What a Modi re-election in India means for Canada | Power & Politics

What a Modi re-election in India means for Canada | Power & Politics
What a Modi re-election in India means for Canada | Power & Politics
India’S Narendra Modi has won istoric Landslide victory in the country’s General fastest growing economies. India has long been seen as a the potential market for Canadian exports. Free trade negotiations have been under way in one way or another between the two countries since 2011. So what could modi’s re-election mean for Canada, Stuart Baxter he’s not the president and CEO at the asia-pacific foundation of Canada? I want to get. I want to get into the implications for, and the potential for trade between our two countries, but first let me just get your interpretation of what this victory means. It was largely framemaster back as a referendum on mr. Modi. What do you think of this decisiveness of his victory? I just think it’s. I guess reinforces the programs that he’s been putting in place when it in terms of economic development, in the focus on building the Indian economy. The growth rate has growth rates have been very strong, and so I think people are satisfied with what the direction the that he’s taking with economic matters, and it has BJP party presents in the looks of high in the lower house, is really quite remarkable. He’S easily becoming the most consequential leader of India’s since Independence, eclipsing, jawaharlal, nehru and Indira Gandhi, very significant mother for the Indian people, and a profoundly important message for the world control for a free trade agreement between our two countries. But those talks very much.. I believe the last round was was held in 2017. We see mr. Modi up pursue some protectionist policies. What do you think this bows for the future with call? Ironically, we’ve just done. We have a pool in the field right now of the attitudes of business and thought leaders in six Asian countries, India being one of them. We’Ve got the results in for three India, China and Singapore and its the three India’s most welcoming to doing business with Canada. So the potential is there. I still think we have some bridges to cross at the most senior levels in terms of attitudes towards what people perceive is Canadian support, an independence movement in the Punjab, but that is as part of a prickly situation in the prime minister’s Last Visit to us to India, I think the the stage is set. There is lots of good reasons why Canada and India could do to do a really big leap in the relationship. We have many Indian students coming to Canada now and we have Indian torsos lots of people-to-people connections. Hopefully we can come to some sort of conclusion on the Free Trade Agreement, but after 11 rounds I think some people have given up on the idea. What do you think it should be and those 11-round so high? The Indian opportunity is extremely significant and it is unfortunate that the politics between the two has come in the way of the bilateral relationship. I sincerely hope that Canada can think bigger than you know. Whoever might be in individual power at a given time or stop flirting with the excesses of one particular community and its and its Rogue elements. I start focusing on the significant opportunity to India provides for Canada across the asia-pacific. This is a country in which you know we have so much symmetry across values in common language, common political Heritage. It’S a place where Canada ought to be set a flag pole for our wider Outreach across the region and especially in the context of cheesy competition with China, India and Japan and other countries of fortitude opportunities for Canadian engagement, which should be pursued as robustly as possible. Mister back, it’s not just Canada, where were free trade talks and sori have stalled with any of the EU as well. Is it that keep us apart? You made the point that it’s not an easy agreement to negotiate with the Indians are always concerned about what the impact would be on the on their broader economy, by having the free trade agreement with one country or one one. So that’s always part of that. That conversation and when I was an idiot that you came very close to having an agreement then – and it was Autos that upset the apple cart at that point in time. For us in our concern, is about Labor Mobility, the the Indians would like her. You know. I’M old for a Arrangement which is not to be too specific button and believable middle the arrangement, which is more sympathetic to their to their economic advantages. Of course, we want to do. Some would like to see some changes in the in the tower structure and behind the Border measures that they put in place. You mean it’s always comes down to a few issues. At some point, I think the will will be there and it’s just a question pushing things over the line. We’Ve had lots of conversation, so we know what the issues are and just come get some sort of conclusion: do you think stand to benefit most should something be worked out: services to agriculture to food security and ensuring that Indians, food supply is stored and safe facilities. The water security and it’s such a multidimensional economic relationship, including an infrastructure that that that, across the value chain of the Indian economy, there’s just extraordinary moment, though, for Narendra Modi to take his majority and tackle some of the deep scratches on the Indian economy, particularly Indian Socialism and its Agriculture and energy sectors is, there are third rails and fourth Trails of Indian polity have to be addressed in order for the country’s prosperity to be unlocked, as well as ensuring that you know the non-aligned kind of history that India has been emerging from Results in Newell line for India’s economic interests, which I think primarily are in the west, of which Canada can be a major facilitator and then, whatever happens, and in the fall elections. What would your advice be to then and trying to pursue a bigger relationship? Gm General and then you can break it down two different countries and an indie is one of those countries which is so large, and so big issue has described that there are different areas that we can succeed, whether or not the politics at the very top conducive To that type of rain, and so you take a look at areas where we have tremendous strength and one of the things that we are putting in place – and she was aware of this – is you know what we’re doing in the Innovation space has tremendous application in? In India, and how do we build those bridges into those particular area, so artificial intelligence, India fits on huge amounts of data which is important for are the types of activities we can do to work on predictive agriculture or Healthcare or other areas that have tremendous opportunity To clean technology is one area that again Canada can bring some really interesting solutions to the problems that India is facing right now, and this is kind of a new age in New Era, a new type of trading Arrangement, and again we just need to focus on That and be strategic about how we approach it. I think we put the bed some of the issues that we had in the past. We have some issues we still have to deal with and not. I think the government has to think about how they want to approach them. There are two India and shovel ointment former policy tractor to former foreign affairs minister John, both of you another video, thanks for watching
Prime Minister Narendra Modi celebrated a re-election victory in India’s parliamentary elections, and his views on trade could have an impact on Canada’s hopes of increasing economic ties with India.
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