What happens if Mexico doesn’t stem migrant flow? – BBC News

What happens if Mexico doesn’t stem migrant flow? – BBC News
What happens if Mexico doesn’t stem migrant flow? – BBC News
Mexico has a problem crimmigration to the United States or face a constant threat of tariffs by President Donald Trump or flowing through Mexico agreement. For what exactly? Is that the essence of a third safe country agreement is that migrants have to apply for asylum in the first safe country that they enter? That he’s at migrants who enter Mexico on their way to the US would now have to ask for asylum in Mexico. Rather than continue on to the US and ask for Asylum there body to decide if a country is save, the agreement would have to be reached on both sides of the Border, but not all countries would agree that Mexico is safe. Mexico has a very high crime rate. Very high number of homicides murders could have been over the past, migrants have been killed or kidnapped and held for ransom. More than a million migrants have come across the border this year. So let’s say Mexico does declare itself as a safe country. Would that deter people from coming to the u.s. Twerk? It could reduce the number of migrants who come to apply for asylum in the US. The migrant groups that would be most affected are those coming from Central America from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala, because these are the ones going Mexico coming up to the US and asking for Asylum and disagreements could impact the routes migrant States across the border illegally. Take long Journeys to very hostile territory, avoid border detection and number of illegal immigrants could increasing the dangerous to migrants could increase. The US already has a safe Third Country agreement with Canada. It has decreased. The number of asylum-seekers, immigration hasn’t been deterred. Numbers have soared people at times, learn of the safe Third Country agreement in advance their not presenting themselves at a legal Canadian Port of Entry. North America aren’t the only regions in the World Grappling with this issue. 2016. The European Union country deal with turkey EU countries. I’M in the EU fell by half after that agreement was signed, but human rights workers said that there was a quite a steep cost to it. You had more migrants, for example, stranded at sea or more migrants, stuck in the large refugee camps, happen this time around. I think it would reduce numbers to some degree of people who find out that they have to ask for asylum in Mexico – or – let’s say Guatemala might decide the journey isn’t worth it, but you might also have more people trying to sneak across the border illegally rather Than come to the border at the United States and turn themselves in and apply for Asylum, which is what’s happening now,
The US has proposed a “safe third country” agreement with Mexico, if migrant arrivals to the US border are not reduced by mid-July.

What would it mean for asylum seekers?

The BBC’s Barbara Plett Usher explains.

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