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getting off our discussion now David Cay Johnston. Prize-winning journalist who found a dcreport.org in the author of it’s even worse than you think Harry Litman is also with us a former Federal prosecutor in Deputy Assistant Attorney General under President Clinton and David Cay Johnston shutting down Trump the Trump businesses you have spoken to Donald Trump before he became a political candidate about his businesses tell us what it means that the present of the president’s accountant has immunity troubling and apparently his steel is not a full prophylactic deal it is immunity to get his testimony but every check goes through Allen weisselberg he is totally loyal he uses the phrase yes mr. Trump but he agrees with him on things and now that he is forced to testify that he will be able to tell about the many many crimes I’m absolutely certain Donald has committed in his immunity is only Federal that means that if Psy Vance Manhattan district attorney and Barbara Underwood the New York attorney general pursue criminal cases against the trumps the Trump organization in the Trump children as I think they should his testimony can be used against him as well and Harry Litman you’ve been in these situations where you’re working on a prosecution and investigation and at some point you get the accountant on your side what does that open up maybe everything and at least in the case of Alan David says he’s more than an accountant here he’s more than the you know the greenshade got numbercruncher he has been not just with Trump and he’s been with his father he sort of you know Robert Duvall to Al Pacino out here he was with the old man in the eighties he was with Trump in the 90s when he almost went bankrupt he knows how things are done and he knows you know all kinds of sketch details so this is huge I would say and the immunity I mean they would not be providing him immunity given his prominence and the possibility that he would have criminal exposure unless it were really portant to for the overall investigation and for bigger fish and you can imagine who those bigger fish might be let’s listen to what one Trump campaign or said during the presidential campaign about means if you are given immunity when you got given immunity that means that you probably committed a crime Harry Lipman did Michael Flynn have that reasonably correct yeah I mean so here’s how it works they call him into to talk and he says I’m not going to talk I’m going to take the Fifth Amendment go ahead and prosecuted me and they and they have they could either prosecute them as they would have been by the way you can sure there’s a whole kind of case File in a safe somewhere that they can still use against him if it happens if they need it or they can give him immunity and what that means is they can say to him you but you talk to us we will not prosecute you for anything having to do with the evidence you provide or any derived evidence from it but now you have no more Fifth Amendment right because you’re not going to incriminate yourself we’ve promised you that you that you won’t now you have to be an open book and and yes you normally he would be asking for it because he fears criminal liability and they in this case would have been giving it to him notwithstanding that they probably can make it through case against him because of the value he has to other Targets in the information that the prosecutor’s provided on the day Michael Cohen pleaded guilty which was all the way back to Tuesday of this week it seems like longer than that describe Alan why some very clearly committing a crime in those documents because he is the one who orders that the money be paid reimbursement money be paid to Michael Cohen the money for Stormy Daniels 230,000 that Michael Cohen laid out for Stormy Daniels weiselberg is it paid to Michael Cohen and paid in the amount that Michael will be restored a full hundred and thirty thousand after he pays income taxes on the reimbursement money so that ended up being $400,000 and weisselberg says in the emails that they have put this down as legal expenses in the bookkeeping and that means they took it as a tax deduction on federal returns and on state returns and it wasn’t League expenses no and I’m sure that there are many many examples like that where they have taken personal expenses inappropriate expenses and use them on the tax returns is a general rule given the way Donald operates weiselberg may do minor things on his own but I think sensitive like this he’s going to deal directly with either an instruction from Donald or a discussion with Donald which means that not like you have a tax Prime let me text but you’re going to have a conspiracy between the two of them the first we have very tough conspiracy laws and potentially article 460 of the New York Penal Code which is racketeering could even apply because the law although intended actually for mafia families bread literally can apply to any organization like the Trump organization whose purpose is criminal activity and hurry I’m sure you knew that said that there’s a general you may have heard a general difficulty under New York law they’re trying to change it with double jeopardy it’s specifically does not apply to tax violations so so in fact there they would be able to to bring them both state and federal venue I’m sorry both a federal tax return and state tax return and they are two completely different documents and so if you do something wrong on each of those documents those are two completely different crimes and hurry I just want to go to you on this point of when we heard the the Allen Michael Briggs name on the audio recording Wendy Davis released publicly on behalf of Michael Cohen are you have to know that that Alan Weisberg was looking for an immunity deal or was next in line for the FBI to talk to definitely so so while he has tried to suggest through Council that maybe he didn’t know about this you’re exactly right Cohen comes to Trump and he says I’m going to set this up through Allen weisselberg so we know he’s they’re at the Inception as David points out that the potential for conspiracy liability equivalent to a life sentence the pressure is enormous on both the federal and state side he really he is in order to talk he needed immunity and they gave it to him thank you both too much for doing this I really appreciate it thanks thanks for YouTube channel subscribe by clicking on the button below for more from the last word in the rest of MSNBC
Trump Org. CFO Allen Weisselberg has been granted immunity in the Cohen probe. What could he give to prosecutors about Trump’s finances and the finances of his children? Lawrence explores with David Cay Johnston and Harry Litman.
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What Could Trump’s Finance Chief Have On President Donald Trump? | The Last Word | MSNBC

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