What Mercury can teach us about Earth – BBC News

What Mercury can teach us about Earth – BBC News
Make me the strange planet in our solar system. Environment is been hit by a locksmiths, because it’s no atmosphere, no plants has been no weathering of those crazy, so they’re, very visible, see you will see massive Cliffs on Mercury, huge plus many kilometers tool and its place. Will form as McCree shrunk, because I’m wrinkle ridges as a surface wrinkles when the punishment, the environment of mercury, is much too extreme for any kind of life, with a side of Mac curious about 400 50° on the side facing away from the Sun? Is it about 180 degrees, two spacecraft getting to make curry when they really feel splits apart? I make measurements of Mercury’s composition and structure field atmosphere to understand the evolution of the ties itself says we might be able to understand underneath the surface of the planet. Number of different perspectives on the planet focusing on the earth because it’s to everyday life, so big space, weather events, half an everyday. So what I’m trying to do is understand the physics of what’s happening at Mercury and apply that to the two tries to protect us. If we went to once and Howell solar system formed in evolved to keep House of that current series of solar system formation, including the earth and the other planets contacts, plane, mode. And then normally do. We need to go to make free and find out more information about the planet, so we can really understand how I said it system form
The first European mission to explore Mercury, the smallest and least explored terrestrial planet, is being launched into space on Saturday.
The European Space Agency and Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency have each contributed a probe to study the planet.
Space scientist, Dr Suzie Imber, from the University of Leicester, explains how this small strange planet is unique, how the mission could improve our mobile phone and internet networks and why Mercury might hold the secret to how our solar system was formed.

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