‘We’re in love but never have sex’ – BBC News

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‘We’re in love but never have sex’ – BBC News
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6 in relationships does Netflix and chill mean Netflix and chill is sex secret ingredient when it comes to a long-lasting and happy relationship or is absolutely fine it’s the only action Between the Sheets is snoring do we spell too much time worrying about whether I’ll text like measures up to other people’s I’m just text rips off the menu completely does that my tough time does that mean it’s going from your relationship forever hi I’m Amanda and I’m 35 years old hello 6 years and how often would you say we have sex p1000 code Elliott’s who is tracking device oh yeah and I’ve never had sex as a sexual which means that we have no sexual attraction to each other or anyone else but we still very much in love possible that people have maybe 10 years ago we certainly seem to be seeing is more people reporting that they are dissatisfied in their sexual relationships with the cultural shift in being more comfortable in regards talking about facts of weather people are actually having less sex I’m not sure what she says Clyde physical when we get into a good run then we have sex more regularly is great we have good sex highs and lows you have some time you used to be you know on average would be twice a month you might have like three or four times oh my God tired all the time because my job is full on and so it’s full-on there and then following up home and I don’t cope when I’m tired like some people just turned it look Steve just cracks on with it and he just sort of like he’s fine something for days but I just I just totally shut down when I don’t have enough sleep so it’s you know I find it hard enough to keep my mood up and then sex just goes to the bottom of it is like my libido is just tired we both romantic asexual which means that we are romantically attracted to each other and I sexually attracted to each other try to see and tell me about you fast diet if it we want to fill halfway through the film I did the typical very sore like the best one night stands that we both have a hat when it really wasn’t making because it wasn’t sexual and some asexual can enjoy sex not quite normal but and so I wasn’t happy and Jacob told me a lot of times that he doesn’t want to be having sex with someone who doesn’t want to be having sex which sounds obvious people that get that it was still going well for you relationship with a wonderful person and that it wasn’t even slightly comparable intensive hookups I’m a kind of proof that the separate Concepts that can exist individually and I just I think it’s extremely sad the way some people priority prioritized sex I’ve happiness and you shouldn’t be measuring it by the amount of sexy. You should be measuring it by how happy you both I wasn’t that involve sex or it doesn’t it depends from couple to couple it’s about the quality of the relationship and its about the desire of the two people in it good morning good morning sexy you to be the one time that we would like I try guarantee 2 hours we go to us I didn’t think that the this kind of sexual I decide to go in the eyes reflective old people having more sex have sex and maybe people this kind of theme around maybe Spencer’s or Bachelors old people who just kind of Engagement that I guess but I think this as well not everybody is like Ashley it’s okay to have sex go be cuddling and feel any difference between public and I think you could have a successful relationship whether there is sex in it or not some people that need to have sex to be happy some people do it it’s a really unique thing it’s important to distinguish the difference between intimacy and sex I’m not suggesting that you can’t have both at the same time of course you can but some couples could reach quite high levels of intimacy without having any form of sex someone that it’s fun but there are a lot of things I do for fun I wouldn’t and I break up with my girlfriend because my sheet door to my PlayStation without there being some kind of implied but it’s been put on me when actually it’s a choice I’ve made and it’s not a difficult one times of being sexual person Jacob in the relationship with knows how to make that what very small amount of Charlie but you can have sex about love so you can have love hot sex it just makes sense and it works really upset that you can identify with loving someone have sex I like my initial reactions that relationship is supposed to be based on mutual attraction I need to be something that it says you know what I want to spend the rest of my life with this individual I want to spend time with this person in that company 24/7 I really don’t want to be giving him a damn good seeing to it send just a thing I love it how nice he is about me in public and how is just going to hear about how much he has and it’s really sweet I’m not as good at it myself and I feel really bad because he’s just perfect here and I’m taking like Prince Charming all of the time I’ve never been able to be this close or affectionate or open with anybody else I think it really depends on the couple so if the couple are happy with the amount of sex they’re having and the quality of it she doesn’t matter how many times a year they’re having sex I think if you find a couples in their 40s 50s 60s but been together a significant amount of time I think you will find most of them will tell you that this actual relationship will happen flyer and that can be dying to a whole heap of life’s events most of always bereavement moving home young children work fatigue illness I’m in the list is endless long as communication is effective then not sure that I really nauseous too much communication is the key and also if you don’t be too disheartened if it doesn’t happen too much cuz I think you know what happens to all of us
Some 18% of respondents under the age of 30 have had sex fewer than 10 times in the past year, a survey of 2,000 people on websites Mumsnet and Gransnet has found. Among all ages, the figure was 29%.

BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire’s reporter Claire Williams has been to meet three couples who, while madly in love, fall into this category

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