Westminster car crash: Aerial footage of the crash – BBC News

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Westminster car crash: Aerial footage of the crash – BBC News
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I’m going to show you these latest pictures of Which BBC pictures from an aerial camera I’m told we watching this for the first time as you are now that would have paid to be the actual car as it crashes into the bar is outside the House of Lords I wonder if you can see that again so these are new PVC pictures aerial footage you can see again highlighted the silver Ford Fiesta going across two roads and then down into that particular Channel towards the hospital is where it then crashes into the bar area let’s just say that one more time does the Ford Fiesta driven we now know by man in his late twenties he’s been arrested on suspicion of terrorism offenses an originally looked inside the forecast was going to go around Parliament Square then it crossed over didn’t it and went down small road towards the House of Lords Gene Kelly your reaction to that because you thinking of trying to think about the drivers trying to achieve had we know what was said he has now been House of Terror suspect driving down that he was not going to get that far and you know he was stopped as we can save it if his astonishing to be able to send you the whole inside and out and we get a real sense now 14 dead but he’s going right into that very secure area and in terms of what is intention where in terms of calming people causing panic would always say any in stock The Cisco Spa Macon Mayhem goes on but it seems a strange thing to do in terms of what in terms of you attempting to at home people you wouldn’t have thought that was the way to do it but I mean you know who knows what’s going through somebody’s mind when they’re in this frame of mind and then as the the vehicle having crashed into those berries store wait to see those the actual moment the call crosses over the road and into that channel where it then ended up at the berries
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A man has been arrested on suspicion of terrorism offences after a car crashed outside the Houses of Parliament, injuring several people.
Officers were seen surrounding the vehicle before the man in his late 20s was detained, shortly after 07:30 BST.
London Ambulance Service said it had taken two patients to hospital with non life-threatening injuries after cyclists and pedestrians were hit.
No one else was in the car and no weapons have been found so far.
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