What it’s like to work in a volcano – 360 Video

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What it’s like to work in a volcano – 360 Video
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which is the crater of the active volcano in Indonesia warm to the touch here alongside visiting tourists see the man in yellow with those baskets they’re packed with sulfur and he’ll soon carry a man’s weight of the stuff on a steep hike of the mountain Harvest of sulfur for about $12 a day to this prune Factory in the jungle piles of raw pale yellow sulfur reached in yearly shoulder height the supper or is melted liquid behind you what man spreads the hot syrup on the Florida cool well then other breaks it into bright riddle powder and shovels it away used to purify sugar but also to make soap skin treatments and even explosives a product forged in the volcano harvested and hold out of the crater by some of the toughest men on Earth I’m Ivan Watson and this is CNN in virtual reality
See what it’s like to have one of the toughest jobs in the world: mining sulfur in at an active volcano in Indonesia.

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