“We’ve got serious solutions”: NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh discusses his party’s election platform

“We’ve got serious solutions”: NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh discusses his party’s election platform
“We’ve got serious solutions”: NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh discusses his party’s election platform
Let’S go to Vancouver because the leader of the NDP, so let me ask you, been in the lower mainland of hearing from people out there when it in the in the Liberals, mr. Trudeau, and they seen that conservative governments have really / the service. They rely on really looking at us as a real alternative people really care about how it comes up at the doorstep that community events all across Lower Mainland the islands. People want to see a stronger Healthcare System were committed to expand it, to include medication coverage for all and then going to Dental Care, vision and Eyecare Addiction Services. Mental health services really cover people had to tell Natalie that connecting resonating with people. I also want to see a solution to the housing crisis and that’s I mean, as you know, Todd is really ripping people here in the Lower Mainland across BC, the really across Canada and we better plan to build half-a-million new, affordable homes. The way Canada used to be involved in building homes, Federal level we want to get back into that and build rental properties and build coops and nonprofits get into the building. More homes are people, so they can find a place to live and then finally climate crisis. That’S a massive concern. I hear it everywhere. I go. People are worried about the future and we’re committed the big polluters, making sure it works for everyone and where we don’t leave any Community behind. This is going to be your first national campaign. Of course, there’s a lot of fake, you know better than I do nervous. I’M never nervous cuz, I’m committed to what I’m doing, but I am worried about the future for people. I am actually generally nervous about the future. People are worried as well and I’m confident you make better choices. We can actually turn that around where young people come out to me now about the plant in worried about whether they can afford tuition and weather is going to be a place for them to live in whether they have to leave their homes. Communities because they can’t find a place to live call them. We’Ve got some of the solutions ready for people, seeing a lot of traction Allen the idea of a handgun ban. You know, of course the prime minister is in Toronto. Today, meeting with John Tori, the mayor of that City, police Chiefs, their meeting in Calgary tomorrow talk about gun violence. What’S your staff, what do we need to do in this country to stop this turd? We seen in many parts of Canada is calling for if any municipality makes the decision and chooses that it’s important for that municipality, the ban handguns, we should give them the right to do so. But I said that’s not enough. The root cause of violence is very complex, requires a lot of work, but from the people from communities talk to they tell me. What we need to do is make sure young people have a bright future that they see themselves, including society, that they’ve got opportunities for good work or education, that people can see a bright future filled with hope. Instead of Despair, that’s how we get at some of the root cause, the violence. We need to deal with it in a complex way. It is a complex problem, but there’s so many solutions that the people that are impacted by this are already calling for. I think a lot of Canadians might not appreciate just how difficult it can be to run a national campaign for you and the other leaders to go back and across the provinces at me, and you know this is such a huge country. There are a lot of regional divisions. Are there in the Lower Mainland right now there some of them seemed to be in Jeopardy and impact go back out later on this week. For me, Quebec is an incredibly important part of our beautiful country.. There’S a lots of folks in Quebec that really care about building a better Society. Quebec is a province. As you know, that’s got some of the best and most affordable rates for infeasible some, the best Child Care Program. There’S lots of folks said they care about oppressive future, and they also feel let down by and shoot over the fact that he bought a pipeline. They care about the environment as Wellness the outside, as an alternative during the campaign, is what I’m really going to. Hopefully get you legend of the people come back or not seeing the conservatives as an option that they’re going to cut Services, make it more difficult for people to eyebrows, have left them down, and I’m hoping that people will see us as a real alternative that have Built up a strong reputation hoping to build on that and then need to work hard. The last thing I want to ask you what we’ve got you here and I know it’s busy, so we don’t want to keep you too long, but has to do with us. Some of the recent polling here and I want to get your take NDP, taking a bit of a hits recently in a number of poles, including this latest. I know you’re familiar with it from Forum research, which shows the when Canadians were asked, who would make the best prime minister, you came in fourth after Trudeau and she ran and Elizabeth May appreciate long way away. What what do you make of it, though? What for a party like the new Democratic Party, because, during the pre-election time, a lot of attention is on? You know the conservatives into liberals and for me, as a newcomer into the into the party, it’s going to be through the Alexa. More people are going to see what we stand for the going to see us through the campaign. What we believe in I said I want to build a better Society. I say some of the hardships that Canadians face and I believe in the program that lift each other up and I think that’s going to be a time when people will see that I provide the leadership and the Courage. The Confident and I take the matter seriously that people are faced with – I take them to Ceres solutions to the problems. As the leader of the new Democrats running a fly from Vancouver, it’s great to have you on the show we love having you. Thank you. So much for taking some time again today. Thank you, my honor
From CTV News Channel: NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh discusses what his party is offering Canadians for the upcoming federal election.

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