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What Ducks Hear Underwater | ScienceTake
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can you hear this noise of course you can it’s well within the hearing frequency range of humans what about this probably not unless your furry and bark when you’re human will take you out and what if you paddle with two webbed feet and Quack what do ducks hear underwater that is it happens was one of Sciences unanswered actually an ask questions until now scientist University of Delaware have changed that by creating an underwater hearing test for ducks first ducklings learn to pack a Target like this pipe then they hear a sound and receive a tree located sequence of the real test a few of the Ducks graduate to the big pool here’s how it goes an LED light tells the duck to die we can’t see it duck text a Target the pipe if it hears the second sound underwater then it rises to pick the second Target and get a treat by changing the frequency of the second sound researchers learn the range of duck hearing more and tried very Is frequent here’s one of the researchers cake McGrew monitoring the Ducks and controlling the beeps some ducks didn’t make the cut why does it matter what Ducks here diving ducks and killed and Commercial Fishing that’s probably many thousands of them although the numbers are hard to pin down if I sent it send out sounds or pings have been used to warn Dolphins away from That’s So they might work with the trick is the sounds have to be inaudible to fish and audible to ducks early indications from the study for that the prime range for duck hearing underwater is between 1 and 3 kilohertz that’s good to know but it does present some practical problems because fish here up to to kilohertz and you don’t want to scare them away but it’s a great first step in understanding duck hearing
Scientists from the University of Delaware have created an underwater hearing test for ducks. Why? Because diving ducks, or sea ducks, are getting caught and killed in commercial fishing nets. Find out what they discovered and why protecting ducks is no easy task.

Read the story here: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/08/28/science/ducks-hearing-fishing.html

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