yet born when Nelson Mandela was released I’m 27 years of prison we are living in the age of Youth this places responsibility on us as Leaders not only to put the entry hope young people at the center of our efforts but also to empower women and young people to be more prominent in directing the cause of global affairs it is young people who are fighting the walls that we started it is women who are bearing the brunt and hardships of the walls that continued to destroy their lives and their families as we speak young lives are being lost and Futures are being destroyed there is an agency to the measures we must to end conflict and wall not only Must Be Stopped the death destruction and human suffering that is visited daily on millions of people but we must act with to prevent the loss of another entire generation to its aftermath we must accept our shared responsibility and that was shared interest in ending conflict and using the outcomes of the Nelson Mandela peace Summit to empower the United Nations to be a more effective instrument for mediation peacekeeping and pork post duplex reconstruction and ongoing conflicts and our determination to root out terrorism must be matched by action and by the appropriate deployment of resource we must act with the same urgency to resolve some of the world’s most protected and intractable dispute the fact that the people of Palestine I’ve enjoyed occupation and suffering for nearly as long as the United Nations has existed makes the applied no less pressing no there suffering any less typical we must similarly intensify our efforts to secure the right of the people of Western Sahara to self-determination and full National sovereignty one of the greatest challenges to the achievement of global prosperity and development is that continue to exclusion of millions of women and young people from meaningful Monique participation it is therefore vital that we deploy every means at our disposal to address youth unemployment and then show universal access to educational opportunities that are appropriate to the changing world of work we need a deliberate program to ensure that the digital Revolution which care such great potential for both disruption and empowerment is effectively harnessed to promote social justice as well as human progress the cow go to leave no one behind requires that we strengthen the institutions of global governance and make them more responsive to the needs of young people particularly in the Philippine World institutions like the United Nations the word band IMF and the WTO needs to be reshaped and then hand so that they make more effect meet the challenges of the Contemporary world and better serve the interests of the poor and marginalised around-the-world reform of the United Nations and particularly Liberty counsel is it Priority if we are to give full meaning and effect to the values and the principles enshrined in the United Nations Charter we must resist any and all efforts to undermine the multilateral approach to International Trade which is essential to the promotion of stability and predictability to the globe economy the history of the global economy in forms as that no country can prosper at the expense of all other and that know people hope to live in comfort as well as in security for as long as millions of others language in poverty it is therefore essential that we take Collective ability for the development of all Nations and for the Improvement of the lives of all people this responsibility is Manifest in the 20-30 agenda what’s the stainable development the Paris agreement on climate change and the Addis Ababa action agenda on the financing of development amongst other together they reply send our common commitment to tackle poverty under development and environmental degradation commitment to tackle disease is this like HIV AIDS tuberculosis malaria diabetes and cancer is to pursue the policies that are required 210 intent into implementation and mobilize the resources needed to 10 implementation into impact your excellencies as Africans we have made significant strides in addressing the challenges that have confronted our continent over many decades we continue to vigorously Implement our commitment contained in the African Union agenda 2063 which is our Collective plan as Africans to read our continent of under development poverty and conflict improve Democratic governance the rule of law and the promotion of Human Rights we have reached agreement recently on the establishment of an African Continental free trade which was fundamentally transform African economies giving rise to a new Industrial Age on the continent we are working to silence the guns in stop by 2020 to bring an end to conflicts that have cost the lives of millions of our people display small and stunted economic growth and human development has the continent with the youngest population in the world Africa has the potential to be the next great Frontier for Global growth and development effective investment in education improved Health Care good governance and greater economic integration Africa has the potential to develop productive capacity on the scale and a generator that will lift tens of millions out of poverty the Youth of Africa opposed to transform the accounting as the people of South Africa we are committed to be part of this transformation From the Ashes of a system that was described by the UN General Assembly as a crime again Comenity we are building a new Democratic Nation United in this diversity we are working to correct the Injustice of our past and to build a society that is free inclusive and sustainable we are pursuing an economic trough that draws on the resources and capabilities of all our people to eradicate poverty unemployment and then we are determined through our international relations to be a force for Progress for good for peace and global inequality and will continue to advance the interest of the African continent and the global South allow me to conclude by one small drawing on the wisdom of Nelson Mandela when he said open codes sometimes it falls on a generation to be great clothes codes this is not the generation that will stand expectant the gates of hope this is the generation change the world it is the generation of young people that wants to see change this is their time and this is the age let their greatness blossom I thank you on behalf of the general assembly I wish to thank the pro probably go South Africa for the statement just made Merry Christmas representatives to remain seated while we greet the head of state we have had for last week in the drug debate for this meeting at 7:39 meeting to continue with a general debate will be held immediately following guy Tournament of this meeting the meeting is adjourned 7 p.m. meeting of the general assembly is called twerker Metallica president of the Republic of Malawi I request prodigal to escort his Excellency on behalf of the general assembly I have the owner to welcome to Nations his Excellency Arthur peaden puta Rica president of the Republic of Malawi invite seem to address the assembly your Excellency Mrs Maria Fernanda Espinosa president of the general assembly Amina Mohamed again over the United Nations has Allstate on government letters disassembly is representation of humanity in soanish congratulations reminds us that. Norman hotels in this organization laid by a woman Madam president Africa laws on malawian without face Ambassador which assembly of the United Nation will a conscious Bulacan continent on the Penobscot port for the dog trained by East Africa as their son 1 month ago personal journal from blackout forgot to the United Nations coffee online with an African inspiring speed of the world the conscience of the world peace and someone else with BJ today I Sundance assembly of Peace but my brother calls on a stupid phone the speed of Defending page design Pierce’s dedicate Garden bios phone simply living unknown destinations of homeless survive children of men and women are suffering and being killed every life is precious history on the skills of how we defend the defenseless feed the hungry and empower the week history on how we defend human life is our shared responsibility Shakespeare’s Joyce phone call to Rich with gold on fish Asian restaurant on BET to satisfy the needs or the people across the world this includes Africa as a hug you in my conclusion if I show no show responsibilities employers Collective include every nation is important and will have something to offer that’s why I began my address by Manning assembly the Norseman Asian nations in the United Nations we’ll have something in mind by The Doors this morning so my step out Lunchables responsibilities Excellency did I do the United Nations I ascribe Bichon security came from watching and protecting human rights remain committed participate in operation result Tanya’s. Face Humane Society this sucks but being made by the blue helmets official operations across the low pressure sacrifice that Soto and Cody warm as I speak operation in the Democratic Republic of the corn in a box with remote please just let me buy the 2019 high-level Forum on sdg 16 in my alarm on our horse lease form Madam president excellent Adventures Nation international corporation in promoting social economic development development go with support and hung them you know his phones and I mention highlight of our priorities you don’t go insane to the people of Milan will be refuse a human live on search for some decades now but three part of initiative to develop a comparison Refugee Response Framework crrs in Malawi all natural and all Corporation agreement with the united nation of climate find me change real devastating on open project in large proportion carbon dioxide emissions by printer Printing and imaging the goals of the Paris agreement let us move to the Great Recession and create more jobs I clean energy system resources of climate fancy so I got the green climate Fund in order to support auction nutrition by 20 side give me the nutrition is Terry coming hunger and reducing forward in this regard improving Malawi’s economy well stabilizer and hunger for two consecutive years welder use compression 4.4% to single in economic history history important, the reason we’re up to 6 months of Maddie the currency stable and predictable I found you to be gross rate on 2.4% when I started reading my Lolly 4 years ago now I expect you know 2018-2019 Financial 360 / Society while fighting against violence against women and girls women you want me to be in Flushing with support from the United Nations and other one partners my will 23-19 implement the spotlight initiative in Abita limited violence against women and girls again animal use programs that involves establishing Community Technical College skills and businesses from themselves on initial today over 95% of national identity card integrating the national ID to be yours and ucation finals security social welfare and other public institutions modern president the two member of the International Community initiatives in terrorism and climate change system outside I will come stock option or resolution are Strokes 72 on the position of the UN resolution unemployment and social Council we strongly support the coming of composition chemistry with Vito and 590 Bremen Street for Africa why should be afraid by offering you still making space to ask her when you don’t lose power by acclimating other continent is Africa Africans must come to an end to be accused of hip-hop dances I want a membership in this auction play Modern presents let me conclude by commanding talk about your responsibility for Africa and United inspection in Odyssey we’re going to the people that will deny to make an initial should have lunch to all people that’s inclusive of All Nation supposed to be on the timer isolation I thank you for acting on behalf of the general assembly I wish to thank the president public of Malawi for the statement just made Merry Christmas personalities to remain seated while we clean the head of state we have 70 we’re here. Respects Excellency Jimmy Moore president of the Republic of Guatemala I request prodigal Prescott his Excellency on behalf of the general assembly I have the owner to Welcome to the United Nations his Excellency Jimmy Morales president of the Republic of Guatemala and to invite him to address the assembly Fiona preventable 223 friends El Paso 700,000 people affected all those countries make up the organization time country is life Society of Peace example of I’ve had with police umbrella Corps International vacuum pump Winnie the Pooh who plays General in Crete from 55 to 15 minutes press operation from the United States Community the US and European unicorn information and accountability Define convention on Mutual picture of 9001 East 2015 initiatives obligation take me to 1696 / coverage for evaluating and measuring cup security industry mission of Belize intuitive okay financially Duluth Minnesota distance the price of the country to the point by this United Nation population are in the international night light fat woman guarantee guarantee Ultra boost so you know the deplorable my PYT full formula for tension case most criminals c i c i g beauty camera Daniela accused La Comedia heels of spread in the context take a note out of compass Direction we want a confrontation if we want is peace and justice bicycle times and maintains conviction which staff is great you got a new country investments in this direction
President Trump will give a speech on Tuesday before the United Nations General Assembly in New York.

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