‘We were addicted to their pill, but they were addicted to the money’

‘We were addicted to their pill, but they were addicted to the money’
‘We were addicted to their pill, but they were addicted to the money’
I just want to say one thing we was addicted to repeal, but there was addicted to the money. Cuz, that’s what it was about. Overall, as far as about the money, people’s Lobster Brothers, our mothers, our fathers – are grandparents, see you lost family members. That mean it’s been going on for for 20 years or longer, you know, and it’s just it has come to this – for all these people to die before I starting looking into it. Definition of murder is when you sit and you plant about how killing somebody. That’S pretty much the definition, what they done back and see all right. This is addictive, but we can get a pass and go on and pay your personal money or out. However, they done it, but it’s same thing is just sitting there saying what people make millions of dollars off of lipedema could have been avoided crazy. How that one little pill has affected 20 years in my life, you know negatively something so small, but if it was available it was it pushed on us. If we went and lied to, then maybe some of us went being a spot wearing today that it’s okay, like these people, are dicks. Oh hahaha, I’m okay, right now, my life and what I’ve been through ain’t funny. I don’t care to pay check, barely making it and now that we’ve been having charges and and been through a drug addiction and everything else. And now it’s hard for us to get a good job. So we get to sit back and just try to stay afloat and reach out to other people. And let him know that there’s hope, while they’re sitting with it on a desk with their feet, kicked up living the high life and they can sit there and laugh at the fact that we are addicted. And now we have to maintain are program. Or we go right back to that, for could you sleep at night, knowing that you just helped, did you actually say to somebody who obviously doesn’t care
America’s largest drug companies flooded the country with pain pills from 2006 through 2012, even when it became apparent that they were fueling addiction and overdoses. The Post shared its findings with a group of recovering addicts in southwest Virginia and asked them to respond. Read more: https://wapo.st/30O9ySx. Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube: https://wapo.st/2QOdcqK

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