What happened to Catalonia? One year on from the referendum – BBC News

What happened to Catalonia? One year on from the referendum – BBC News
The illegal Catalan referendum and the police violence that was caught on camera trigger the biggest political crisis in decades, pushing punching and kicking them to some move them away from polling stations on notice to cease The Ballot Box inside in the face of Voters, young and old. Two Step background: 2 million people cast portable Castle on skip many more State away, refusing to acknowledge the illegal referendum and everything Unity. Does the police who shot me right directly in my face when I was child, I wasn’t scared, not angry, but yes, yes, these appointments. So that makes all these things makes the shot make it bigger. For me, I mean right now, I’m starting to restart my life where I live. It Monday Vienna hot process looking back on the last year and it was a great personal cost to you what he thinks being achieved by the referendum. The first step was the first of October and I’m sure we going to make it yes, even if we don’t have the political power in our sight, police violence was criticized internationally. Blinded by do you feel ashamed of that Independence referendum. What’S the significance of the referendum? Looking at life now, here, 12 months after the referendum, one 90 % of Voters, Cho separation, the Catalan government Independence, the government responsible former president flight to Belgium – he still there in self-exile, wanted here to face allegations of rebellion, Catalan, separatist, that’s the new Spanish government, a New prime minister Pedro Sanchez supporting Independence in a worse position, because a year ago you still had the dream that something would happen. If your pro-union is, you thought this would be stop and turn the pendants to board with definitely the Christmas Poppin for the Springs. Norman has a message to create message for the cattle population of the self-government of Catalonia, and we offer a new way for Catherine people. Iran still is fragile, or has it been brought back from the brink? Can you cut your own government hasn’t made any fact government to to show that the situation is by pulling back all charges against what would make a situation know because otherwise we we are still in the same place that we were you, president, president, today is talking About planning an act of Disobedience which would lead to Independence, we met algerie D2 to give us I’m good work to implement as soon as possible Republic, deposit box news in the referendum on museum exhibits. Now autistic expressions of the Defiance on the violence that day and pull suggest that increased appetite for Independence or roughly 50/50. Another new government, you work, but the same entrenched opposing positions in the painful memories of last year has left an element of business in a fragile and divided atmosphere. One year old,
A year on from the illegal independence referendum that took place in Spain’s Catalonia region, the BBC’s Gavin Lee has been speaking to some of the major players on both sides.
We look at the effect of the independence crisis, and ask what was achieved by activists in attempting to declare the north east region a separate state.
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