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Jose can you who’s broad stripes and bright stars this is an NBC News special report Savannah Guthrie one side Hoda Kotb and Craig Melvin and this is a solemn morning remembrance ceremonies are getting underway at this hour parking 17 years since the 9/11 attacks a moment of silence is about to be held at the World Trade Center site that will happen at 8:46 in about 30 seconds the moment the first plane struck the North Tower later this morning president Trump will be heading to Shanksville Pennsylvania for a remembrance ceremony there as well there also be a ceremony the Pentagon of course the names of the victims will also be red this morning and that’s missing at Ground Zero 17 years ago today everything changed 911 and We Gather every year to remember a moment of silence the names of the victims read out loud a ceremony that takes hours because of course so many lives were lost that day NBC’s rehema Ellis is right there with him a good morning good morning it’s a very emotional day who wants their loved ones today but for many people in New York and certainly all around the country and the weather seems to reflect the mood of the day take a look behind me at the One World Trade Center that stands in the shadow of the footprint of the Twin Tower hours that once stood there it’s covered in fall today again somewhat reflective of this mood there’s going to be a very simple and dignified ceremony and is your point out each and every one of the names of the victims 983 people who lost their lives on this day at Ground Zero are being read right now they’re being read by people who love them and are remembering them today and also promises that they’ll never back to you guys and of course we remember the impact in there will be moments of Silence of course not just at Ground Zero but at the Pentagon a little later this morning and then Shanksville Pennsylvania Fourth Plain of course United Flight 93 went down and it feel there in Shanksville Pennsylvania tint in Peter Alexander is at the White House head of the president’s departure Peter in Shanksville Pennsylvania with only a short time from now he’ll participate in what really is a dedication of this Memorial to Flight 93 as they honor the lives celebrate the lives of those 40 Heroes who fought back before that flight they are there is a new memorial called the Tower of voices with times to honor the voices of those who lost their lives Craig the coverage continues on MSNBC also for most of you more up to Joseph mckern Joanne Marie holiday Otis so far I’m a Terrence Andre Aiken Godwin ishalla Al Jarreau Andrew l-amino Margaret and ilario Geary and overo John Leslie Albert Peter Haldeman and my uncle Martin lizel we love you we miss you we think about you everyday and continue to keep watch over me and my family and my nephew and friend firefighter Peter J Carroll you all love you we will miss you especially your smile you’ll be so proud of your three beautiful grandchildren Alger Edward L Allegretto Joseph Ryan Allen Richard L Allen Christopher E allingham Anna SW Alison Anthony Alvarado Espirito Cesar amaranto alvear Joseph mattuchio Christopher Charles Amoroso Joseph P and shandia Constance Anderson shoonya Joseph John Angelini jr. Francis Harris my mom Today We Gather to share memories and to pray for a Dilo The Departed in their families my mom Francis was 76 years old my 911 and was no one that would stick out in the crowd that is unless we’re not for her acts of love she was a loving life ironically her husband my father built and Dugout the very foundations of his building at the very beginning she was trade and sacrificing mother grandmother and great-grandmother was also a great friend after a death I heard so many great secret ways in which you provided comfort and emotional support to all the way spur mom I will never forget you with the abundance of love when you gave me and one more thing if I met this year a representative Chihuahuas is just another incident this year in network commentators said the president’s performance in Helsinki was a traitorous act as was 9/11 and last week a senator attacked the Supreme Court Baltimore races for electric comments after 9/11 stop stop please stop using the moans and ask as well everyone’s as props and your political theater the Alive’s sacrifices in death are worth so much more let’s not trivialize them or us it hurts to my mom and to all of you and your loved ones never forget and my grandfather and Michael Sanfilippo whom I’m named after we love and miss you everyday Papa Mikey Peter Paul Apollo Faustino Apostle jr. Frank Thomas aquilino Patrick David Gregory RJ George are chinski Louis Arena Barbara Jean aristegui Adam Peoria’s Michael J Armstrong Jack Charles Aaron Joshua Aaron Richard Avery are no joy iron son Jesse Ariel a Michael Edward Asher Janice Marie Ashley Thomas J Ashton manual asitimbay Gerald Thomas Atwood Lewis F abrazado Jr Sandy Ayala Arlene t-bar boquitas Jane Ellen baesler Andrew Jay Bailey Garnet Ace Bailey Michael S Bosch Catherine Frances Michael Andrew Bayne and my uncle chmieleski 21 years old I’m so sad and about to meet you but some of my mom told me you were an amazing person there’s not one day that I do not think that you are not forgotten Gerard Baptiste Walterboro Gerard a Barbara Christine Johnna barbuto Barnes Erin Patricia Barnes Diane Berry Maurice Vincent Barry Scott W Bartels Ina be basina Alicia Christine Burton ball smosh Ian William Nikki Joseph Bates James Battaglia David Bautista Marilyn capito Bautista Laurence Davis Todd and Beamer Paul Fredrick beatini Alan Anthony Bevan Annette Marie beckles John the decision Michael Ernest Speakman but please no you can rest in peace knowing that what you didn’t lie as a firefighter husband and father echoes in eternity you will always be our hero you will always be loved you will always be missed we thank you for the legacy of the foundation that you said my husband with a chef and he went back into the building after getting hundreds out and tried to carry a woman out that was a quadriplegic from the 88th floor he and three maintenance workers they never made it out but he will always be our hero Maria abair Max jaceylkii belilovsky call Ann Benedetti Leonor benedetto verardi James Patrick Berger Berger John P Bergen song Andrew Berkley Michael J Berkeley David Shelby Berry Joseph John Berry William Reid Bethke view Edward Frank be a Paul Michael fire Peter Alexander bielefield mg bigger Mark Bingham the pool and the Keating pulley we think about you everyday and family this chick Gary Eugene Byrd Joshua David Birnbaum George John Bishop Chris Romo Russian. Jeffrey Donald Bittner Albert Lea Blackmon jr. Christopher Joseph Blackwell carry Rosetta Blackburn Susan Lei flare Harry Landing Junior Janice Lee Lanie Craig Michael’s glass Rita loud Richard Middleton blood Junior Michael Andrew Bacardi John Paul Bocce Michael L volcano El Vicino Tierra Francis bodily Bruce Douglas phone Mary Katherine Murphy Boca Nicholas Andrew Bogdan Aaron Christopher bohon Lawrence Francis Vincent M Bolin jr. Torii Hunter Alan Banda Durango Andre Van Horn Jr Colin author Bonnet Frank J bonomo Yvonne Manolo Shawn Booker senior Kelly and moon Canfield D Boon Mary Jane booth Sherry and Bordeaux Christine Borden Ave Jerry J Borg Martin Michael borschevsky Richard Edward and my mother Susan Kline we love and miss you very much rest in peace and my sister Laura and Marchesi we think of you every day we love you very much and always in our thoughts and prayers and we know we’ll see you again in heaven one day God bless you Fulton Francisco eligio Isaiah Thomas Harold Bowden jr. powers Larry Holman Sean Edward Baumann Junior Bowser Boise Allen P Boyle Alfred J David Brian Brady Nicholas W Brandon Marty Patrice Brown Ronald Michael breitweiser Frank Brennan Peter Brennan Daniel J brothel Jonathan Gary Bristol Marion are Britain and my brother and hero Port Authority police officer David P lamagna who believe in something even when it meant to sacrifice everything Barbara p Walsh remembering you is so very easy mom we do it every single day but missing you is a terrible heartache that never goes away keep watching over us Mom send us those rainbows we love so much and God bless America and by the way cause back right away ladies and gentlemen on behalf of the United States Department of Defense we both commute to the annual September 11th observance to honor and remember the 180 lives lost on American Airlines flight 77 and at the Pentagon at 9:37 a.m. on September 11th 2001 ladies and gentlemen mr. Michael L roads director of administration well to the Pentagon community and the family is here and all those who are joining us by broadcast we welcome you we welcome you to or 911 memorial in today’s Pentagon September 11th ceremony we’re here together families and friends of those we so tragically lost here 17 years ago building survivors the First Responders who raced to danger to help those from here at the Pentagon those in our local Partners our state partners and other federal agencies all the first Reese who came to the call and all our other Pentagon personnel and federal family we will forever be a pentagon family bonded as is the nation but a tragic date 17 years ago bonded by our actions since then and bonded by our continued Gathering here each year today is we come together United at this site to remember those we lost fathers mothers husbands wives brothers sisters friends and co-workers as we remember them we know that they still live on in our hearts and strive everyday to honor them with the lies that we lead we remember and we reflect upon and renew our faith and our commitment to all that is good in this nation again thank you for joining us today and now we will proceed with the reading of the names please remain silent and silence all mobile devices as the names of those who were killed 17 years ago or remember dr. Paul W Ambrose specialist Craig SM Dusen United States Army petty officer third play Melissa Rose Barnes United States Navy Master Sergeant Max J belki United States Army retired doctor units be true petty officer 2nd class Chris Romeo but shoot at United States Navy carrier Blackburn Colonel Canfield the bun United States Army Mary Jane booth Donna and Bowman Alan P Boyle Bernard C Brown II petty officer 3rd class grits Pharrell burnford United States Navy Captain Charles Burlingame the third United States Navy Reserve retired petty officer 3rd class Daniel M Calle Verano United States Navy Sergeant First Class Jose OK United States Army Suzanne M Kelly Angeline see Carter a Carver William E Caswell Sergeant First Class John C Cheta United States Army retired Rosa Maria Chapa David M Charlevoix Sarah Clark Julian T Cooper Asia s Cottom Fender Eric a Cranford United States Navy Ada mdavis James Captain Gerald F de Canto United States Navy Rodney Dickens tenant Colonel Jerry Dickerson United States Army Eddie a Dillard petty officer first class Johnny doctor jr. United States Navy Captain Robert Dolan Jr United States Navy Commander William H Donna United States Navy Lieutenant Commander Charles age Rose the third United States Navy retired Commander Patrick Dunn usn petty officer first class Edward TR heart usn Barbara G Edwards Commander Robert RLC United States Navy Reserve Charles S Falkenburg and his wife Leslie a Whittington and their two children Dan Aflac and Berg Enzo blackenburg petty officer third class O’Fallon United States Navy Jay Joseph Ferguson Amelia V fields Gerald P Fisher darleny flag and her husband rear Admiral Wilson at flag United States Navy Reserve retired petty officer 2nd class Matthew M Flaco United States Navy Kendra and Foster first lieutenant Richard Peter Gabriel United States Marine Corps retired Captain Lawrence get spread usn Cortez Brenda C Gibson colonel F Kavinsky United States Army retired E&J grey Diane Hale McKenzie Stanley R Hall Carolyn B Hammond Michele m heidenberger Sheba Ms Pine petty officer 1st class Ronald J Hemingway United States Navy major Wallace Cole Hogan Jr United States Army staff sergeant Jimmy I Holly United States Army retired Angela and pouts Brady cahow Peggy M hurt Lieutenant Colonel Stephen and Highland Jr United States Army Lieutenant Colonel Robert J heimel United States Air Force retired sergeant major Lacy B Ivory United States Army Brian C Jack Stephan digico Lieutenant Colonel Dennis and Johnson United States Army Judith L Jones see judge Brenda kaigler Chandler R Kelly avani Kennedy Norma Cruz con Karen Ann Kincaid Lieutenant Michael S Lomond United States Navy David W logic Jennifer Lewis and her husband Kenneth E Lewis Samantha L lightbourn Allen major Stephen V long United States Army James T Lynch Jr Terrance M Lynch petty officer 2nd class Lions the fourth United States Navy Shelley a marshall Teresa M Martin Ada L Mason Acker Lieutenant Colonel Dean Matson United States Army Lieutenant General Timothy J mod United States Army Robert J Maxwell Renee Molly L Mackenzie Marie machaca Patricia e McKinley major Ronald the Milam United States Army Opie Morin Jr Odessa V Maurice petty officer first class Brian a moss United States Navy Teddington H more Lieutenant Commander Patrick J Murphy United States Navy Reserve Christopher Newton and when petty officer 2nd class Michael adanola United States Navy Barbara K Olson Ruben Sr Indo Diane B Pedro Lieutenant donuts and pack United States Navy Reserve major Clifford L Patterson jr. United States Army Robert pettinger Robert 3rd and his wife Zandra at blower Lieutenant darren-espanto United States Navy Reserve Scott Powell Captain Jack Dee punches United States Navy retired petty officer first class Joseph J pycior jr. United States Navy Lisa J Raines Debra a Ramsey Rhonda Sue Ramsey Wilson petty officer first class Marsha D Ratchford United States Navy Martha M rescue Todd Reuben Cecilia emosson Richard Edward V rowenhorst Judy rowlet Sergeant Major Robert Russell United States Army retired Chief Warrant Officer William United States Army Reserve Charles Saban senior Marjorie C Salamone John P Sammartino Colonel David and scales United States Army Commander Robert a jungle United States Navy Janice and Scott lieutenant-colonel Michael else leaves United States Army retired Marine Servo Commander Dan at Schaumburg United States Navy Anita M Sherman Diane and Simmons and her husband George W Wilson Donald Dee Simmons Cheryl decent cheap Greg Smallwood United States Navy Lieutenant Colonel Gary F Smith United States Army Reserve Mauricio / Roberts biesman Patricia J’s dolls Edna L Stevens Norma Langster Lee major Larry L Strickland United States Army Hilda E Taylor Lieutenant Colonel KIPP P Taylor United States Army Leonard E Taylor Sandra C Taylor Sandra Dee Teague Lieutenant Coral wtp United States Army retired Sergeant to see Thurman United States Army Lieutenant Commander Otis V Tolbert United States Navy staff sergeant Willie Q Troy United States Army retired Lieutenant Commander Ronald J Valk United States Navy Reserve Lieutenant Colonel Karen J Wagner United States Army meta Fuller specialist soon Park Wells United States Army staff sergeant Madeleine a white United States Army Sandra L White artist m Wilshire Lieutenant Commander David Williams United States Navy Williams United States Army Chief Marvin Roger Woods United States Navy retired Captain John D senior United States Navy retired Vicki Yancey petty officer 2nd class Kevin W Yoakum United States Navy Chief Donald M young United States Navy Edmund G young Jr Lisa L young Shuman young and her husband gunjan ladies and Gentlemen please remain silent for the arrival of the official party the national anthem performed by the you know States Naval Academy Glee Club a moment of silence to honor those killed at the Pentagon on United Airlines Flight 93 and in New York and the invocation delivered by Chaplin Major General Paul Hurley Army chief of chaplains ladies enjoy chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Paul silver ladies and gentlemen the Secretary of Defense James and Mattis ladies and gentlemen don’t Vice President of the United States Michael R Pence and the second lady of the United mrs. Karen Pence please join me and respect for our fallen brothers and sisters in a moment of silence and let us now listen to these sacred words that we would call at this sacred moment greater love has no one than this that someone lay down his life for his friends almighty God source of all that is good we give you thanks for your abundant Mercy we give you thanks for your healing presents As We Gather here today keep us always mindful of lives lost and of the heroism of all are uniformed service personnel and every citizen I ask that strengthen our resolve to reflect more fully on these great heroic examples of selfless service in our lives today bless this observance and may we always remember that sacrifice in the cause of freedom is never in vain it conquers all it tramples every evil force Grande piece we have lost in this conflict against evil and give renewed strength to those who continue the fight wherever it may be found and we asked all this and you’re holy and sovereign ladies and gentlemen good morning please let me Begin by offering a heartfelt welcome to the families and friends of those who lost their lives in this place on that day Mr vice-president your Royal Highness mr. secretary distinguished guest most of all friends and family of survivors of the Fallen good-morning today we remember and honor those who were taken from us too soon on that fateful morning the 125 service members and civilians King in the Pentagon the 59 men and women and children who flew on flight 77 and those who perished in New York and Pennsylvania none of them anticipated an attack on our nation that day but gather here 17 years later we know that September 11th 2001 will always stand apart from other days it is a day that our nation and our families will never forget on that day terrorist attack this nation because of what we believe in and the Innocents that died that day died because of what they represented freedom and liberty these ceremonies today cross our country Inspire us to reflect not only on the nation strength and resolve after those brutal attacks but also on the strength and resilience of individual people who continue to carry on even to thrive in spite of the pain of losing a loved one we should also take comfort in knowing that those who dies and died imparted a legacy of selfless service of courage and patriotism and a belief in the high ideals all of which to inspire a new generation of grateful Americans could have answered the call to serve the 2 million soldiers Sailors Airmen Marines and Coast Guardsmen who wear the uniform of this nation today carry the spirit and the Legacy that Legacy inside of them as they serve courageously and selflessly around the world in fact the majority of those men and women in uniform joined after 911 most of them because of 9/11 they volunteered during a time of War to defend our country because they believe in what we stand for as a nation and they live by the example set by those who we honor here today so today let us reaffirm the commitment that is long as we have breath to breathe our military members will defend this nation we will ensure that future generations of America are able to enjoy the same free celebrities that we inherited ladies and gentlemen it is my privilege to introduce to you our secretary of defense the honorable James Mattis thank you General Selva mr. vice-president mrs. Pence your Royal Highness cabinet officials welcome to all of you on this sacred ground and to our First Responders who join us here today thank you to our most honored guests the families of those we lost 17 septembers ago let me say to you the here in the shadow of our rebuilt Pentagon we are all part of your larger family we stand with you everyday and honored tribute to the Fallen of your loved ones and that spirit this morning we commit ourselves to remembering and honoring the lives of might have been we keep face with the innocent to Parrish we take solace in their guess we’re not in vain for their passing day and Power forever with our enduring sense of purpose and we remember that hatred disguised in false religious Garb the murder Innocents will not Prevail so evil visited us on a cloudless Tuesday Morning courage and strength answered amid the fire and smoke and New York City over a Pennsylvania Meadow and in this very building as innocent people from 91 countries were murdered on our soil many of those countries represented by the foreign dignitaries who join us here today we remember the bravery and sacrifice of those who fill here in America and then on far-flung Battlefield We Salute the soldiers Sailors Airmen coastguardsman and Marines who nailed our colors to the Mast given their last full measure of devotion declaring proudly that Americans do not scare I’m going forward to the end of the Earth so she fought to break our spirit together with the families of the Fallen we remember all that is good all that is true and all that is beautiful about those we have lost and if we remember them if we honor them by living is they would have us live if we in the Department of Defense do our best everyday to protect America’s promise to the world then we keep our promise to them and to our shells into future Generations they didn’t tell him in his my great privilege introduce the vice president knighted states vice president Pence secretary Mattis General Selva your Royal Highness members of the cabinet distinguished members of Congress members of our Armed Forces including the 3rd Infantry Old Guard who distinguish themselves on this day 17 years ago honored guest fellow Americans Pentagon personnel first-responders and most especially most especially to the family members those who left this life on these grounds Seventeen years ago today it is deeply humbling for Karen and me to join you here at this National 911 Pentagon memorial for the 2018 observance fulfilling a promise engraved on the Gateway this Hallowed Ground that we will never forget what took place in this place on that fateful morning press Trump asked me to join you for this ceremony to pay a debt of honor and Remembrance to all who fell here at the Pentagon on September 11th 2001 and to express the grass who do the American people for all who have labored everyday between then and now to rebuild tree strengthen and to protect this nation the Bible tells us that we’re to Martin with those who mourn and grieve with those who grieve today is a nation we pause to do just that president of the first lady are gathered at the shower by a quiet field in Pennsylvania in New York City thousands gathered at Ground Zero to ring the bell Andres and here on the banks of the Potomac we meet again in this place where the names of our beloved falling over sighted where they’re carved into Steel in Granite benches across these hallowed grounds and will be remembered forever in the hearts of the American people 17 years ago today America fell under attack 19 radical Islamic terrorist sees controller for commercial airlines to strike the centers of our economy our military and our national they struck the World Trade Center 1st at 8:46 in the morning the hijackers hit the North Tower then 17 minutes later as the world watched the aircraft struck the South Tower 928 a third group of terrorists hijacked Flight 93 in the skies above Pennsylvania and redirected the aircraft Fort Washington only to be stopped by the extraordinary heroines of The Americans on that aircraft here at the Pentagon at 9:37 Paris struck this great Citadel of American strengths the attacks on September 11th shattered the piece of that quiet September morning the lives of 2977 men women and children 184 of them fell here T9 aboard flight 77 and 125 dedicated Americans serving in the hallways of the Pentagon in our Department of Defense is the family’s here no they were mothers and fathers and fathers to be husbands and wives brother’s and sister’s Sons daughters they were family they were senior citizens and 1st generation citizens doctors and engineers Sunday school teacher and little league coach they were young professionals with new careers and we were little children just finding their way in the world they were recent recruits and decorated veterans Patriots Hall come on man more mom and dad and their two daughters the falkenberg’s we just celebrated the third birthday of their youngest Dana earlier that’s not me but six grade teacher Sarah Clark chaperoning three students on a school trip from California her fiance will never forget those last three words he hurt I love you there was a budget analyst for the Army Odessa Morris who volunteered her time and skill the server Community as a financial counselor and a treasure at her church and I never Force veteran Jim Lynch who was known by his neighbor’s for the American flag always flying a top that 15 foot flagpole and stood in his front yard for the families of the Fallen gathered here and all those looking on the cherish final you shared with your love ones no doubt seem like just yesterday a goodbye kiss a tender Embrace or one last wave just know that your nation understands it while we all suffered lost that day we know you very special. But we gather here in the shadow of the building where your loved ones departed this life to say that you do not bear that burden alone the American people stand with you and we always will we stand with you today here and in Memorial services in cities and towns all across America we stand with you in Quiet Moments of reflection at bedsides and around kitchen tables and in Humble rituals of recollection and honor that will take place what’s the nation we all remember where we were on this day 17 years ago many Americans were busy getting ready for the day ahead somewhere already at work and some were coming home after finishing a third-shift others were in the car on a morning commute my wife drove our three children to Elementary on the highway right nearby these grounds just a little more than an hour for the attack is a new member of Congress going about my normal work day routine just across the river on Capitol Hill when I learned of the attacks in New York City will never forget the moment standing in my office when I heard of staffer shout the pentagon’s been hit what I made my way out of the building and walked onto the capitol grounds I’ll never forget the sight of seeing Columns of mud brown and black smoke billowing out of the Pentagon literally darkening half of that Crystal Clear Blue Sky just remember that day like it was yesterday a growing number of Americans have no living memory of what happened here roughly 1/4 of our people were born September the 11th 2001 so we gather here today to reflect on what we remember to remember the Fallen their families and the heroes that day but we also gather here to ensure that each succeeding generation knows of the story of what happened that dark day and understands why we must learn the lessons of 911 and remain ever Vigilant in the defense of our nation and our people the terrorists who carried out these attacks are not just to take the lives of our people and crumbled buildings they they hope to break our spirit and they fail the American people showed on that day and everyday since we will not be intimidated our spirit cannot be broken in the moments after the attack at this very place the character the resilience and the courage of the people here showing fourth and stories of heroism selfless acts of courage that took place to find the day there was no time to organize a formal rescue operations so as the fire spread men and women who had evacuated the Pentagon just moments before plunged back in risking their lives to save the wounded and help those who were trapped in the debris these Heroes saved nearly all the survivors who were recovered from the rubble that they were rescued within the first 30 minutes after the attack and Eva the mist of the attack on this department the men and women of the Pentagon maintained continuity of operations of America’s Armed Forces spread across the globe it was a testament to their courage there resilience it was the pentagon’s finest hour in the day weeks to follow the search and Recovery efforts continue I witnessed it firsthand when I came here to these grounds on September 12th 2001 I saw the enormous black gash in the side of this edifice of Our National Defence I saw the rescue-and-recovery Personnel working diligently through the debris I’ll never forget when I saw that day I saw her was I saw strength they were firefighters nurses members of armed forces law enforcement they were volunteers and pentagons Personnel all working together in the hopes that there might be more to rescue in the work to recover and to begin to rebuild not just this building but to rebuild Andre strengthen our nation and as they worked just as it does today our flag was still there stars and stripes we’re home spontaneously from this as a sign of America’s strength and our commitment to Freedom we all the Fallen by remembering them but as secretary Mattis said we also order them by ensuring that we do everything in our power as a nation to prevent the evil of radical Islamic terrorism ever reaching our Shores again even before the smoke cleared in the fires and put out Americans began to answer the call step forward play and they did so by the millions the lines outside recruiting stations across this country reached around the block in big cities and small towns it’s amazing to think he’s 17 years since that day nearly 5.5 million Americans volunteered to serve in the armed forces of the United States those courageous men women turned a day of tragedy into a Triumph of Freedom as a nation by their courage we rallied together to meet the anime on our terms on their soil because of these Heroes for 17 years because of the extraordinary work of law enforcement call across this country there’s not been another major terrorist attack on American soil today we remember the service and we remember the sacrifice of those who answered the call and on this day on 9/11 we also remember the nearly 7000 Americans given their lives on the field of battle since September the 11th we honor them and those who were lost on this day also by supporting the men and women who serve in our Armed Forces today another hard ministration I’m proud to say that we’re making the strongest military in the history of the world stronger still last year president Trump signed the largest increase in our National Defense in a generation and with that renewed support we’re giving our men and women in uniform and commanding officer’s the resources and Rules of Engagement they need to fight and when were the perpetrators of this attack found Safe Haven it’s also important to recall that the terrorists of inspired new enemies to spread violence in there genocide of ideology Across The Wider world today every American should be proud but thanks to the courage of our our horses and Leadership of our commander-in-chief Isis is on the run their caliphate has crumbled and we will soon Drive Isis from the face of the Earth the eve descended on America 17 years ago still lingers in our world so the anywho would wish us harm let them know this as the people have shown everyday since that bright September morning is President Trump said on these grounds 1 year ago in his words we overcome every challenge we triumph over every Ville and we remain United as one nation under God Max belky grew up in a big family on a small farm in Minnesota he was drafted out of high school into the United States Army and serve for two years on the Korean Peninsula like so many veterans are the Korean War he reenlisted after the conflict ended and more than 15 years later took up the cause of Liberty fighting in the jungles of Vietnam on March 29th 1973 Master Sergeant Max belke became the last American combat Waterleaf Saigon on September 11th 2001 Master Sergeant belki was among the first to be declared lost here at the Pentagon today on this September 11th we mourn with those who mourn and grieve with those who agree but we do not grieve like those who have no hope because Heroes give us home today we remember our beloved Fallen whose names are enshrined at this Memorial and will forever be etched in the hearts the American people for as long as this nation indoors today we remember the families of those we lost this tragedy with strength and courage and today we remember the brave men and women who responded here and in New York City and in the air over Pennsylvania and I’m fields of battle in the 17 years since we considered Our Lives more important than their own and today we bring the prayer for all of them and all of you a prayer that I’m told that Master Sergeant belky recited every time he’s veterans and Gatherings large and small across this country you would always end with the same words and so I to you her gathered here in except for this lost to those we remember who look down from glory to those who fight in stands our freedom this very Hour May the road rise to meet you May the wind be always at your back may the sun shine warm upon your face the rain fall soft upon your fields in until we meet again may God hold you in the palm of his hand thank you for the opportunity to address you today we claim this ground and remembrance of September 11th 2001 we honor the 184 people whose lives were lost their families and all the sacrifice that we may live in Freedom may God bless them and God bless you and may God bless the United States of America call Wade this concludes today’s observance thank you for joining us this morning please remain employed in memory of carry I present the name of our daughter who was a very loving mother to Jerome and Yvonne a very loving sister to Tony and William flight attendant CC Ross live Hilda Larson mollusca Martinez Nicole Carroll Miller all of our brother Luis Joey the second Donald Arthur Andersen Gene hoadley Peterson Marc David Rothenberg Christine and Snyder John Tyler nanne honor Elizabeth radio Deborah Jacobs Welch thank you to all of the family members and Mr Palmer dock for assisting us with this very special tradition of the observance ceremony we also thank Bill Anders and Sharon Custer for being their part and ringing the Rememberance in November of 1863 at the dedication of a new National Cemetery in Gettysburg Pennsylvania that far from Asbury Place President Abraham Lincoln delivered the Gettysburg Address referring to The Bravery of the soldiers in the Battle of Gettysburg President Lincoln stated the world will little note nor long remember what we say here but it can never forget what they did here those very same words could be said here at Flight 93 National Memorial for when the passengers and crew members of Flight 93 learn that other planes have been used to strike the World Trade Center buildings and then the Pentagon devoted to take action refusing to let their airplane be used to inflict more damage upon this nation in the process they sacrificed your very own lives to save so many visitors who come to this Memorial not only learned of the Brave actions of those on board but are inspired by them although there you missed by so many they will never be forgotten at this time I’d like to introduce Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf Airwolf was sworn in as the 47th governor of the gray Commonwealth of Pennsylvania on January 20th 2015 following in the footsteps of Pennsylvania’s Governors during and after the events of September 11th Governor wolf has been a staunch supporter of this Memorial ladies and Gentlemen please welcome Governor Tom Wolf thank you very much thank you all of you for being here today as we remember those we lost 17 years ago today thank governor schweiker who I have the honor to introduce today in Who provided needed much-needed leadership after Governor Ridge went to Washington to help the country respond to the horrifying events of that day and I want to thank Trump for joining us in Pennsylvania for this solemn remembrance I want to thank you the families friends loved ones who 17 years ago found their lives changed forever we all owe a debt of gratitude to the family members learned of the attacks happening in New York Washington and took decisive action since I became Governor I have been honored to speak before you an offer what little things I can on behalf of myself and the Commonwealth for the grey sacrifice you all made this year with the dedication of the Tower of voices there are new avenues remembrance and new opportunities to reflect on the impossible sacrifices made in the skies above us and where there has been unspeakable tragedy the family whose loved ones were on that flight had built a place of aspiration of Hope and honor right here in Pennsylvania and we thank you for that Iran Pennsylvania’s remember and honor your loved ones we hail them as Heroes and we recall their actions and listen to their to their words in a hero is one of the most overused words any language we may be restored this title too frequently but the people who found themselves on flight 93 the 40 in the skies above us are in fact Heroes the first Ponder’s and everyday citizens it came to the crash site their Heroes 2 and they did these things in the most heroic fashion the most laudable things imaginable they did not know who they were saving the not know where the plane would lead or whose lives at plain might take they only knew that their fellow Americans were at risk and so they sacrificed everything for them their actions were heroic their Sacra place was patriotic we all hope that faced with the same situation we might make the same choices but it’s no guarantee because the people on that flight we’re truly special they were truly Heroes don’t be half of all pennsylvanians I again give our deepest thanks and our most sincere gratitude in the days following the attack Pennsylvania was lucky to be led by individuals who Rose to the challenge before them they suddenly let us became a battlefield in a country be set by distress in a world besieged with fear but where there was uncertainty they live with strength where there was division they lived with unity and common purpose other was fear they live with compassion where there was craving this they lived with courage and while they awoke with the same fear the same worried for their families their children their wives and husbands that we all had in the days van when the attack they were stoic and they were strong and they help all of us rebuild our institutions along with her confidence Governors region schweiker and their colleagues nationally set a password recovery and their Dedication 2 very site has given thousands of visitors means to remember true heroism and real patriotism and I thank both Governor Ridge and governor schweiker for their inspiration and for their service and so it is with great honor that I introduced Pennsylvania’s for 4th governor governor mark schweiker thank you Governor wolf and thanks as well to the partnership in the family’s 40 thank you so much for the privilege on such sacred ground offer what I consider to be Reflections mr. president for the heroes we honor today and everyday please know that I am still in awe of them as Express the last time I officially spoke here on the 1st anniversary it was here that freedom took its first and today this morning again We Gather to reflect on the sacrifice that we’ve never forgotten it’s hard to believe that it’s been 6205 days since they defeated Turner in the skies above but as we know it time has a tendency to stand still when loved ones are ripped from us yet we continue to hold them so close to our heart back then we made a pact that we would never forget and we never have I want you to know that a difficult times in my life my thoughts go to them their sacrifice their patriotism their love for America was and remains so incredibly that it is difficult for many to grasp Thomas Burnett Junior told his wife Tina a group of us are getting ready to do something I have to go I love you goodbye Gordon Phelps brother Edward called nine-one-one to report the hijacking in a moment of horror he too was thinking of others Deora Frances bodley would be 38 years old today what day she was the youngest passenger on board your his mom Debbie touchingly told reporter in 2015 it’s important to me that the visitor sees what these 40 people took on to take a stand for freedom to take the kind of stand that cost their lives maybe there will be some special thing they see about the aura that will inspire them they said to jail on Sunday at the dedication we know how special your daughter is we know how special they all are and yes they inspyrus to this minute that’s why this moment together is so fitting and if I may say timely as they did in the Years leading up the 2001 or Counter Intelligence agencies are now watching attacks again and Far Away places the presidents on Director of National Intelligence confirm this just last week when he said they are growing increasingly aggressive as we saw it in Tunisia only a few months ago men women and children entire family are committing violent acts of terrorism the threats remained very real so we must remain Vigilant and we must prepare a new generation of leadership as I’ve had two times the university responsibilities to relate the flight 93 story to Homeland Security grad students reality set in for me not too long ago the fact is friends college students aren’t old enough to remember first-hand what happened here so as I marveled at the tower of voices on Sunday I cannot help but think of the biblical and oral storytellers of centuries ago and their own motivation they traveled and met with countless people to voice recognition and stories of history that were being critical to their past and their future in colonial times these stories were shared at the Village Tavern decades ago these nurses were told on porch steps from the Alaska to Pennsylvania and beyond their job often self-chosen was to ensure people did not forget the events that shaped their lives and cultures Mai Tai suggest then that these trying Paul on this sacred ground help tell the story of 40 brave souls who came together by chance sacrifice to provide protection and in so doing changed our world it’s as if these Chimes musically ring in our ears with 3 striking notes we must never forget what took place here we must never forget the heroes who sacrificed here and we must never forget and always strive to reach the purity of the room probably Noble sacrifice so my fellow Americans can you hear the chorus do you hear the Patriots play hopefully you do so when you return home to your daily life please share the story of the flight 93 Patriots be their Storyteller and when you do and when you do tell everyone on September 11th 2001 at 9:33 a.m. it was here the freedom took its dramatic stand God bless us all innocent work and thank you for having me Gordon Governor wolf governor schweiker for you’re very powerful and heartening words at this time I would like to introduce mr. Gordon felt president of the families of flight 93 this organization and its very very special group of individuals are an integral part of the stewardship of Flight 93 National Memorial on September 11th 2001 Gordon’s eldest brother Edward peafowl was killed aboard Flight 93 as the passengers and crew members thought to retake control of the of that airplane since those early days as our country struggle to make sense of the loss of thousands of our citizens Gordon has served as the spokesman for the families of Flight 93 ladies and Gentlemen please join me and coming mr. Gordon about Governor wolf biker secretary zinke Senator mrs. Casey Congressman Shuster rothfus Arleta captain and crew of the USS Somerset distinguished guests those that serve our nation through there work with the National Park Service National Park Foundation flight 93 National Memorial ambassadors friends of Flight 93 visitors and dearest to my heart families families of Flight 93 I welcome you for annual service to honor the 40 extraordinary Heroes of United Flight 93 17 years ago I and scores of other family members that had experienced the tragic loss of love on September 11th 2001 we’re loaded onto buses and discorded along Country Roads lined with First Responders saluting at attention and families with children waving flags hands over their hearts gesture of respect for those that we family members lost and what has been referred to as the first battle fought against this current brand of terrorism on American soil our destination was a site just behind us on the western over look at that moment when we first looked out over a field torn asunder smelling of jet fuel burned in Gravely wounded we and our country previously injured hurting angry devastated confused and cast adrift into a world that offered only uncertainty violence and fear little did we know in that mower at the choices our loved ones made during the final 35 excruciating Lee terrifying minutes of their lives as well as the actions being taken on the ground in New York City and it’s a pain to little did we know that they would serve to inspire a nation and reaffirm a standard of exceptionalism inherent in those that understand the unrelenting nature of freedom-loving peoples this Memorial is dedicated to preserving the stories of the 40 Heroes of Flight 93 and their Collective actions are newly dedicated Tower voices stands at the entrance of this great Memorial defiantly reminding us of how 40 strangers came together planned prayed voted and chose to fight boiling one print drawing of a terrorist attack against country 5 years in the making they were not passive they did not sit back and let events unfold before them they did not power because of their actions further loss of life with and the preeminent symbol of our democracy was preserved this flight 93 National Memorial was designed to not only honor their memory and enshrined the history of September 11th 2001 future Generations but also Inspire those the take time to Bear witness to their sacrifice 35 minutes a fraction of an hour our loved ones 35 minutes during which a choice was made the course of history was changed and the more devastating impact of the terrorist attack against our country was a virgin I’m often asked what if anything can we learn from the events of September 11th it’s a complex question anyone that could provoke our Upon Our of discussion leading to many 10 gentle responses however I firmly believe that the heroes of Flight 93 set a standard reminding us what we instinctively know to be true but all too often neglect to realize the diverse individuals aboard Flight 93 the morning of September 11th 2001 could easily have been any one of us they ranged in age from The Unborn mm drawing retirement from varying backgrounds professions ethnicities countries and religions whose diversity clearly added significant value to the choice did they make when faced with a challenge that hopefully far exceeds anything that most of us will ever have to face they were able to come together in mere minutes not as 40 individuals but rather is one unified Force they chose to stand together and fight as a single United group in their case it was a hastily planned attack to retake control of a plane on the ground in New York and at the Pentagon it was a choice to run into buildings or have already there to assist others from fiery inferno’s on the verge of collapse how do we honor these Heroes how do we help keep their memory alive so that they can continue to motivate us and impact the course of our history the answer is I’ve been trying to articulate for years is bike choosing to do so we have to choose to actively remember there should never be a time when we willingly sit back and opt to remain idle when evil threatens our freedom we have to choose to be inspired by the collaborative actions of our heroes and most importantly choose to rise up and be better is our loved ones did in their final moments they deserve no less and we freedom-loving people can afford no less for if we choose to forget the Lessons Learned on September 11th 2001 through neglect apathy or distraction we will become less honorable Les heroic and less free thank you thank you Cory I’m truly honored to are you my friend now I would like to introduce the United States Secretary of the Interior Ryan zinke secretary zinke was sworn in as the 52nd Secretary of interior and March and 2017 he Legion agency with more than 70,000 employees who are stewards of many of our public lands including Wildlife refuges national parks National memorials such as this one a tremendous individual and truly is Stuart of our public lands at this time ladies and Gentlemen please welcome the United States Secretary of interior Mr Ryan zinke it’s been 17 years now since September 11th 2001 the most of us remember where we are and where we were on 911 for me I was a Navy SEAL instructor Michael call real looking in the eyes of the young seal Canada and knowing at that time their lives will change forever the last lines of our national anthem Telus America is the home of the brave and on that day courageous Patriots exemplify that bravery and the Isles of Flight 93 know it’s been 17 years the pain of their passing I visit this site last year with vice-president Pence and was honored to share the sound the first time the families are great parts tell stories the stories of our conservation ethic or the great epic Parks the West to our battlefields are civil right monuments are women’s rights sites and this Flight 93 Memorial that we’re honored to be at today it’s really is a story of Heroes a story of tragedy and most importantly a story of this is an NBC News special report on 11 attacks on this country Across America today to honor the more than 3,000 men and women who died at Ground Zero at the Pentagon and in Shanksville Pennsylvania Liva look there vice president Mike Pence there at the Pentagon little bit earlier and this is alive look at their interior secretary as he is getting ready to introduce the present president first lady are taking part in the ceremony at Shanksville Pennsylvania of course that is where the final flight United 93 went down is atrazine there and waste the president’s remarks Jeff good morning to you on this day 17 years ago and those who put their lives on the line to respond to the tragedy and then coming to Shanksville he’s really honoring those 40 people passengers and crew members on flight 93 / took those hijackers and not pick and drop plane down in that field behind me that land now known as sacred ground Flight 93 was the only one of the flight hijacked on 9/11 did not make it to its intended target we believe it was the US Capitol so the president last year he observed at the White House he spoke at an event at the Pentagon this year he’s coming to Shanksville really taking part in what is now a long tradition of American presidents observing 911 we expecting to talk about sacrifice talk about Brazilian that the nation was tested September 11th strength never wavered or resilient thank very much thank you very much Ryan so beautiful we gather together on these hallowed grounds to honor the memory of nearly 3,000 Souls who murdered on this day 17 years ago we’re here to pay a solemn tribute to the 40 passengers and crew members on flight 93 Who Rose up to 5 the enemy took control of their Destiny and changed the course of history today we mourn their loss we share their story and we commemorate they’re incredible Valor on September 11th 2001 a band of Brave Patriots turn the tide on our nation’s enemies and joined the immortal ranks of American Hero at this Memorial on this sacred Earth in the field be on this wall and in the skies above our heads we remember the moment when America fought back Melania and I are grateful to be joined for today’s ceremony by Governor Tom Wolf and Governor Mark schweikher I also want to thank the members of Congress and attendance Senator Bob Casey Congressman Lou Barletta Keith roscas those Schuster and along with the president of the families of Flight 93 Gordon felt we’re also joined by members of the national parks along with firefighters First Responders and a credible people from law enforcement these are truly great people some of you here today answered the call and race to this field 17 years ago you fill our hearts with pride and I want thank you we have of our country thank you very much most importantly to the family members of flight 93 today all of America wraps up and joins together we close our arms to help you shoulder your pain and the carry great great sorrow your tears are not shed alone for they are shared grief with an entire nation together for every mother and father sister and brother son and daughter who was stolen from us at the Twin Towers to Pentagon and here in this Pennsylvania field we on Earth Sacrifice by pledging to never Flinch in the face of evil end to do whatever it takes to keep America safe 17 years ago your loved ones were among the Forty of Flight 93 the 40 passengers and crew members on board the 8 a.m. United Airlines flight from Newark to San Francisco they were men and women from every background they were young people returning from visiting family moms and dads on business trips and friends going and coming from birthdays and weddings they boarded the plane at strangers and they entered eternity linked forever as true heroes soon after takeoff Flight 93 was hijacked by old man bent on terror and Conquest passengers and crew members began using their phones to call home they learn that two planes that already crashed into the World Trade Center in New York City immediately those on board Flight 93 started planning a response Sandy Bradshaw a flight attendant called her husband and told him they were in the back of the plane pairing hot water to throw onto the hijackers passenger Jeremy Glick explain the plan to his wife and said stay on the line I’ll be back the passengers and crew members came together took of out and they decided to act at that moment they took their fade and America straight back into their own hands in the last 20 minutes many placed their final calls home Whispering those Eternal words I love you some said the Lord’s Prayer and then they bravely charged the cockpit they attack the enemy they fought until the very end and they stop the forces of Terror and defeated this wicked horrible evil plan flight 93 crash yards from where we stand just 20 minutes flying time from the United State Capital through their sacrifice 240 save the lives of countless Americans and they saved our capital from a devastating strike in the days after the attack tens of thousands of firefighters police officers and Recovery workers travel to New York and Darlington to crawl through the rubble and search for survivors they were prayer vigils memorials and charity drives all across our nation here in Shanksville many of you raised up the first Memorial a wooden cross a chain link fence a Mentos and tributes pouring in and dozens and dozens of American flags a piece of America’s Hard is buried on these grounds but in its place has grown a new resolve to live our lives with the same Grace and courage as the heroes of Flight 93 this field is now a monument to American Defiance this Memorial is now a message to the world America will never ever submit to tyranny since September 11th nearly five and a half million Young Americans have it listed in the United State Armed Forces daily 7000 service members have died facing down the Menace of radical Islamic terrorism today we also think of the more than 200,000 servicemembers now serving overseas and we think of every citizen who protects our nation at home include State local and federal law enforcement these are great Americans is it great Heroes we honor and thank them all as commander-in-chief I will always do everything in my power to prevent terrorist from striking American soil here with us play is Dorothy Garcia lockler her husband Sunny was one of the passengers on flight 93 on September 11th 2001 just over a month after their 32nd wedding anniversary Sunny was on his way back from a business meeting he called Dorothy who we love so much claim and ordered her name before the line went dead silent in the days after the attack Dorothy told the investigators there was a one thing she wanted from this filled her husband’s wedding ring they would know it by the inscription etched inside all my love it said followed by the number 8 269 the date of their anniversary the officers great people promise to try but this field of Records it seemed certainly impossible Dorothy began to pray when she asked her friends to do the same days went by 10 months still no ring a week before Christmas on December 19th she heard a knock at the door two officers were standing with a beautiful to her she saw it was so beautiful she knew what was happening a beautiful small white box inside it was a wallet a luggage tag drivers license a small bag with the wedding ring inscribed with us three precious words all my love those words Echo across this field and those words tell the story of 40 men and women who gave all their love for their families their country and our free to Dorothy into every family here today America will never forget what your loved ones did for all of us earlier this week you’re dedicated the final part of this Memorial the Tower of voices standing at 93 ft tall the Tower of voices is now the first structure visitor see when they come to this now see quick ground it will hold 40 beautiful Chimes that ring throughout these fields each a unique note but all in Perfect Harmony each time we are those Chimes playing in the wind we will remember the Forty we will remember their faces their voices their stories their courage and they’re love and we will remember that free people are never at the mercy of evil because our destiny is always in our hands America’s future is not written by our enemies America’s future is written by Our Heroes as long as this monuments stands as long as this Memorial indoors Brave Patriots will rise up in America’s hours of need and they too will fight back 17 years ago 40 incredible men and women showed the whole world that no forces on Earth will ever conquer the American Spirit we treasure them memory we cherish their legacy and we ask God to Forever Bless The Immortal Heroes of flight 93 God bless you God bless the families and God bless the United States of America thank you very much thank you very much spell Pennsylvania work 40 people died 7 years ago today United 93 going down at speed of heroism by the passengers aboard is saved their fellow man will never know how many lives they saved by offering their own on that very few and this is just a quick one of the remembered says around the country today as we Mark 911 will proceed to the flight path I overlooking and then just pay going to viewing of the crash site as well this is one of a number of of Ceremonies you indicated we a few moments ago we saw the scene there at the Pentagon we also course have been keeping a close eye on the scene at one one one World Trade is well at this was the scene at the Pentagon and there’s a scene as they continue to read those names some 2996 names being read we doing our country every year so that we never forget we’ll continue our coverage on MSNBC also in a full wrap up tonight on NBC Nightly News most of your return now to today call Marana Dorothy Morgan Richard J Morgan Nancy Morgenstern Murray Blanca Tina morocho morocho you know that animal Motorola MOTO Gerard Maroney Gabriella but my mom grandfather and grandmother I told me many great things about it throughout the years and my uncle firefighter John G chapora engine 219 we only shared a little time together and hearing store without you makes me wish you were here to share all of life’s experiences but I know you’re always with us we love and miss you everyday never stop smiling up there Lynne Irene Morris Odessa the Morris SF Allen Morris Steve Morris Christopher Martel Morrison Ferdinand VII maroon William David Moscow Brian Moss Marco motroni Cynthia Wilson motion Ski-Doo Joseph Musa Peter Moto’s Damian O’Neal mellott Eddington H McCoy Christopher Michael mozilo Stephen Vincent moldering Richard T-Mobile Downey Jr Michael Mullen Dennis Michael Peter James Mulligan Michael Joseph Nolan James Donald Munhall Nancy Munez Francisco Munoz Carlos Munoz Teresa Munson Robert Michael morack Cesar Augusto Murio Mark a mirolo Brian Joseph Murphy Charles Anthony Christopher W Murphy Edward Charles Murphy James F Murphy James Thomas Murphy Kevin James Murphy Patrick dude Patrick Sean Murphy Raymond E Murphy and my cousin John and pocher I’m very proud and honored to be standing here before you Jon made friends wherever he went he connected with everyone young and not-so-young on every subject imaginable he always said you don’t have to be the smartest person but it’s important to a well-rounded person Current Events sports pop culture why fancy food he knew a little about alot I am very grateful for this opportunity to remember him and I’m proud to say his name before the world grieve not nor speak of me with tears but laugh and talk of me as if I were beside you for I loved you so was Heaven here with you thank you and my grandfather Ronald Carl Fazzio senior you know how for grandchildren who never got the opportunity to meet you but love you very much and never go a day without thinking about you when is your grandpa Robert Eddie Murphy jr. Valerie Victoria Mary Richard Todd Mary II Robert be legal Sequoia Nakamura Alexander John Robert Napier Frank Joseph Naples for the third Catherine and Audelia Kano Rollo Sean M nissani Miranda. Navarro glenroy I neblett niblett Jerome Lawrence Arne Adele Tina grown Lori and Mero Nelson David William Nelson Nelson James Nelson Nelson Peter Allen Nelson Terrence Nevins Christopher Christopher Newton Carter un go and my cousin Martin Martin Michael burchett ski there’s so many moments the last 17 years in the city I wish we could have experience together I remember your smile your laugh and even some of your riddles but most importantly no we love and miss you very much am I good friend firefighter Salvatore be Calabro trap 101 a true hero full always be missed love and remember Kang you cook Nguyen neiderer Alphonse Joseph niedermeyer John jr. troy edward nelson nimbly John ballantine niven Terrence Noel Daniel bar Nolan Norton Robert Grant Norton Daniela Brian Nunez Jose Nunez a Oakley James P O’Brien Jr Michael P O Brien O’Brien Dennis James O’Connor Jr Diana J O’Connor O’Connor J O’Connor Marnie hunt o’doherty Sanchez you are deeply missed the way you lived to always put family first to give Jen and when pulling off the ultimate Frank it’s all in the timing we miss you Phillip Paul John ogonowski Jane Andrew O’Grady Joseph J Logan Thomas geohagan Samuel Ortiz Patrick J William O’Keefe General Michael Gerald Thomas O’Leary Christine and Linda Linda Mariola Edward K Oliver Leah Elizabeth Oliver Eric child Olsen Jeffrey James Olson Barbara K Olson Matthew Timothy o Mahoney Stephen John Olson Seamus O’Neill toshihiro on the Peter J O’Neill Jr John P O’Neill and Sean Gordon Corbit Olio Christopher T or Gila with Michael C Virginia and ormiston Margaret Quinn Orlowski Kevin O’Rourke Ruben s tornado Peter Heath or Talley Ronald Orsini Jane Marie Orris Juan Ortega Campos David Ortiz Alexander Ortiz Pablo Ortiz Emilio P-40 and my cousin Sergeant Rodney C Gillis NYPD ESU truck and we love and miss you guys and my uncle Sean Edward Bowman Jr we love you miss you and although I never got to meet you you still have a special place in my heart call Ortiz Jr Sonia Ortiz Masaru O’Shea Patrick J O’Shea Robert William O’Shea Elsie Carolina Osorio Oliva James Roc Timothy Franklin Sullivan Jason Douglas Oswald firefighter Michael John Otten Ysidro d-austin Walder Michael Chung who Todd Joseph Oita Jesus of Alice Peter J Owens Jr Ariana’s Loyola Junior Israel jr. Carolyn Pacheco Michael Benjamin Packer Diana B Pedro pakala Jeffrey Matthew Palazzo Thomas Palazzo Richard A peludo Battalion Chief orio Joseph Palmer Frank Anthony Palumbo Allen & Palumbo Christopher Matthew Panettiere Lisa pandolfo Jonas Martin Panic firefighter Paul J pansini John and polio Edward Joseph Papa Salvatore Apostle firefighter James Nicholas papageorge Marie pappalardo DJ is chancre para suthi Newton current car and my father firefighters Scott Larson and my father-in-law deputy chief Ray Downey 17 years ago you made the ultimate sacrifice not a day goes by that you’re not thought about talked about or you must be so proud of your five children and 15 grandchildren and especially your wife Rosalie our Rock they have done so much to be sure that your name is carried on and it everything you did within the community and the fire discontinued and improved upon continue to send the ladybugs as a reminder that you are always with us and watching over us watch over your son and the members of the US are team that are headed to the Carolinas and proper way the Hurricanes the 343 firefighters the police officers and all the innocent victims of that Dreadful day rest in peace God bless our troops that continue to fight for our freedom are die-hard who James Wendell Parham Paris Robert E Parks jr. Harmar Robert para Diane Marie Parsons use Haskins Horace Robert passannante Bizarro Matthew Patrick Patterson Patrice Paws Victor Hugo has Stacey Lynn Peak Pearsall jr. Douglas pollino Adrian peletier why I never got the chance to meet because I’m named after my uncle I convinced myself and I was younger that I was exactly like him my favorite color is green I love to cook and do the same things he like to do after hearing continuous stories told by my family I’ve grown up now got a kind compassionate and caring person he was and it makes me mad sad and Confused that such a terrible thing could happen to such an amazing person I love you so much Uncle Norman everyday I live in your memory and I hope I make you proud softer clinton-davis I never got to meet you but I know we all love and miss you and he will never be forgotten call Alan B Peralta Robert David Peraza John apricot seed Junior Perez jr. Angela Susan Anthony Perez Ivan Antonio Perez Nancy Perez Berry Berenson Perkins Joseph John peperoncino Edward J pirata emelda H Perry Glenn C Perry senior John William Perry Franklin Alan pership Danny Pennsy John petrini David and Peterson Donald Arthur Peterson Gene holy Peterson William Russell Peterson Mark James Patrick Phillip Scott Glenn Karen Pettit Dominick pezzulo Kylene Elizabeth is Kevin J Pfeiffer and farm Kenneth John Phelan Sr me and Philip McKeon Gary Matthews Pacer no Joseph go pick Christopher J Pickford Dennis J Pierce Bernard Botanical Nicholas p420 and my uncle it’s already police officer Goldwing Wellington Stewart Jr you are brave strong and a hero too many continue to be out Angel and watch over us we love you and we miss you and my uncle Pedro Francisco check the old Frankie we miss you we love you will never be forgotten we will miss you and get to heaven thank you Theodora’s yes Susan Elizabeth Pinto Christopher Todd Pittman third zondra s pleasure Joseph John and Patricia Howard Hohman College Thomas H polygamous policy no Susan M polio Joshua Azusa Captain Horace Richard and polis Steven Emmanuel Holiness Brandon Jerome Powell Powell Antonio Dorsett Pratt Gregory M Prince keota prior Martin the third room Richard a prune T John Foster Puckett David pugliese and Puma Jack D hunches and miss you always we all love you and miss you and your granddaughter is beautiful she turned for last month God bless VCR Edward python Christopher Quackenbush last Peter Colburn Lincoln Co-op Anthony Wrigley Bradford J Quigley the fault Mike Michael D Community James Francis Quinn Ricardo Jane Quinn Christopher Peter Anthony Nieto Michael Paul Ragusa Peter Frank raimondi heavy rains Lisa Raines efficient Rodger Edward Lucas rambousek Maria Ramirez Harry Ramos Rancho who ramsour lorenza Ramsey Frankie Adam David rained Jonathan C Randall CSS ranganath and Ransom Rapaport Rasmussen Robert Rasmussen Amenia rasool are Rottweiler Shepherd David Allen James my youngest sister naseema hcmg and you are always in our thoughts and prayers and we all miss you and my daughter all the victims in God Bless America always Great America William Ralph Rob Gerrard F rousy reader and red heifer Michelle Marie Reid and Reese Donald J Regan Regan Thomas Michael Regan Michael Auto Reinhardt race Greg 3D Brian Riley Kevin Riley Riley Joseph Marina Jr Frank Bennett reisman Joshua Scott Reese Brenda Ormond Rio Cola John Thomas resta risky VTech Todd h Ruben ravello mirror Reyes jr. Bruce Reynolds Frederick Road Rudolph and riccio Marie Rico Bonnie Harlow rice Eileen rice Kenneth Frederick rice the third Richard Allen Richard and my beloved sister says you’re always loved never forgotten forever missed by your family and friends especially your mom Marshall Brazil continue to rest in Eternal peace and continue to watch over us and be your guardian angel we love you and God bless you be my loving sister we miss you and love you especially your son David God bless everyone trying to keep America safe God Bless America Lord Daniel Richards Gregory David Richards Michael Richards vanisha Richard’s Jimmy Rich’s Alan Jay Richmond John M Rigo Frederick Charles remaley the Third revealing Moises n Rivas Rivera Carmen Alicia Rivera ivelisse Rivera Juan William Rivera Joseph reverso David E rivers John Frank Rizzo call the ritza Joseph Roberto Stephen Lewis roach Michael Roberts Leo Arthur Robert John Donald Watts Walter Robinson Jr Michael Edward Roberts Michelle Lee Jean robot Jeffrey Robinson Antonio Rocha Donald Arthur Robinson Laura Rockefeller Raymond James Rocha Antonio Jose Rodriguez John Michael rodak Carmen Milagros Rodriguez Anthony Rodriguez a Rodriguez Gregory E Rodriguez Ridgid Rodriguez and my loving brother Christopher Samuel apps has been 17 years and this day of remembrance still continues you are a void in our lives and it will never be filled my hope today United States of America as well as his world come together in peace and Harmony My Hope Is that discrimination and hatred and bigotry will cease and we would come together and love thank you Myra Myra valdes-rodriguez David Bartolo Vargas and my uncle Christopher Samuel Epps I love you I miss you I hope I made you proud I know we’re not greatly proud of the world we live in today but we all can make it better We Can Do Better Together We love you and I hope that you enjoyed your birthday last month your 46 now you were taken away at 26 so I’m just grateful tell family we love you we love you with all my brothers my brother’s co-worker thank you Matthew Rogan Jean Destrehan Rodger Rodger Scott William Runner Michael Joseph romagnola senior Elven Romero romita Sean Paul Rooney Angela Rosario Marc H Rosen Rosenbaum Cheryl Lynn rosenbalm Daniel Rosenberg Rosenberg Andrew Ira Rosenblum Joshua Alan Rosenthal Philip Martin rosensweig Barry Ross Norman Ross and now Nicholas P Russell Mondo Rothenberg Mark David Rothenberg james-michael Rue Nicholas Charles Alexander Edward rabenhorst Rowlett Timothy Alan Roy senior Ronald J Urban Joanne Rubino David M Rattle and my uncle we miss you dearly love you rest in peace and God America and my father see you on some it’s been a while I finish school I started working mom and sister are doing well I hope you’ll be proud if you were here Bart Joseph ruggeri Susan a Ruggiero Adam Keith royalty Robert E Russell Stephen P Russell Steven Harris Rosen Michael Thomas Russo senior Wayne Allen Russo William Ruth Edward Ryan John Joseph Ryan Jonathan Steven Ryan Matthew L Ryan Tatiana Jehovah Christina Singa Rio Tierra Cydia Jason Ellis sabbag Thomas Isabella Scott h Charles E Saban Sr Joseph Francis dr. Jessica Lee st. Francis John Philadelphia Jude Elias Safi Rock Suffern off Edward saying John Patrick Salamone Marjorie C Salamone Rafael Salas 1G Salas Antonio Southside of John Pepe Silvia Soriano Bernie child Richard Elsa Landry Jr John Solomon Solomon Katherine Salter G Salvatore Paul Richard salvio into my brother Rudolph richio Rudy you are my hero you will never be forgotten God bless you Gerard Rousey we love you so much you’ve been an awesome brother friend we miss you everyday you will always be on my mind in my heart and in my soul keep watching over us my dear amazing brother and remembering all those who lost their lives and whose Spirit shines in the Darkness Samuel Robert Salvo Jr Hugo and sunny Jeffrey Sanchez Sam Stacy Lee Sanders as Sandler Santiago Maria Teresa Concepcion Santi on a Centura Mario El centauro Rafael Santos the 3rd Chapelle Renee Stewart soccer Thomas saucedo MC our Anthony Savas John Michael Sbarro Robert Lewis scandal Fred C Sheffield jr. Angela Susan sheinberg Robert a Slagle Schmidt G shot JR. Patrick Shrine John Schroeder Edward W schunk schiermeier Schwartz Rafael skorka my uncle Donnie Robertson jr. we all love you we all miss you everyday let’s go Rangers you inspire us to make each day 88 and sunny Janice and Scott Arthur Warren scullen Seeliger Michael else Elvis on Cinco Angelo Sorrento sassanova Adele Christine sesa destroy Jas shantilal Shah Shaheed hillje shastri and shuts off Jeffrey James Shaw Patrick Shea Kathleen sure Robert and Linda June Sheehan shiritori Thomas Joseph Schubert Cigna Gregory Sikorski David silver Dee Simmons George W Simmons Simon & Simon Uncle Mark a Merlot my mom misses you and I wish I got to know you Brooklyn FDNY ladder 118 Provincetown of Puerto Rico and the great city of New York my big brother Peter Anthony Vega PD 36 years wasn’t enough time we miss you greatly Ruby deserve to have her dad around we deserve to have you in our lives more but having you as my big brother was a gift and speaking on behalf of everybody left-behinds we love you we miss you will see you in a better place one day and Mom and Dad watching it home love you Michael J Simon Paul Joseph Simon the Cory Simone Simone Jane Louise Simpson Geraldine Finca call me sing sing Thomas the third Peter a Syracuse Estes Copalis Francis Joseph Jr Corliss Skinner Christopher Paul Slattery Robert F Sliwa Sloan s magala jr. wins El Smule Greg which Smallwood Catherine T Smith Daniel Lawrence Smith Eric Smith Heather James Gregory Smith Smith Smith Senior Joseph Smith Leon Smith Jr and Smith Monica Rodriguez Smith Rosemary A Smith Bonnie she had a Smithwick Rochelle Monique now and Snyder Diane Snyder Snyder Junior Astrid Elizabeth Sohan s solanki solaras Solomon W song Marie supper Michael Charles suresi Gregory Thomas spaghetti Jr Thomas verragio John Anthony spataro Junior Robert Weissman F Spencer Jr and my brother Christopher Epps Christopher it’s been 17 years and this is my first time standing here expressing how hard it’s been for me and our family missing you is an understatement we never got this you get married or have any children or something simple as playing with the Xbox or talking on an iPhone he went out first black president Christopher you were a little brother who live in traffic and love even bigger 17 years has passed but you have space submitted in the way we live and the way we put out put God first in our lives and we will never stop loving and missing you people say why do you stand here after year because soldiers are still dying for our freedom First Responders are still dying and being ill and the people who work the live around there are still being sick life and God bless America that’s never ever stop being great the last name George Edward Spencer the 3rd and my father Raymond J mcenany we love you and we miss you everyday Robert Andrew Spencer Mary verbena sprandel Patrick score Klaus Yohannes Spock have seen you on Timothy stackpole Richard James style burger stand Mary Dominica Stanly Jeffree Star stuckman Eric Thomas Steen William R Steiner J Stern normal Langston Worley Jane Stephens Stewart Jr Douglas Joel Stone Lonnie jaystone story Edward W Straub Strauss Jr Edward Strauss Strickland strobert Walden Wellington Stewart Jr yo Ichi sunayama sugiyama William Christopher shubhra Thomas G Sullivan Serrano Jr what are you doing boy we know you’re looking over us everyday because the day doesn’t go by that we don’t think about you and wish you were here will raise a glass in your memory today and another toast next what venue 50th birthday we love you and we miss dearly Colleen M supinski Sutcliffe saline Sutter John Francis Christine M Swardson Ryan David Sweeney Brian Edward sweetie Madeline Amy Sweeney Kenneth J Swenson Thomas F Swift Derek Ogilvie sword Kevin Thomas so sick Steinberg Norbert P Zukowski tabac Joanne C to beak Norma Michael Sidonia Takahashi kg Takahashi Gail Talbot Robert R telhami John Patrick Talent ladder 10 Paul merita tan Rachel Tamaris Hector Rogan timeo Michael Andrew tamaccio kenichiro Tanaka Rundell Sherry Tankard Michael Anthony Tanner Junior Kenneth Joseph Tarantino C turo Ronald Debra Caballero Anthony Taylor Donnie Brooks Taylor KIPP P Taylor Leonard E Taylor Salon Taylor Morgan Sandra C Taylor Sandra Teague w t p text Meijer morrish way Anthony tempesta Pearl Temple El Temple David Gustaf Peter tingling Brian John terenzi Lisa Marie Terry gomati soccer team sham Michael theodoridis lieutenant Scott Petty of a New York City fire department ladder 12 we love and miss you tremendously fill not a day goes by that you are thought of spoken about and prayed for we never get tired of hearing or telling store news about you forever in our hearts isn’t a phrase written on your head stone but it’s how you will live on in our lives until the day we die I love you Phil you later and my cousin Maria Isabel Ramirez it’s been 17 years we love you we miss you God bless America Thomas F Jr Leslie and Thomas Bryan Thomas Thompson live in Thompson Thompson Nigel Bruce Thompson Harry a Thompson voneva a Lexi Thompson William H Thompson Eric Raymond Thorpe Nicola Angela Thorpe C Thurman Sal Edward Thierry jr. John Patrick Tierney Maryellen TSE William Randolph Tista tijan Steven Edward Todd Scott Charles Dennis Michael E Tinley MD no Robert Frank to Paul John James tipping II David tirado actor Louise tirado Jr Michelle Lee Chetola Alicia Nicole Titus John J Tobin Richard Tedesco Otis V Tolbert Vladimir tomasevicz Stephen Kevin Thompson Thomas Tom Doris Torres Luis Eduardo Torres Amy Elizabeth Towing Christopher Michael trainer Daniel Patrick Trent abdoul karim traore Glenn J Travers senior Walter Philip Travers Felicia trailer best James Anthony trentini Mary Barbara trentini Lisa L trimmer Tola karamoh Baba Tera Michael Angel Trinidad Francis Joseph from Dino Gregory James trost Willie Q Troy William P slepice Jr Valentin Novena Michael Patrick Tucker Lance tomalty Ching ping Tung Simon James Turner Donald Joseph tuzio Robert T to me Jennifer Lynn Simmons janji you’ll Topic in my uncle Bernard petronico I hope to one day be able to say that I have positively impacted people as you did we love you and we miss you and my father five out of Michael Jonathan we miss your infectious smile and bigger than life personality I hope you’re making you proud please continue to watch over us we were forgot God Bless America Tyler Victor jubaland Michael Giuliano Jonathan J come on I knew Safari on my car Allen Upton cyan Urban Bradley Hodges Madonna’s William valcarcel Antonio Bell Benito Valentine Santos Valentin Junior Francis II Erika Van Acker Kenneth W van auken Edward Raymond vanacore t faraci gopalakrishnan broaden Scott C vassal Ronald J VOC Archangel Vasquez Santos Vasquez Peter Vega Villa Marie Jorge Velazquez Lawrence G velling Anthony Mark Ventura David Vera Christopher James villalonga Matthew Gilbert Viana Robert Anthony Vicario Joanna Vidal young Joseph Vincent viggiano vignola jr. Joseph vilardo Villanueva Chantel vinh surely Melissa Renee Vincent and Leo Giglio Joseph Christiano Joshua s Vitaly voski Carol Jean Alfred and tan bacosa Gregory Chrono whatever Karen J Wagner Mary Alice wahlstrom I can’t believe it’s been 17 years our family love and misses you tremendously please keep looking over us God bless America daddy said spend 17 years and the fact that you are still that you’re no longer here still feels hillfield shows my heart a lot of sadness and pain and I never going to go away and you were my dream for that ring was taken from me and it hurts so much that because of that I never got to me you laugh where you fry with you or smile with you only God knows only God knows what I would do and gave it to you this year have not been easy for me but I know that you are always they’re keeping me strong and watching over me and reminding me that I’m not alone one good thing that happened and I know that was you that made it possible and I thank you for that I’m not perfect and I promise I will make you proud I love you so much Daddy and I always will honor Elizabeth fine you Gabriella Covina wasteman Wendy Alice Rosario wakeford Courtney Wayne’s World Walcott Victor walls Benjamin James Walker Glenn Wall Mitchell Scott Wallace Peter Wallace Robert Francis Wallace Roy Michael Wallace Jean-Marie Wallendorf Matthew Blake Wallace Wallace John Wallace jr. Barbara p Walsh Jim Walsh Jeffrey p Chang Wang fly been laying Michael warcola Steven Gordon Ward Timothy Ray Ward James a wiring Brian G Warner Christopher Washington Charles Waters James Thomas Waters JR Patrick J Waters Kenneth Thomas Watson Michael Henry wave Todd Christopher Walter Edward Weaver Nathaniel Webster William Michael Williams Joann Laura wild Michael Weinberg Steven Weinberg Jeffrey Weingarten Steven George Weinstein Simon YZ are David and wife David Thomas Weiss sunpak Wells Vincent Michael Wells Deborah Jacob Welsh Timothy Matthew wealthy Christian ponds Rudolph Weber’s to flee 1 John Joseph blankets the Wenger truck Peter and West Whitfield West Junior Meredith Lynn Whalen Eugene Michael Whalen Adam asks white Edward James White is that the 3rd James Patrick white and my aunt who was a truly amazing woman and even though I never got to meet her I will always hold the memories my heart that I was Denise that she was always going to meet please keep watching over me my sister comitia Uncle Frank and the rest of the family we love you and miss you and my cousin Ferdinand Cimmaron superintendent of the poor 30 police who ran into save others making the ultimate sacrifice I love hearing about you from those who work by your side and from family will miss you dearly you touched all of our lives with laughter and love you were Larger than Life and we always remember your strength and kindness that’s from Christina and Tina we honor you today and every day we love you always in Valor there is hope God Bless America John Sylvester white Wilburn White Jr Anthony light White Sandra L white Leann Marie Whiteside Michael T Holy Mary Lynch Wyman David weiner Glen e Wilkinson Wilshire Charles Willard Patrick William Williams Crossley Richard Williams jr. Jay Williams David Williams Kevin Michael Williams Anthony Williams Williams the third William Ivan Wilson David Harold Winton Francis wives frank-paul Wisniewski David wiswall Charlotte wish we wouldn’t Martin Phillips wolffer Susan wall yuk King Wong James Woodall James John Woods Rodger wood Richard Heron woodwell David Terrence Wooley John Martin Michael Wortley William Wren retired Jr Robin Wright Jupiter and my beloved amazing uncle and Godfather police officer Santos bouncing Jr of NYPD Emergency Services Unit truck number second one of the first on the scene to Arch your own inspiration it goes by that you are not in our hearts and thoughts Uncle Papa we miss you our family will always honor and treasure your name and keep your happy hilarious and loving memories of you alive I know you and Grandpa are having a bud and playing dominoes in heaven and watching over us we love you so very much until we meet again Joseph Murphy it’s been too long we miss you we love you Judy Melissa if Cindy are here the girls Jesse and Layla Callahan School everyone is doing well we love you Chilean Yen Matthew David Yarnell Muskoka Shakila Yasmin Kevin W Yoakum Edward p Kevin Patrick York Raymond are your Suzanne Martha humans Fenton Leroy Young Junior Saddles MacArthur Young G young Jr young Lisa L young Oconee un Joseph musically Adele Agave Zachary R Kelly Saltzman Edwin James imbrogno jr. zampieri Mark zengerle Christopher Arthur darvill Jr Ira zaslow Kenneth Albert zelman Abraham Jay Romano it down Jay James Mark Scott Zeppelin Jo Justin Jo youguang Virgin Islands deminski Michael Joseph Charles Allen Zion Salvatore J zisa procopio’s Paul Joseph nukala Andrew Stevens soccer Iguazu come in and our grandmother Mariel as the scapula you even though we never had a chance to meet we know she would have been the best grandma in the world Robert J Fair Walter Ace Bailey Tatiana wiener Terrell Davis Vincent Gerard Halloran Felicia Hamilton Christopher James Hanley emmerich Harvey Jennifer L Howie Amy are King Karen Joyce Eugenie nazef Christopher Randall larabee Charles J Morrow Michael Desmond McCarthy Lyons Olsen Rosemary Rizzo
Events are held across the country to observe the 17th anniversary of the September 11th attacks. President Donald Trump will speak in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, Vice President Mike Pence and Defense Secretary Jim Mattis will give remarks at the Pentagon and there will be an additional ceremony at the 9/11 Memorial.

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