Watch Timothée Chalamet Play an Addict in ‘Beautiful Boy’ | Anatomy of a Scene

Watch Timothée Chalamet Play an Addict in ‘Beautiful Boy’ | Anatomy of a Scene
My name is Felix and I am director of beautiful boy in this scene. We see the crowd thing: Father David and timothee chalamet, playing to some naked Meetup haven’t seen each other in a while Nick is living on the streets, doing drugs and agreed to meet with his father to sit down and talk. The father wants to reason with him by and get him to come home, how you doing I’m doing great clear my own hair. So I Got 5 days now I’m doing well, but I just need a box, though. What I find so fascinating in this scene is how many twists and turns are they both come in with an agenda? David has a preconceived idea of how he wants to deal with your situation, which is not to criticize the song, get the fact that he can’t reach him that he feels that his son is playing him, makes him do things he doesn’t want to, and then the Incredible tennis match rehearse this many times in the lead up to the shoot of this, and we played it out every time and in one go and we shall it with two cameras in order to fit how to capture the energy between them. Often we had that Steve character, David, like be little bit lower or or behind something or being a frame, that’s a little bit too wide, so she felt little bit lost, and here too it’s why we have this low idle on and like the receipt at the Corner of the table like coloring him a bit, she is, I think, the incredibly talented actor. What makes him super great for this movie is his fearlessness. He will take on anything and it will just go to 100 % And 300 % and when he hits it ride, think that you have this under control and I understand how scared you are, and you don’t like who I am you see them trying to connect, But they both realize that it’s not work anymore. So it’s very sad because of that
A father meets with his drug-addicted son, and the conversation doesn’t go well in this scene from “Beautiful Boy.” Felix Van Groeningen directed this drama based on separate memoirs by David Sheff and his son Nic. Here, Steve Carell plays David and Timothée Chalamet plays Nic. The scene, which starts as a conversation between the two at a cafe, quickly becomes strained when they find themselves unable to communicate with each other.

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