Watch Now: Iowa authorities hold press conference on search for Mollie Tibbetts

is 800 / 0 0 cam just telling people that from outside the area tortilla chips that you see outside the area will take time for us to respond to that so so I just everyday and they’re working very hard at it and they’re also working I’d like to thank I want to thank all my co-workers for working hard on this especially our dispatcher and some other being inundated with telephone calls in all kinds of things so what’s happening here I just want to make sure that they know myself my name is Kevin operations for the Department of Public Safety FBI continue to prioritize Newport News I understand this is frustrating for the public media investigation our position has also not changed as mentioned previously confirmed about social media posting enforcement as a result of this investigation many questions have Arisen from the public in the at this time I would ask her to come forward to provide some information related to missing persons in Iowa is entered into the National Crime information center voluntary back as far as 1976 missing persons Runaway missing Island I was one of the few states that publishes all missing persons information in the state of Iowa information center offices likely criminal cases occurring in our jurisdiction regardless of the timeframe people go missing for various reasons because of their disability another press conference right now next Tuesday information about that press conference information to provide to next Tuesday at this time if you have any questions I’ll be happy to address them yes sir can you shed any light on whether already traded been found and whether there is any kind of a Nexus between the red trait that may have been found and Molly and do your actions at this stage have any Suspects I don’t have any information with me today and I just don’t have that information I’m not in a position right now to say we have suspect we don’t have suspects Persons of Interest or anything else it’s newer descriptions if you just prefer that says she was in a sport stop and then they be confusing of people or even the public can you explain the discrepancy then black I can’t explain that but I’ll look into that and get back to you if you give me your information don’t have that information as far as if we were using divers my my assumption would be as if we’re searching pons we are using divers do any good to ask the volunteers again and search new areas farther away information at their availability to make those decisions decisions I can’t speak to whether it’s increase decrease stay the same since the reward amount has been upped speak to the results of an investigative or anything else they come in they were evaluated and pride prioritized and everything at this point which is basically that is rewarded Recovery Fund that produced anything is he insignificant or not no I’m as helpless as I’ve mentioned previously as leads come in and information bodies of water Define motley frustrated but it hasn’t slowed our efforts we have not slow down the investigative process I’m not going to confirm I don’t have that number would be in the hundreds place investigation there are an average 30 to 40 working this case a day valuation process we consider that and so there well its formation we should release information this approach recognize that it’s frustrating for everyone involved but we believe it gives us the best opportunity I’m sorry I couldn’t hear your question I may have seen Molly you know it’s the sheriff said if if if somebody thinks they seen Molly right away they need to call nine-one-one or call local law enforcement to generate an immediate response information like you’re talking about people start a pig farm right around me the serenity of Brooklyn Iowa and if you did have you had to return to that pig farm and my final question is all have you asked any of the suspects if you can respond to take a polygraph examination search many areas around Brooklyn Iowa and and I’m not going to speak to what we have or have not asked many people to do in regards to this investigation looking for Molly and he’s just standing here looking at seem like weeks and we’ve all become a family see all of your faces I recognize all of you we’ve all spoken many times I can’t tell you how much we appreciate you you’re all working 1618 appreciative of all our partners and all of you I can’t tell you how grateful we are and will continue to call us we’ll show up dog was up at 5 in the morning will help you in any way we can cuz you’re helping us when we do really really grateful since the large encouraged by that as I assume that’s what you very much so and so my message today just it just occurred to me standing you all collectively together we’ve all become a family just in a few days together so just thank you all very much ProForm Portsmouth and the media and even listening to news conference in Iowa about 20 year old male Tibbetts she went missing 2 weeks ago and still has not been found officials will not comment on suspects or leads in the investigation they said they were taking all tips seriously take a quick break now your streaming CBS and CBS News always on
Law enforcement in Iowa will give an update Friday morning on the effort to find Mollie Tibbetts. The University of Iowa sophomore was last seen July 18 on her nightly run. A $172,000 reward is now being offered for information leading to her safe return. Mollie Tibbetts’ mother, Laura Calderwood, believes she may have been abducted.

In an unusual move, she even said the kidnapper could claim the reward money after setting Tibbetts free. Calderwood believes her daughter is still alive and possibly being held captive.

“It is our greatest hope that if someone has her, that they would just release her, and claim that money we have raised for her freedom,” Calderwood said.

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