What is no-deal Brexit? – BBC News

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What is no-deal Brexit? – BBC News
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What is no-deal Brexit? – BBC News
No Deal a deal or no brexit, no in the referendum we voted to leave and Parliament said it would honor that decision. So it may the Lord, which means we leave. We can just we fancy staying now. It’S a symbol. You so organized things like what would happen to EU citizens living in the UK citizens living abroad, how much money, if any, we should pay the EU. Time frame runs out soon Aleve, then, what do we still see? Those things out who knows what some people do want to press Stanton Optical 50 face it was have to ask the EU and order the eu’s other 27 countries would have to agree to an affect the lady brexit transition., Officially leave at the end of March. Off The when not much changes says it’s time to put things in place like new Trey to immigration. Knows that transition., It’s part of a deal mysterious New Deal. There is no transition. We just leave things like systems Mike’s. How much money would pay the EU I want with the Bulge in between Island which will be in the EU. I know that Island, which will be part of the UK, don’t like it off all the time they don’t, but it makes it more likely that we will leave without to deal and safe on the EU says that deal is the only deal what everybody knows, but When it comes to trade, it means the UK would trade with the EU as a third country, because we no longer be a member, so we’d use rules or teeth or Not by the World Trade Organization. International Trade, the UK exports we put under the same checks and Terrace City. You put some other countries which all members and the EU has said. That would mean that would be a horse. The Prime Minister has often said that and they’re all people who agree with her. They say it would mean the UK could be fully independent. Do train tables around the world compromises. It was still fast getting a clean break from the EU for those who are against. No Deal
With no certainty over an agreement for the UK’s departure from the EU, what happens in the event of no deal?

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