What losing the House means for Trump – BBC News

What losing the House means for Trump – BBC News
Conventional wisdom wasn’t Democrats would take control the House of Representatives but fall short in the Senate. Conventional wisdom in this case was right with control the House of Representatives there now going to be able to block Donald Trump’s legislative agenda. They can start passing laws importing Republican Senators to take uncomfortable votes. They’Re not going to be happy dealing with things like a minimum wage or increase social spending. Also expect much more oversight. Would Democrats controlling the House of Representatives are going to have key committees that will be able to look two allegations of collusion between the Russian government and Donald Trump’s presidential campaign? They might develop into Donald Trump’s personal finances and finally get a look at his tax returns. In addition, there been allegations of corruption made against senior Donald Trump Administration official. The Democrats are going to be able to dig deep in that and possibly embarrassed this Administration. That Republicans maintain control is very important because with a simple majority, if Republicans stick together as they can confirm and you’ve Donald Trump’s appointment Administration or to the Judiciary, Donald Trump has already appointed 84 judges. Conservative judges to the federal Judiciary expect that Trend to continue also make it much easier for Donald Trump to say, replace someone like attorney general Jeff sessions decides to fire them after this midterm election. If Republican stick together, they will be able to get that through
The Democrats have won control of the House of Representatives. The BBC’s Anthony Zurcher looks at the fallout for the president and his plans for the next two years.

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