What does hospital food actually taste like?

What does hospital food actually taste like?
What does hospital food actually taste like?
Show me brother.: This is a real test right eye from Northern British Columbia. Former medical director, Dr David bowring, suggests that if he wanted to make hospital food better, they should do is serve it to health Executives. So that’s exactly what we’re going to do. We’Re going to eat, falsely imprisoned for the meatballs cook, al dente, I’m skeptical about this. When I got to tell you 2 solid food, or that start with his more like hospital food. That was not for me space. I think what we learned is there’s. No one thing: that’s hospital food Rite Hospital food is not all created. Equal, there’s, there’s quite delicious Hospital pain on your your house.
Hospital food isn’t known exactly to be gourmet, delicious cuisine. But a former chief medical health officer for Northern Health thinks hospital food would taste better if executives had to eat the same food as patients. So CBC’s Chris Walker decided to taste test the menu at Kelowna General Hospital in B.C.

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