What drives Bianca Andreescu to be a champion? | In-Depth

What drives Bianca Andreescu to be a champion? | In-Depth
What drives Bianca Andreescu to be a champion? | In-Depth
I’Ll come back sometimes even on a story with twists and turns complicated stories of sacrifice and Triumph. You can still find a single photo. A single image sums it all up perfectly. This is that photo game stall on performance against one of the best female tennis player. Serena Williams at the US Open in New York City exactly 6 days and then exactly 2 days ago. She said this. I’Ve accomplished a lot in this past year and I feel like I can do even more in the sport. So I’m just going to keep striving, and hopefully when many more Grand Slams from now on so come from every Friday, we’re going to take one Topic in use and try to Break It Wide Open in a way, that’s interesting, insightful and empowering so this week we Want to try to answer the question: how do you create a champion appropriately enough lots of go around the table. Donovan bed at host and writer at Sportsnet, Katherine salmon, and associate professor of sport? Psychology at U of T – and we have Marnie McBean 3 time Olympic gold, medalist and Canada’s chef Tokyo 2020, which effectively means before all those Canadian athletes will be going to the Olympics year, they’re there, their leader their mentors. You know some of what you think the key to Bianca success. Is it in one word as unfair as lyrics Perfect, if you’re supposed to say irrational or rational following your Indian Wells, she went the whole tournament breakthrough. Victory 5 months later wins the Rogers cup. Then last Saturday, Vengeance at the US Open not only breathe through qualifiers, but in the final of course, beat Serena Williams in straight sets. So our first question: how does she do it natural for those of us who still hope to be so natural, organic there’s, a huge part of an athlete like Bianca that is, is hurt. It’S just always been her, it’s a personality but as natural, I think. No one’s gotten in her way like it’s just like a perfect seal there, Forest of everything, that’s just untouched, and so no one has taken her raw talent and said, oh, but you should do it this way and no one’s taken her dialogue and said: oh, you Should talk this way, you kind of really get this. Did everything everything she’s saying it’s flowing through? Quite naturally, it’s like this internal dialogue that she’s letting us be privy to and then the way she’s playing. I think what makes us love watching her. It’S almost like. She her eyes unguarded as she’s playing, and you know she kind of just get the sense of hers like this shot like it’s all very organic depart from from that of every other Elite athlete tenacious. When I think of the way she plays It. Just strikes me that every time she plays every shot every match every opponent, she seems to go into it, the same tenaciousness income, finesse and that desire to to win, and I also think of her tenacious nature in the way that she’s dealt with injuries. The competitiveness in the the love competition to go from 210, as you mentioned, to now top 10, and beat 7 people who are in the top 10 in the year. You have to be a rash play. Confident most people would have settled so many times along the way most people said I’m in this is as good as I’m going to be. She has a Next Level thinking of woolwine on me and I’m going to actually go after it and that’s why I think the difference between some of the goats and everybody else says they have a different mental capacity. To think that makes sense, I don’t really care. I think it’s clear that everyone agrees that Bianca has a mental toughness to her eye polish try to work through that to do very well and, most importantly, I want to do very well. So I think that pressure really helped me honestly how to win the mental game. Talk about pressure. Let’S start there you’re going to have a whole slew of the situation and and focus on the task at hand, and I think that’s why I’m saying that I really enjoy watching it from Bianca. I know it’s. How I went from no Gold’s to three goals is not thinking about the gold medals was thinking about for me as a roller. I just have to think about every stroke and I take you know we hear from from she’s done a lot of mental imagery and stuff like that too, and also how she had a lot of time off. So the way she goes through dealing with all of it is every time she does a mental imagery. We don’t think about bad stroke. I’M and she’s been in her mind thinking about playing Serena at her best, and how will I respond? How will I absorb what strain of like what Canon screen is going to send at me? How do I absorb that? So I think the way the best way to accomplish great things the mental prep is by thinking about the task. The task takes care of the goal and I’m Catherine I’m trying to I’m trying to listen to Lorde Marni is saying, but but with a height of a parent, to write and I’m trying to think okay. So so how does the advice change when you’re dealing with your son or your daughter right, then maybe they’re, five, maybe they’re 9, neither 15th about meditation and visualization, and certainly, if we’re working with younger athletes, with awareness about the kinds of situations that they’ve been facing? What are some of the things that you found difficult in his last match? What did you do to deal with that was at effective for you, so parents and coaches can help athletes just by engaging them in questions about the match that they played or the game that they played or what might be coming up and helping athletes to Think Through for themselves, what was effective for you in dealing with that situation and providing some tips and guidance along the way? That’S me all the time going. You know my my my little Susie you’re, my little Johnny you always get to play. Select the parents think they need to push their kids into these things. So you’re saying listen to the kid all the time, kids, who are going to be gifted at their sport. You don’t have to push them at all. You need to help them find like balance and sleep and eat properly, because they’re, the ones who are going to be outside taking shots, then they’re going to be the ones outside doing their sport in the rain. In there going to be the ones waking you up in the morning to go to practice, and if, if that’s not your kid, you have to as a parent reassign your goals because they’re, not your kids, schools, it takes a village Champion, barely becomes a champion alone. I want you to listen to another clip from Bianca, it’s just so nice to have amazing parents like them, because they still treat me like. I’M me not like anything else. They’Ve been handling everything super well and they helped me stay grounded and I think that’s the that’s very important. So I’m I’m really grateful for that. So the question has a champion need and clearly parents is. It is one obvious answer. One source of inspiration, motivation, Donovan. I know once upon a time in your younger days. I am playing football before that. I was a spy and my dad had this beautiful dream. Kids were win gold for Canada. He was the Richard Williams of speed skating at the time it didn’t like it right. I wasn’t very good at getting laughed was crying afterwards and I quit eventually my brother, quick and, if I look back, I probably would have enjoyed the experience more. I had the level of focus and attention to detail that I later had in my football career, and I sell it to say it. Wasn’T just the parents giving Bianca the resources helping her with the tools. Bianca wanted to actively be a part of that conversation and at a young age. She had the level of focus to be engage that much so early and that’s why she ended up being good in in with that comes pressure, but Billie Jean King, when she walked into US Open. The placards are pressure is a privilege from an early age. She was already putting pressure on herself she’s right eye, one on her wrist, and so she wanted this for a long, long time story that I hear about kids, who say my parents would like me to this thing that I didn’t want to go to the story That I’ve heard of it like that I’ve heard the opposite, which is thank goodness. My parents made me persevere because parents are, they are wondering how much is too much, and I provide enough opportunities. Am I doing too much of my overscheduling, my kids, and I think they could. The key things are too to know your child and you what’s best for them right. You know that child in and if you are thinking this might be a little bit much then that’s probably a good indication that we can ease off a little bit. I think. or you like that. I think everybody is extraordinary at something and it’s just a lucky. Few who find what it is, and so, whether it’s you know your dad, a parent or coach, what is the The Village? What is the village need to provide to that? Ashley is a couple of good notes like, as in with you, surround yourself with people who are just you know the term. Yes, man right people today was today was a good day, like all that was good. Today, today was good that doesn’t help you at all, because you need someone who’s with you think we’ll are you looking for good know we’re looking for great today, so no that wasn’t good enough today, but for you know, Bianca’s parents Bianca’s coat and even though a Tennis, Canada has helped build around her they’ve brought, who are a strategically aligned with how Bianca is playing and her strength, and her need to be skinny to be with her family. What a super interesting conversation you folks are, or parents of people who want to be like Bianca worth noting real quick, especially for those people who are watching in the Toronto Mississauga area. There is a rally in Bianca’s honor, planned for this Sunday in Mississauga Celebration Square. Bianca will be receiving the key City, there will be an unveiling of a street sign and dressed do way in her honor and, of course, we’re going to have coverage of that event right here on the national on Sunday as well. I think it’s probably a speed skating venue, the Bennett, iOS Mississauga
After Bianca Andreescu’s victory at the U.S. Open, we have an in-depth look into the mentality and the drive that lifted her over tennis legend Serena Williams.

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