Watch Ryan Gosling Act as Neil Armstrong in ‘First Man’ | Anatomy of a Scene

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Watch Ryan Gosling Act as Neil Armstrong in ‘First Man’ | Anatomy of a Scene
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Watch Ryan Gosling Act as Neil Armstrong in ‘First Man’ | Anatomy of a Scene
I’M Damien chazelle on the director of first man in the scene is Neil Armstrong played by Ryan Gosling, with Janet Armstrong played by Claire Foy sitting down with their kids basic explaining them. What’S about to happen on the Eve Niels departure for the famous mission to the moon and the idea for the scene came from time that Ryan and Josh singer, the screenwriter and I spent with Janet and with Rick and Mark these two kids, of course, now recollecting. This moment Janet had to swear to convince Neil to sit down with his kids before he left and actually explain to them, not just what he was doing, but the fact that he might not come back at this point. The movie – this is a family. That’S been slowly chipped away at and then is by the pressures in the needs of the NASA program in the mission to the moon, and so this kind of forced assembly of the family. That’S almost four malalignment of them at this table where everyone is kind of forced to look at each other. That kind of dictated the look and feel the same for me and then and Lena sangron to the DP at a Time the movie, where there’s a lot of movement of a lot of forward momentum, we’ve seen missions, we’ve seen training Maneuvers go wrong. We’Ve seen action set pieces we’ve seen death, I felt like here was a moment for the movie to actually just find to a halt for these few minutes and just exist in more or less static shots of these four faces at this table. This kind of quadrangle of people who have to basically stare each other down questions, decide you’re coming back. We have a real confidence in the mission and there are some risks, but we have every intention of coming back and kneel at the center that who is not going to be let off the hook. Janet is going to make sure that he tells the the cold hard truth to his boys. It’S something that Ryan – and I talked a lot about and Ryan really through, had a huge fan and shaping the scene in finding different ways to play it and Claire Foy plays Janet, was very much the same. One that we all talked about was the fact that you know Neil is someone who somehow seems to not you’re really scared by the idea of strap himself to a missile and blasting through the atmosphere and glass into the void of space and going further physically from The earth than any human being in history, but this is something that scares him. The idea that the one thing that can really scare Neil Armstrong is, is this kind of conversation on the EVAP emission, this enormous in this important to actually sit down and confront his children about the fact that he may not return, but that would actually be in Many ways the hardest mission of all
The astronaut Neil Armstrong seemed unafraid to hurl himself into the far reaches of space, but for a difficult family conversation, it was another story.

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This scene from the biopic “First Man” finds Armstrong (Ryan Gosling) at the dinner table with his wife, Janet (Claire Foy), and sons, explaining to them on the eve of his moon mission that there could be a chance he won’t come home.

In this video, the director Damien Chazelle said the scene stemmed from talks that he and the screenwriter Josh Singer had with Janet Armstrong and her sons Rick and Mark about how the family discussion played out.


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