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Watch Parrots Learn the Art of the Deal | ScienceTake
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this African Grey Parrot is about to make a successful Drake instead of immediately eating a sunflower it takes a plastic ring that it can trade for a walnut parents like better this green macaw faces a diff Walnut now for the ring to trade for a walnut later phone will not now obviously all of this is part of a new study of parent decision-making treat versus token and wait for the better option if necessary here’s how the experiment involving four different kinds of parrots worked Birds first learned that he spoken could be traded for a specific kind of food a metal Loop for dry corn appealing metal bracket for a sunflower seed better and a plastic ring for Walnut which they like the best then they were offered complicated choices like dry corn Now versus the ring to trade later they were able see that it made more sense to take the rent and wait to trade it for a piece of Walnut they also reliably rejected low-value corn for median value bracket which gave them a sunflower seed for example seems to have a real taste for immediate gratification overall out of the four species tested the green Macaws were consistently the best at making the right trades but even for them birds like shouting here where Cajun Lee of two minds about their trades should I shouldn’t I don’t worry we all have trouble making decisions
A test of four different species of parrot shows they can accurately assign value to food and tokens, swapping lower value items for higher value food.

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