‘West is shy to say something on Hong Kong’

‘West is shy to say something on Hong Kong’
‘West is shy to say something on Hong Kong’
Think there’s some good reason why the West is so try to to say something on Hong Kong. It has much to do with our own profession. You know when I was covering the T-bird process. 10 years ago. You had to hide your interlocutors as a team talking to an Italian name or anything these protists. Only if you say just go on go on, we are behind. You will support you and at the end we can’t do nothing. You know what you’re saying is the protest if they have a chance, maybe to get some, you know if they have already taken down. The Lord already had a big victory there and they can maybe get something on police, Behavior.
Die Zeit Paris correspondent Georg Blume claims the Chinese secret services make ‘it dificult to support [the Hong Kong] protests’ as clashes continue with the police after Carrie Lam banned the use of face masks during demonstrations.

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