We are seeing the end of Cam Newton’s time with the Panthers – Dan Orlovsky | Get Up

We are seeing the end of Cam Newton’s time with the Panthers – Dan Orlovsky | Get Up
We are seeing the end of Cam Newton’s time with the Panthers – Dan Orlovsky | Get Up
Cab numbers over the last eight games have just fallen off a 2BR down. 20 points is rushing his way down and he hasn’t won any of his last eight starts so Dan orlovsky. I will give you again the first word on this year. Do you feel like we are seeing the beginning of the end of Cam Newton’s time Carolina right before our eyes? I do unfortunately Greenie I do in the in the reality. Is this look at? Can the last three years came to just three years? Greenie he’s had a concussion he’s had the shoulder issue in 16, he’s at the knee sprain and 6th significant knee sprain and 16th. Then last year we had the shoulder tear that requires surgery. Now we have a foot sprain that sticks to seven relatively decent injuries are impactful injuries in three years. We’Ve all heard this kind of thing would have coaching you just keep chipping away at the rock, with little hits and eventually The Rock will bus from the inside out. I believe that’s what we’re seeing with Cam Newton he’s had all these little hits since 2011 and coming into the NFL and we loved it and 11 and 12 and 13. We love the style of play, but all those little hits have added up in the human body is not made. It’S not the big hit. The human body is not made to take all those little hits at that position over time, and this is really what we’re seeing when is all those hits from the past. Eight or nine years have kind of accrued or built up and we’re seeing his body kind of fall apart before our eyes, and I totally agree and Dominique I’ll put it. This way does the Superman thing and humans, I think we have acted like Cam Newton was not ShoeMint like he is actually Superman, but we’re saying is that was Fool’s Gold from the beginning, and I blame a lot of people. You can blame the coaches for putting a lot of pressure on them, but I also want to celebrate. They had some here and there was Stewart and possibly is making plans, get Cam some of those physical measurements, the physicality he was able to play the game with was the reason you went out and drafted him number one. Overall, you didn’t go out and get this guy. We are going to turn them into Tom Brady, he’s going to stand in this pocket and Stand Tall, get rid of the there’s a happy medium. In a way you can coach him. There is no happy medium in stopping somebody from being themselves and that’s what made Camp grapes I’m with Dominique on having the opportunity to celebrate them. You can’t walk into a game and say you know what resident do everything it takes to win? I’M going to do what it takes to extend my career until when. Why would I hear someone say that he didn’t care about other people? He didn’t care about the team, that’s not true, because there was a way to preserve himself and he chose not. Let me let go sing the Carolina Panthers count on, and so you build your team kind of counting on that and now, when it starts to a road, that’s why you see the mood change in that building there they’re confronting something that they hoped to put off For at least several more years, young quarterbacks that we’re seeing now – and I think the best way to describe cam is he would rather choke on greatness than nibble on mediocrity. Cam was a great great talent for 9 years so far, but he had to replay that way. He had to play that way, the great player that he was that’s where the DeShaun Watson to the Carson wentz’s – and I said this to Greenie those guys are going to choke on greatness more than just nibble on mediocrity because of the style there play want to Consider keeping him no matter what the cost is, because if your quarterback of choking on greatness he’s not going to see week 16 subscribe to, ESPN plus, will see you there.
Dan Orlovsky reacts to Cam Newton’s mounting injuries, saying we are seeing the end of Cam’s time with the Carolina Panthers.
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