What Matthew Whitaker has said about the Russia investigation

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What Matthew Whitaker has said about the Russia investigation
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What Matthew Whitaker has said about the Russia investigation
The left is trying to so this this this theory that essentially Russians interfere with the u.s. election, which has been proven false. They did not have any impact in the election. Somehow Russia in in the Trump campaign, inspired to influence the election. I mean it’s it’s it’s. It’S it’s crazy until we know all the facts, I think it’s taking 8 out of Reckless idea that there was some collusion with Russian Nationals and M, even Putin to interfere and did interfere with the election. I think it’s just ludicrous So based on what we know at this point, there is no criminal case to be made on an obstruction of justice. We have this right now, who is testified and then cross-examined a little bit of necessary to even substantiate could and has in our nation’s history said stop investigating this person. Please investigate this other person, so I mean I just the type of ventilation of, but the deputy attorney-general could terminate by the president’s orders. I think that would be a complete in that special counsel. Roll person that sits in the world of politics in the world of law that can find anything wrong with Bob Mould. I don’t think that, under these facts and circumstances that discharge originally talked about with his discussions with Jim Comey or in this in this new context of of talking about the possibility of Bob Mueller losing his job as special counsel, I think neither one of those Race. 2 obstruction of the FBI or director Mueller need to confirm or deny this is. This: is this innuendo of an investigation of a sitting president that no one can seem to confirm? I think it’s very dangerous for a republican we need to know there is actually investigation on. I think the American people would like to know that the appointment in the first place, while a good pic for that role, I don’t think – was necessary or appropriate. The real crimes being committed right now we have to axe by a president that appear to be constitutionally lawful. The truth is, there was no collusion with the Russians in the Trump campaign. There was interference by the Russians into the election, but that is not collusion with a campaign. That’S where the left seems to be just combining those two issues. There is no federal crime of collusion, since we have now defense been committed to investigate these facts and circumstances. Jeff sessions is replaced it with a recess appointment and that attorney general doesn’t fire Bob Mueller, but he just reduces the budget so low that his his investigation grinds to a abscess at almost investigation, and anything that is outside of Russian coordination or the 2016 campaign would Be outside of the scope of that investigation. There was an interesting comment. Yester’S yesterday from the president hurry up, I mean there is. It is not helping this Administration in really not helping the federal government generally to have the president and his associates Under The Cloud of a federal investigation. The department Justice couldn’t handle this in their ordinary course of work, which I think is ridiculous and by Jim Comey to get this you know, put in place and have somebody that he’s very familiar with him, but I just hope it doesn’t turn into it. Facebook today,
Over a series of 2017 interviews, acting attorney general Matthew G. Whitaker expressed skepticism about special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. Read more: https://wapo.st/2AV6zxu. Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube: http://bit.ly/2qiJ4dy

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