‘We lost our minds that day’: A Yemeni village copes with the aftermath of an airstrike

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‘We lost our minds that day’: A Yemeni village copes with the aftermath of an airstrike
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23rd the airstrike hit a wedding in a remote Mountain Village in Yemen it’s left 22 people dead including 18 children cell phone videos of the attack when fire alarm social media going an apocalyptic landscape where bodies were strewn in the rubble lunch out clung to his father’s corpse refusing to let go my name stores in Rocky Mount, correspondent for the Washington Post I visit Rocca a month after the strike to assess the impact of the attack on the villagers one resident told me the village had lost its mind that day now many are left wondering why us more than 16,000 yemeni civilians have been killed and injured fast maturity by airstrikes has the UN since Yemen Civil War began in March of two 15 the conflict this Northern to the rebels against the yemeni government which is backed by a racial Coalition led by Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirate the Coalition is the only actor that is using warplanes mostly American-made Jets the airstrikes as truck Hospital schools Market motels even funeral Gatherings rocket also seemed a most unlikely Target the village is nestled in rugged mountains 3 hour drive from the nearest city villagers told me there were no military bases no signs of Rebel activity that’s why human rights groups say hack may have been a violation of international law may even amount to a war cry when I visited on May 25th I found the debris from the April strike still remained I’m at top of bricks there was a remnants of shadow more than half of those killed in raqqa were musicians dancers cluding some children they all belong to an ethnically marsh-like community and the wedding jobs are one of the few they could get one of the dancers told me you lost the entire family all all 12 in raqqa the living two are suffering some residents of lost their hearing children have lost limbs While others carry shrapnel the missile inside their bodies most villagers for the 3-hour drive to the nearest hospital a few have moved out of the village entirely but most don’t have the option and they remain this includes to prove Yaya Jaffer and his bride Fatma after their family houses Troy. They moved into an animal shed the two still aren’t married legally because they can no longer afford the wedding certificate joffer has kept his blood-stained wedding robe as a reminder what happened that night
The Post visited Raqah, a remote village in northern Yemen, around a month after it was hit by an airstrike on April 22. The missiles that landed on a wedding party left residents wondering, “Why us?” Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube: http://bit.ly/2qiJ4dy

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