What A Campaign Ad Says About President Donald Trump’s Impact | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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What A Campaign Ad Says About President Donald Trump’s Impact | Morning Joe | MSNBC
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everyone knows my husband Ron DeSantis is endorsed by President Trump please also an amazing dad Ron loves playing with the kids build a wall he reads the stories then mr. Trump said you’re fired that part he’s teaching Madison to talk America great again people say Ryan’s all Trump but he is so much more wow wow wow to endorse a tweet last December helping move ahead in the polls of former front-runner Adam Putnam the state agriculture commissioner as you can see selling for for the Santa’s design behind Donald Trump every step of the way wow so I guess he he likes the food and stuff likes changing u.s. foreign policy to big fan of piranha guess I guess he’s a big fan of North Korea it’s when we balance a budget actually we like paying down the debt we like keeping entitlement entitlements solvent let’s see what else oh we are against tyrants and Iran and North Korea that’s all of that is James it’s so funny I mean you can’t I used to say that the party is not conservative anymore but we are so far beyond that they are they are they’ve adopted bladimir Putin foreign policy. when we were the Soviet Union Donald Trump is doing in the forest that’s what Russian television commentators are saying and then you look at our domestic policy or foreign policy to impose tariffs and then pay Farmers 12 billion dollars but a lot of farmers are saying we don’t even need is one chance and said it is in soviet-style type economy when you start with Donald Trump starts talking about picking winners and losers this way if it’s Soviets how it is socialism though and that used to be at least where I’m from that used to be something that conservative voters were maybe it’s a selling point now I don’t know okay so let’s talk about your former political party which is changed drastically I would submit since you were last a registered member of the Republican party and in Jimmy point of this out early this pole you trust your accurate information among Trump supporters the result Trump 91% friends and family 63% mainstream media know surprise 11% so if you’re running for governor of Florida if your run to Sam you clearly seek his favor that’s understandable you want a favorable tweet from the president knighted states that rockets in the head in the primary but among the bass that we continually talk about how deep and Lasting is fear the clear fear that many of elected Republicans have about the president knighted states by just the fear is there I don’t understand I went after him and then I went home and I explain to my constituents why I went after him there spending too much money new stalking about spending more now spending too much money I got to bill because news talking about getting rid of the tax cuts explained you can explain to your constituents and I can tell you at least my constituents way back then always understood and said oh okay then if he’s doing it the wrong way strengthen me but not only among Independent party members who trusted me more because I didn’t blindly follow party dictates but fear is an exceptionally powerful motivator different one second you got Georgia basically a swing state Florida basically a swing state the president of the United States weighs in on both of those races in takes Trump candidates who are way behind in the polls makes him such favorite that people are telling him to get out of the rain in the State of Florida Republican or Democrat voters full did not vote for Adam Putnam but they don’t agree with you the Republican Party stand for former Chief of Staff driving over after Katrina hit and we were dealing with Richard just extraordinary incompetence not only on the federal level but on the state level and of the local level this is what happens when we go down audiological checkboxes and by the way he’s a very conservative Republican he’s it in fact he’s he’s a he’s an elected official he said we check off are they pro-life Shogun are they throw this are they Pro that and we get the candidates we want and then a Katrina comes and ideologically they’re lined up but they don’t know anything about leading great like outfits in and reading Bedtime Stories and yeah it’s cute and it’s clever and he’s playing the trump card what’s going to happen when a category 5 storm goes across the I-4 corridor it’s been there for now nobody would begin to think that it’s just it it’s lunacy and I’m not to talk about this race but this is how we get this if we get and it is this stupid dumbing-down ideologically on the Democratic side and on the Republican side or they pro-choice are they anti-gun or whatever on the Democratic side look inside and nobody’s looking for or they a leader that can get my family evacuated when a category 5 hurricane comes in Tampa Bay just to say we’re going to have that problem did we already have that problem for to read one is at the risk of sounding wonky severe weather because of climate change is now the norm is no longer the exception look what’s happening around this country and our infrastructure combined with that means we can’t cope so this is we are making a lot harder because we’re not serious when i serious about climate change or not serious about infrastructure this country faces a crisis economically socially in human terms and we are simply letting it happen and by the way serious about electing serious leaders best leader I’ve ever seen and he wasn’t warm and fuzzy Bush never seen anybody lead on a state-level is effectively is Jeb Bush not a close second of all the people I’ve seen over the 20-25 years did his damn job anyway good morning Don and tweeting this morning is taking a shot at the coke taking a shot of the Koch brothers that’s a smart move you’re so powerful keep attacking the Koch brothers everyday don’t do it you’re so powerful and Strong by the way I think you’re also smart Bob Mueller you really should not listen to all those people that thing cuz he went to Princeton and you went to Fordham that you’re not smart enough to sit down with him I think you are I know we went to st. Paul’s I’m not sure where you went to high school in Queens keep attacking the Koch brothers attack in the Koch brothers after that working out it wouldn’t support some Republican candidates this November really it isn’t it is a veritable war of words happy to have it has him I will be right back thanks for checking out MSNBC on YouTube and make sure you subscribe to stay up-to-date on the day’s biggest stories and you can click on any of the videos around us to watch more from Morning Joe and MSNBC much for watching
While discussing a new campaign ad from Ron DeSantis, a Republican gubernatorial candidate in Florida endorsed by Trump, the Morning Joe panel discusses Trump’s impact on political discourse.
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What A Campaign Ad Says About President Donald Trump’s Impact | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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