What America’s ‘Blexit’ gets wrong about history – BBC News

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What America’s ‘Blexit’ gets wrong about history – BBC News
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What America’s ‘Blexit’ gets wrong about history – BBC News
Vote for me, what the hell do you have to lose exit? The goal is to get African-Americans who traditionally support the Democratic party to ditch them in favor of the Republicans hate, I think, started by Griffith conservative African Americans and I have a blank that website and on that website. They cool truth reasons. They believe the black Americans shouldn’t vote Democrat, which is about the KKK. The racist white supremacist group website claims that the Democrats created the KKK. Is this claim? True? Okay, so the KKK was started by people who were Democrats in the years after the Civil War. The late 1860’s, but it wasn’t founded by the Democratic party, and there were Republicans who became members, but it’s true the back. In those days it’s membership was predom play Democratic as it was in the early 20th century. Rebirth of the KKK, such as David Duke, will run for public office as Republicans Democratic party which supported I’m promoting slavery, and it was indeed a Republican president text that the planes on that site, but Democratic politicians can do some of the most heinous acts of violence Against African-Americans, okay, so during the Civil Rights Movement, the 1950s and 1960s Democratic Southern politicians did support and condone racial segregation. That letter written by Harry Truman, 1134 years before he would go on to become the u.s. president and while in office, he desegregated the military and pushed his party to oppose racism and discrimination reflected the changing views of the Democratic Party by the 1960s. It was the Democrats who was pushing and segregation and white only public spaces right that won the Democrats, support of African Americans across the South, but white Democrats weren’t happy and they switch parties for the Republicans. Can Americans and successive elections generation 2016 Donald Trump percent of African-Americans vote?
It’s the latest political movement in the US – but what is ‘Blexit’?
The BBC’s Rajini Vaidyanathan and Anthony Zurcher explain what it gets wrong about the past and the present.

Video by Dan Lytwyn

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