Westminster car crash: Man arrested as pedestrians injured – BBC News

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Westminster car crash: Man arrested as pedestrians injured – BBC News
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on the breaking news is that man has been arrested after a car crashed into security barriers outside the houses of Parliament at welcome to views from BBC world and we can tell you that the police respond to the incident which happened at 7:37 this morning and number of number of pedestrians have been injured will they the Metropolitan Police do say quote at this stage offices do not believe that anybody is in life-threatening condition corden’s are in place to assist the investigation and Westminster Tube Station is closed do the incident which was quickly put in place after that car crashed into it seems several cyclist in the areas outside from Parliament itself at the end of Lambert Bridge and behind me you can probably see the heavy police presence which is here and police vehicles weeping standing here police vehicles have been arriving every few minutes or so stop the time a picture seems to be building all the car being driven deliberately from one side of the road across to the other and hitting several cyclists at this stage and details are still emerging of exactly what happened but as you said a few minutes ago seriously deliberately one person we spoke to so several people on the ground wasn’t clear whether they have been injured in the crash or whether they have been told to get down by police. Responded very swiftly but as you can probably see Bhai the police code and stretches some between we’ve seen at least two ambulance arrived from this end of the police code in the police helicopter is circling the response to this incident which happened very busy time here in central London Levy teaming with people commuters cyclists and so it wouldn’t. normal working day if you like but still a lot of tourists in the area a lot of commuters making that way to work plenty of traffic several people going to call wisdom given deliberately into a group of cyclists outside Parliament on the response as I’ve been describing lights are on fertile by car to get through and having tonight what was destructive deliberate attempt to run people down outside the houses of Parliament to use at the moment I’m just want to point out where the vehicle is in that picture just below the sensor to the right you will see the car that is crashed into the security virus outside the houses of Parliament last outside the House of Lords in that Abingdon Street which is just off Parliament Square which is a slightly higher up your picture where you can see all the emergency vehicles and police vehicles and whether traffic lights are that’s what number of cyclists were on the ground at some of whom could have been hurt someone who is Jonathan said may have just hit the floor because that’s what you do when you feel that there is an attack on the way area of course Jonathan is not too far from it will happen just over a year ago with Khalid Masood who drove across Wesson’s to Bridge and hit pedestrians sorry Victoria just having a little bit of trouble hearing you because of the police activity around as hell you’ll be able to hear I’m sure there’s police vehicles sniffing dogs on the same prey quickly as possible the initial response to an incident imagine from behind the code in this morning this morning the time since then and it seems that while several people have been injured at one of my next reported is being arrested the exact Liberty driven into a group of cyclists outside product thank you for the moment until it seems like who is at the same Antonio screen that you can see highlighted the car just in front of the bar is that it crash into its 7:37
Two people have been injured after a car crashed into security barriers outside the Houses of Parliament.
Officers were seen surrounding the vehicle before a man was arrested, shortly after 07:30 BST.
Cyclists were hit in the crash and London Ambulance Service said it had taken two patients to hospital with non life-threatening injuries.
Scotland Yard’s counter-terrorism unit is leading the investigation but the force is “keeping an open mind”.
Armed police, ambulances and firefighters are continuing to respond to the incident in central London.

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