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we’re going to have tremendous border security that will include the wall that will include the wall a lot of people don’t know it but we’ve already started the what we got 1.6 billion dollars and we’ve started large portions of the wall but we going to need even the way we negotiate we’re going to need more we going to get the bore and we may have to do so pretty drastic things but we going to get it that would be another hint at the government shutdown that was President Trump rallying supporters on border security tonight in Tampa we should point out as we always have to the president’s border wall has not been star adjust repairs to an older section near San Diego including the economy including his contention that Merry Christmas is under siege no more including Trey immigration the Supreme Court voter ID and shopping for food only American citizens should vote in American elections which is why the time has come Friday like everything else voter-id go out and you want to buy groceries you need a picture on a car you need ID you go out and you want to buy anything you need ID and you need your picture in this country the only time you don’t need it in many cases is one you want to vote for a president when you want to vote for a senator when you want to vote for a governor or Congressman Fitch crazy that was the kind of thing tonight and during the rally the President also he preys on Republican Congressman Ron DeSantis who is running in for gubernatorial primary with us to talk about it and David Jolly former Republican congressman from Florida represented the Tampa Metropolitan region he attended tonight’s rally in Tampa and now we can say among other things he’s been Trump rally also with ugly Solera National politics reporter for the Associated Press I am very anxious to hear your take away from your first Trump rally and chiefly what television doesn’t convey about a trump rally take some of the storyline for what we are used to perhaps the national story tomorrow is really that chanting and attacks on the Free Press and frankly your colleague Jim Acosta overseeing viral video this now going around at the real verbal assaults if you will to the press that was absolutely on display we also saw the energy in the crowd When Donald Trump would address immigration matters and frankly anti Emma Russian rhetoric if you will also mentions of Hillary Clinton excited the crowd all those bread-and-butter issues Bryan what was most remarkable to me though and probably the thing that I will never forget and I am wrestling with tonight it’s how homogenea the crowd was and we can decide whether or not we want to assign culpability to the president for cultivating the constituency that tonight was 99% Caucasian working class or is that a broader National versation we need to have but I’ll be honest with you and I got check myself I asked friends and I asked the other folks in the media look around how many African Americans have any black Americans do we see tonight and you could count them on one finger and some of them specifically 4 camera shots this was a white working-class audience to Donald Trump’s credit that felt he was speaking for them not just to them but he was speaking to their anger that’s the one thing I wrestle with the Tampa Bay Community diverse Community I represent a community that was probably the most homogeneous environment I’ve been in decades I’m curious how many people are recognized you obviously you’re from there you’re Republican critical this present from those who said I needed to be softer on the president I could also have a conversation tonight though about how different media platforms divided the information that we received long-time Republican supporters who have not heard some of my criticism because of where they receive their news today they were not aware of my criticisms of the president and so they treated me as a friend but certainly there were those who wanted to know I was there question my intentions was there out of respect for those who support Donald Trump I don’t support him I remain a Republican and I was there to learn from those in attendance I leave tonight in his strong disagreement as I arrived but it was important that I attended for that assessment I’ll Lisa in many ways it was a standard Trump rally just when you thought he was on the edge of being Roosevelt and he talked about actually taking office and realizing he was President I made some notes Here talked about Washington and he said I know the good the great people I know the scum so I figured okay so not till Roosevelt in there and did you hear anything new tonight that he may take out on the road Jitters you say seem like the standard Trump rally it continues to be striking to me how much the president wants to run on immigration in these midterms that really is the central piece of his message I suspected what he may not be taken to account is also resonates very strongly with Democrats so while driving on his base could help you know when the Senate map which is sort of tilted more complicated because a lot of the Battleground is in the Suburban districts and by continuing to talk about these divisive issues like immigration like the potential for government shutdown along with news about the investigation you know about controversial remarks every one of those headlines is an additional shot of adrenaline adrenaline into an already energize Democratic Grassroots so what we seen is protesters have become volunteers play to become voters and that level of enthusiasm is something that scares a lot of Republicans particularly when they look at the map in the house just below me or click over on this list and see lots of other great videos
Fmr. GOP Congressman David Jolly went to see Trump’s Tampa rally firsthand and joins to tell us what he saw. Also joining the discussion is AP Political Reporter Lisa Lerer.
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We Sent ‘Never Trumper’ David Jolly To His First Donald Trump Rally | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

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