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my name is Andrew Jaworski on the writer director of the movie support the girls so support the girls is a movie that centers on the character of Lisa played by the great Regina Hall here who is the general manager of a Highway side as he calls it boobs Brews and big-screen restaurant so wrong is going wrong some of it of her own making customers going to get out of line and occasionally it happens and so here one of her girls are just told her that a customer basically told her she was fat and Lisa’s not quite sure basically means but it doesn’t really matter she’s got to go Bedford girl so you should goes as she walks of course she’s observing everything she sees another potential situation there inappropriate contact it’s love to come back to but now she’s going to focus on confronting the sky I’m the general manager and my girl just said you got a little disrespectful people wanted I think to play him as a kind of raging villain and that wasn’t right money to the guy who fell genuinely wrong to the situation could get across that sensitive aggrievement and it all ends pretty and so have you walk the door she’s being dead mother again and trying to bring order back to a chaotic restaurant
Managing any restaurant is tough. Being the general manager of a “boobs, booze and big-screen” establishment comes with even more challenges. That’s evident in this scene from Andrew Bujalski’s latest comedy, “Support the Girls,” starring Regina Hall as Lisa, who is spending the day trying to keep the peace as she manages the restaurant Double Whammies. Read the NYT review:

In this scene, Lisa has to deal with a customer who disparaged one of her waitresses. Mr. Bujalski narrates her struggle, and this scene gives a glimpse into the many crises the character juggles regularly.

Much of the movie takes place in the restaurant and the filmmakers were fortunate to shoot in a space that once housed a chain. By strange coincidence, the space was right next door to the restaurant Twin Peaks, an eatery similar to the one in the movie. Mr. Bujalski said it was intimidating to shoot next to Twin Peaks because it was difficult to get the details as perfect as they could.

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