We’re Worried About Russian Defectors, Because Of Putin’ | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

We’re Worried About Russian Defectors, Because Of Putin’ | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC
We’re Worried About Russian Defectors, Because Of Putin’ | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC
Remember Henry Hill from Goodfellas write the mobster, who became an FBI informant famously and terrifyingly and hauntingly portrayed by Ray Liotta real life just like in the movies he turned on his Mafia bosses and then and the witness protection for his own safety, which makes sense. Given what he just done right and Henry Hill’s case, rather than being murdered by the mob for turning State’s evidence, Henry Hill ended up dying of natural causes in 2012. The witness protection program is how you disappear after your known to have helped in the prosecution of a dangerous criminal war criminals, and it’s called the Operation Center. A few years ago, relation chart of the CIA, showing it unredacted under the National Clandestine Service, which reports up to the CIA director at any given time. This secretive Protection Program includes, I don’t know dozens, maybe a hundred former. As for our country that need protection, hear they get American citizenship, their ask where they want to live, it’s not fail proof and one reported incidents that told a very dramatic story in the New York Times last year and one in what’s a suspected Hitman for Russian Intel arrived in Florida and approached the home of one of the cia’s most important informants, a Russian who had been secretly resettled, their the suspected hit man also travel to another city where one of the informants relatives lived. Raising more concerns that the Kremlin had authorised revenge on American soil at Great personal risk, decided to help the US people to put their lives on the line to gather intelligence from places like Russia or anywhere else in the world, in order to help the United States. In order to help the US intelligence community call the news this week from Berlin that, according to us officials, it was the Russian government that track down and assassinated a former Chechen Rebel, not in chechnya, not in Russia, but in Germany, in the capital city of Germany. Just steps away the office of the German Chancellor that news, along with the loading of a man who is reported to be former Russian spy now living in the US under American protection after he provided key information to us intelligence decades, including VP, Central information that led To the Russian investigation, in terms of Russia interfering with our election with the Confluence of those two stories, both the worry that Russia might go after this us intelligence or switch just been out it. Maybe even here in the US I told the Washington Post this week quote: Putin is very revengeful: Putin we’ll go after these people, concentre sister Augustine. I am super intimidated to meet you by stories of anything that I’ve talked about. Everlast I’d like to start off by saying that you know I’m just specific case. I didn’t know much about this case until the news broke and the rest of the world knew about it, you don’t look. The Operation Center at CIA brings in Andre settles those people who get in trouble overseas if you will, and we, according to a little Public Law 110 that goes back to 1949 United States is allowed to bring in up to 100 people a year which includes family Members there’s a ceiling but up to a hundred people who have provided information to protect the it in in in defense of the United States and its security okay. So we in in The Defector Operation Center. Where add these people, we haven’t the Life by the way you mentioned the the Marshal Service Witness Protection Program, it’s a little bit different. You know if, if in the witness protection program, people who stray from the program or do things that are they not directed to do, they get kicked out of the program and we taking in. I can tell you this and I’m allowed to tell you this. We have several hundred open cases in the United States of defectors. Now we called him defectors. You were brought in because of because they were is in Jeopardy or there was Peril in in the fact that they might be exposed or infect be killed. How good is the US and the CIA in this case, trapped because under Putin, by the way we bring in not only Russians, right, you bringing others into Chinese Iranians North Koreans and responsible for their security for Life? Alright – and we have a moral responsibility in and out – and I really mean this sincerely – you know people who work for us in place for that long and take those kind of risks that they take. We want to ensure that they are protected, that take care of them and they lift as good a life as they can for a dope for the rest of their lives. To do this dangerous thing, but we will take care of. You will keep you alive as as part of the deal Russian defectors. Okay, because, because of Putin, you know, as I said, and you just quoted in uprooting – is a very vengeful revengeful individual and it’s a red line that most people think in the United States that Putin will not cross. I for one believe he straddles that line as we speak, which means that you know this particular individual who is outed if you will and was, will trade it in 2017. You know I have no concern at this particular point in time that Putin will come and get him now. What I worry about is a year from now to years, from now, five years from now wife and three kids, he was he was resettled in this country and true name, okay, that is not standard operating procedure in the in the defective Operation Center. Now it could be, and I have to emphasize we we respect our defectors. We respect these people and I could see that this person for arguing to keep his true name, it’s very difficult for the factors when they come to the United States. It’S an important Point. Important positions back home, they didn’t tell the kids what they were doing and one day somebody from the CIA, because these people get in trouble. I took the guy, for example, as you said, working place for us to 10 years. That’S a long time to be a reporting at the longer. It goes, the more opportunities there are for him to screw up. We have to wait for him to come under suspicion. That’S a long time. Okay, so at this point suggesting that he had an important position within Putin’s Inner Circle, that was time for him now he has kids know now. His wife knows he’s here living a a decent life. We also tell the kids that we tell the family, so you into American society and the job you had back in Russian you’re not going to have the same kind of job in the United States and then we’re going to stay in. This is a very important point and you have no more contact with anyone back home that I want to ask you about in terms of the security of the sky. Moving for a back, take a quick break, we’ll be right! Back customer service, former director of the CIA, has Defector operations. Center will be right back with him after this thanks for watching MSNBC on YouTube. If you want to keep up-to-date with you, can click subscribe just below me a lots of other great videos?
Joseph Augustyn, former director of CIA’s Defector Operations Center, talks with Rachel Maddow about how the CIA protects spies and others who put themselves at risk to offer what they know for the sake of preserving American safety.
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We’re Worried About Russian Defectors, Because Of Putin’ | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

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